Author Notes: Sorry it's been a while. Thank you to slashburd for giving me the inspiration to continue this bad boy. I recommend you read her Christian/Regal fic, 'Snow Problem', because it rocks. This pairing needs all the love it can get!

Anyway, to recap from last time in case you've forgot all of the twists and turns of this story's deep and intricate plotline, Regal got pissed off at Christian and has him tied up and naked in the shower. So this is where all the naughty stuff starts to happen. Apologies if it's a little wordy, I tend to be very descriptive. It ends a little abruptly too, 'cause I suck at endings.

Say It – Chapter Three

An unusual feeling of abandonment twisted knots in Christian's stomach as Regal pulled away from him. He let out a shuddery sigh, leaning into the warm flow from the shower head as he awaited his captor's next move. William studied the pleading expression on Christian's face. He looked like a puppy begging for scraps. William shook that thought from his head, somewhat disturbed by the constant animal analogies springing to mind whenever he looked at his prisoner. Refocusing, he stepped forward and reached around Christian to tug at the tie binding his hands.

Although his wrists remained trapped together, Christian now found himself free from the steel faucet, but he barely had time to register this latest turn of events before he was unceremoniously shoved downwards. He winced as his knees collided clumsily with the slippery tiled floor, the same wounded puppy-dog look as before marring his face as he eyed the zipper of other man's drenched trousers. Regal licked his lips at the submissive sight before him, his mouth suddenly feeling very dry despite the gallons of water pouring down his face. After a moment of nothing but the sound of the shower, Christian glanced up questioningly, blinking heavily through the torrent of falling water. Regal rolled his eyes.

'Don't look at me like you don't know what I want.'

Christian scowled. 'Well yeah, it's pretty obvious. Unfortunately, I'm not telekinetic. My hands are tied behind my back, dumbass.'

William cringed – the lad had a point. Apparently the Englishman's flourishing libido was affecting his concentration. As usual he recovered quickly, grabbing a handful of Christian's short blonde hair and tugging it hard enough to make the younger man wince. With his free hand, Regal unzipped himself and tugged his underwear aside to display his semi-rigid cock. He smirked down at Christian unkindly.

'There we are. Now, why don't you put that revolting mouth of yours to good use for a change?'

Christian studied his rival's arousal for a long moment, admiring its substantial girth and how its moistened tip glistened under the florescent lights. He'd never been too sure on what the exact definition of a 'nice' cock was, but Regal definitely had one. He swallowed slowly in nervous anticipation of the challenge ahead of him. It's wasn't that he didn't have experience in this area. In fact he'd done this plenty of times before, but never without the use of his hands. He hoped this wouldn't hinder his performance too greatly. He'd hate for Regal to think that he gave anything less than a first rate blowjob.

Christian noticed his rival quiver slightly as his skilled tongue came into contact with the base of the Englishman's cock. Slowly working his way along the length of the throbbing shaft, Christian licked and kissed at the hot damp skin. He came to the tip, swirling his tongue over it and suckling away its salty sheen. He leisurely traced the ridge of the head, giving it a few tentative sucks before finally taking in the length. He could practically feel the scorching rod of flesh sizzle as it was engulfed by his wet mouth. Christian heard Regal make a low appreciative sound in his throat and, against his better judgment, glanced upwards to see he was being watched intently. Damn... Seeing Regal's self-satisfied face, those alluringly creepy pale blue eyes framed by his dark saturated hair, as well as the soaking wet shirt clinging to his broad shoulders made Christian's aching hard-on tremble painfully. It was getting harder to concentrate, so Christian closed his eyes and returned his focus to the task at hand.

Meanwhile, Regal was having a wonderful time, and not just because he was getting a rather amazing suckjob from the gorgeous blond who just happened to be his rival. He thoroughly relished the sight of the younger man knelt at his feet, working oh-so hard to please him. This was exactly how it should be – the commoner bowing down and serving his king with vigour and without question. He observed the look of sheer concentration on Christian's face with smug amusement.

'Your enthusiasm for this task thrills me, Christian,' he drawled. 'I feel honoured, sincerely I do. Though not as honoured as you ought to feel, kneeling before your superior. Although I'd care to bet that you're enjoying this just as much as I am. If not more so.'

Christian scowled, but didn't look up. The fact that Regal was so talkative was most disconcerting. Under normal circumstances, the receiver of his masterful head-giving would be in mute slack-jawed ecstasy by now. He wriggled his bound arms, frustrated. This handicap was totally throwing him off his game. A wave of inspiration suddenly hit, and he abandoned Regal's full-mast cock in favour of his neglected balls. He gave equal attention to both, sucking them into his mouth and massaging them with his tongue in between peppering the tight surrounding skin with gentle kisses and licks. Regal chuckled softly, trying his damnedest to pretend he wasn't enjoying Christian's handiwork as much as he actually was.

'Oh, such dexterity. I think you may be in the wrong profession, dear boy. Have you ever considered working the streets? I'm sure the lifestyle would suit a peasant like you very well.'

Christian gradually stopped what he was doing. He knew Regal was deliberately pushing his buttons, but he couldn't help retaliating.

'Good thing for you that I don't. I doubt you could afford me on your enhancement talent's salary, Bill.'

He heard Regal growl in annoyance and smirked. He liked this game. The strong hand returned to clamp in his hair, tugging his head back painfully.

