Reading Between the lines

Jane didn't like very many people. She just decided to ignore most of the irritating boys sat in the truck with her. Especially the slimey one. He smelt bad and he kept flirting with her. If he wasn't careful then he might just enter a world of terrible pain.

"Just ignore him. He seems to have a habit of pissing off people a lot more powerful than himself."

Jane turned her head to the white haired boy, giving him a stiff nod. She didn't like him either. It was obvious he was a spoilt little brat who always gets what he wants. Jane was tempted to teach him a lesson too.

However, she did like the one that smelled like the earth. He wasn't butting inot her buisness, and he respected her as someone more powerful and older than him. She also like the blue woman and the quiet foul tempered girl. They were people she could relate to very well. After all, she also lived with many incompatent males.

Turning back to look at the road, she frowned at how much sunlight hit the small town. She was amazed that out of all the places in the world, Aro had to send her to the sunniest. It amused her really, knowing that the people in Bayville would resnt her for being a mutant, when truth be told, she was a different creature all together.

When the truck stopped, Jane almost wished that her senses weren't so sharp. The large house in front of her smelt like it hadn't been cleaned in years. She could already imagine it covered in rotting food and dirty underwear.

Slightly repulsed at the thought, she picked up her bag and slowly approached the building, only to freeze and growl. The large one, who she suddenly remmebered was called Fred, placed a hand on her shoulder, causing the very small girl crane her neck to look up at the very large boy.

"Uhhh, are you okay?"

She smiled at him sweetly. If she wanted to convince mutants to join the Voltori, then she would have to appear as none threatening as possible.

"Oh mi dispiace! How rude of me! It's just, I didn't think you Americans liked being spied on!"

The Brotherhood froze, all of them turning to a smiling Jane. She pointed to one of the larger tress, and then laughed when she heard the person hiding in said tree curse in fustration. Sometimes, she loved being a vampire, it was so easy to irritate people that you hadn't even met yet.

The man jumped otu of the tree with amazing grace, immedietly giving Jane the idea that he was also one of these strange mutants. He had better watch his back though. So far Jane didn't like many of the male mutants. They thought they were better than her.

"Nicely don cher. Remy impressed."

Jane raised a delicate eyebrow at the inarticulate man. She could only guess that he was Remy and that he was one of those Cajuns that she heard so much about while on her travels in France. She shook his extended hand, smirking when he flinched at how cold she was.

"Ringrazio il mio amico."

So in short, she liked some mutants and despised the rest. My what an interesting experience this trip was going to be. She only hoped that her brother was praying for her already lost soul right about now.

mi dispiace- I'm sorry

Ringrazio il moi amico- Thank you my friend

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