'I'm sorry, was that supposed to be some sort of insult?' Regal snapped. 'I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut. Stick to what you're good at, whore.'

Christian groaned as Regal's stiff length was forcefully shoved back in between his lips. He could feel his face aflame, Regal's words echoing in his ears. But the fleeting notion to use his teeth for some destructive purpose quickly gave way to an overwhelming surge of titillation. Christian loved to be degraded sexually, but very few of his past partners had felt comfortable including it as part of their intimate play. Regal was clearly a natural at it though. And Christian suddenly felt a new determination to impress his 'lover' with his own erotic abilities.

A victorious moan rumbled through the Englishman's chest as Christian took his length as far back into his throat as he could go as he sucked deeply. Oh, the lad certainly had a talent! Regal put his hands outward, steadying himself against the shower room wall as his legs threatened to buckle under him. He glanced downwards, the sight of his cock concealed entirely by Christian's mouth sending further shockwaves of pleasure through his system. He instinctively began rocking his hips, sliding his hardened shaft in and out of Christian's hard-working lips. The blond moaned, repositioning his head as the tip of Regal's cock prodded at his tonsils. Although he was managing to keep his gag reflex in check, he was having a little trouble catching his breath through the combination of falling water and ever-thickening steam. Just as he was starting to feel light-headed, he noticed a string of pleasurable gasps and grunts coming from above and smiled to himself. Although this was anything but comfortable, it felt bizarrely pleasurable that his playmate was receiving gratification from his anguish.

After a few more suffocating moments, Christian felt that distinctive precursory twitch against his tongue and prepared to pull away. Anticipating this, William gripped Christian's short hair tightly, holding the unwilling head in place as he groaned in climax. Christian moaned in muffled protest as warm salty fluid flooded his mouth. As it trickled towards the back of his throat, he finally gave into his gag reflex and pulled away spluttering.

William leaned back against the cool wall, brushing his drenched locks out of his eyes. He watched in intense interest as the younger man at his feet choked for breath, coughing flecks of translucent fluid out onto the tiled floor. His eyes followed the expelled seed as it floated across the floor, mixing with the swirling water, looking almost like liquid marble as it disappeared down the drain. He was a little disappointed that Christian hadn't managed to swallow as he had intended, but still the actual outcome had been most satisfactory. William absently reached down to stroke the bleach blond hair of the wheezing Canadian. Just seeing Christian sitting there looking so vulnerable made Regal's cock start to twitch to life once again. Feeling his afterglow subsiding, he roughly turned Christian's face upwards to look at him, wiping away a trace of cum from the stubbly chin as he gave a scolding look.

'Now, is that really any way to treat such a heart-felt gift?'

Christian glared up at William incredulously.

'Are you trying to fucking kill me or something?'

Regal clucked his tongue, ignoring Christian's outraged expression. 'Such vulgar language. You need to learn some manners, my boy.'

'Excuse me? You just knocked me out, tied me up, called me a whore and came down my throat all in the space of fifteen minutes. If anyone needs to learn manners, it's you…Bill.'

There was a glimmer of mischief in Christian's tone that Regal didn't fail to miss. Clearly, Christian wasn't too annoyed about having his mouth so boorishly abused. The game was still on. With an exaggerated sigh, Regal slowly put himself away and fastened his zipper, then reached over to turn the faucet off. He could feel Christian's eyes on him the whole time, watching him as keenly as a loyal dog awaiting its master's command. He turned to look at the younger man, staring into his eyes contemplatively.

'No manners whatsoever...'

Regal's words were softly spoken, but blatantly implied deviousness and danger. Christian shuddered, curious in both mind and body. He made no complaint as he was dragged to his feet and pushed face-first into the wall. He felt Regal behind him, finally untying his hands. When no further action followed this, he turned to see that Regal had stepped back away to watch him, arms folded across his chest. Regal glanced at the shower door, as if granting Christian one final chance of escape. Christian smirked. He had no intention of escaping, and expressed as much by quickly stepping over to the other man and kissing him hard. For the second time that night, Regal was taken aback by a sudden assault on his mouth and tongue. He gladly savoured and returned the kiss, moaning softly when he realised that his own taste still lingered on Christian's lips.

As delightfully pleasing as the kiss was, Regal decided that he wasn't prepared to allow Christian to think he could just do whatever he wanted in this situation. When he abruptly shoved Christian away from him, Regal noticed the look of disappointment in the other man's face, the hint of crimson staining his cheeks, and the straining erection between his thighs. The Englishman felt his throat constricting as he once again drank in the sight of the younger man's lithe golden body. He suddenly felt as if he were looking at Christian for the very first time, which made little sense to him. He'd known the man for years now – but had he always looked this mesmerizingly beautiful? Regal ran his hand down the perfectly toned torso, gently brushing the erect cock with his fingertips as he placed a surprisingly gentle kiss on unsuspecting pouted lips. Christian tilted his head to one side, aquamarine eyes tinged with bewilderment. Adorable...

Before he too began blushing like a schoolgirl with a crush, Regal cleared his throat.

'No manners whatsoever,' he repeated. 'But fear not. I'll teach you some.'


More author notes: I decided to make it a little bit soppy there at the end. Don't know why. Just for lulz, I guess. Hope you enjoyed it, anyway. Chapter 4 should be up within a week or so, as long as I don't meander off onto a different project like I did last time. Thanks for reading and if you have a spare moment, let me know what you think! Xx