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Summary: Harry has been having the worst trouble with dating, eveyone he has gone out with has only been intrested in the fact that he's the hero of the wizarding world. Fred and George decide to help him out when they come up with a Wiz-Vo show called The Bachelor.

I've had this idea for a while and I wanted to try it out. Basically it's the Harry Potter Bachelor.

THIS STORY CONTAINS SLASH! (If you're wondering why this is in capitals...apparently homophobes have bad eyesight.)

BTW Wiz-Vo is T.V. in the wizarding world.

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Harry sat down in a huff. He grabbed the cup of coffee Hermione handed him and gulped it down.

Hermione and Ron looked at each other questioningly.

"Bad night?" Ron ventured.

"Oh Merlin, you have no idea!" Harry said running his hand over his face.

"Care to tell us about it?" Hermione suggested.

Harry sighed "It started out alright, actually I thought it was one of the better dates I'd had in a while. He seemed pretty normal. He was funny and good looking; we were getting along just fine but then..." Harry trailed off looking at his hands.

Fred and George had come down stairs and sat down at the table while Harry was talking. They now sat staring at him waiting for him to complete his story.

"Then what mate?" Ron asked

"When he realised I wasn't going to invite him back to my place he invited me to his." Harry groaned out "He was just like everybody else, no he was worse than anyone I had ever gone out with."

"Really?" Fred asked.

"Even worse than that guy who had that full body tattoo of you naked on his back?" George asked.

Harry shuddered at the memory "Well that was pretty bad but this was bad in a different kind of way. When I got to his house it was filled with posters and action figures of me and a bunch of other Harry Potter fan crap. The walls were painted red and gold and he actually said to me, 'I wasn't in Gryffindor myself but I thought if this relationship works out, when you move in you will be more comfortable with red and gold.' As if, I wonder what he would think if I told him my favourite colour is Slytherin green."

"Seriously?" Hermione asked "What a weirdo."

"No kidding" Harry said "And that wasn't even the worst part. He invited me into his living room and told me to have a seat on the red couch, then he introduced me to his white owl named Hedwig Junior and brought me a glass of wine that was magically animated to have a moving image of myself chase around a golden snitch on the glass."

"Shit that's creepy" Ron said as Fred and George nodded.

"I know" Harry agreed "But that wasn't even the weirdest part. He left the room to get us some snacks so I looked around a bit and on the mantle above the fireplace..." Harry blushed a bit as the memory flashed in his mind "he a big glass box...a pair of my underwear! Apparently he had bought it off one of my Quidditch teammates."

Hermione gasped in shock.

Ron's face turned bright red in embarrassment.

And the twins both looked unnerved.

"That's it!" Harry said throwing his hands up in the air "I'm never dating again! I don't care if I grow old alone, this just isn't worth it."

"Harry don't say that" Hermione said hurriedly "I'm sure you'll find..."

Harry cut her off "Don't Hermione. You know I'm right. No one wants me for me. They want me because I'm the great Harry Potter who killed Lord Voldemort. They want me for my money and fame. I'm sick and tired of it and I just can't do it anymore. I can't put myself out there with hope in my heart just to have it crushed again, stomped on by some crazy Harry Potter fan. I just don't have the energy to do it anymore."

"We hear you mate." George said.

"And you're right you shouldn't have to tire yourself out chasing after idiots." Fred continued.

"It's not fair to you, we understand that." George said looking at Fred who nodded in return. They had a glint in their eyes that Harry didn't like the look of.

"That's why we" Fred said gesturing towards George and himself.

"Have a proposition for you." George finished.

"A proposition?" Harry asked not really sure if he wanted to know their explanation or not.

"Yeah" George said.

"See we've noticed these past few months the dating trouble you've been having and it got us thinking." Fred explained.

"You shouldn't have to put yourself out there, especially to people you barley know and be put in an awkward situation. You should be able to be in an environment where you feel comfortable and you have time to get to know your company. You should be able to get to know someone for a couple of weeks rather than just one night and we know that for you it's hard to do more than one night." George said then looked at his brother.

Fred got the message that they should get to the point, "You see Harry, and we understand if you don't want to do this just hear us out okay?"

Harry nodded his head.

"So we went to one of our friend's at the Ministry, he works in Media and Entertainment division. We asked him about getting our own Wiz-Vo show and he approved our show idea. This was that we have a show where there's one guy, the bachelor, and then like twelve other people, in your case it would be men. Then the bachelor, you, would have like 3 months to get to know them and each week or so you would eliminate one of them until at the end you would have someone you

wanted to spend the rest of your life with." George finished off and looked at Harry nervously.

Harry had his brow furrowed, he was thinking of his summers back when he lived with the Dursleys where his aunt would watch on T.V. a show which he thought was silly that was called the bachelor which was basically what Fred and George had exactly described.

Harry turned and looked at Ron and Hermione, he was thinking that Hermione would be outraged at the idea but she looked thoughtful. Ron wasn't much of a help his face was blank.

"What do you guys think?" Harry asked them.

"I think it's worth considering Harry" Hermione said "I mean it is true what you stated about never dating again because it's too stressful, well maybe this would be a good alternative."

Ron shrugged "I'm with Hermione, plus it sounds interesting."

Harry sighed and thought about it some more, after a while he looked over at the twins who were seemingly holding their breaths and asked "What type of blokes would be the contestants?"

"Well we already have a list; there are a lot of different people on it so you would have a variety of people to choose from. From different ages, to ethnic background to just personality. And we already have three people, who by the way have signed a confidentiality agreement that they won't say anything about the programme if it doesn't go to air, who said that they would be willing participants." Fred explained.

"Who?" Harry asked.

"So far there is Oliver Wood, you know he's good looking, likes Quidditch, you guys know each other and get along so it could work out in the end." George said.

"Then we have Lee Jordan who I don't think you knew very well Harry but he was a really good friend of ours, he's funny and he likes Quidditch too. We think you could get along well with him." Fred said with a wink.

"And last we have Roger Davies" George stated.

"What?" Hermione said.

"You know Roger, he was two years older than us, he was in Huffelpuff." Ron piped in.

"Yes I know who he is but he's straight isn't he. He went to the ball fourth year with Fleur." Hermione stated.

"Well we thought he was straight too but apparently he isn't. We wouldn't have thought of him but our friend at the Ministry is a cousin of his and he suggested it, we didn't want to say no in case that ruined the whole show idea and since from what we can remember he wasn't a bad guy we decided why not. Plus if Harry ends up not liking him, he can just get rid of him at the first elimination." Fred said.

"So what do you think?" George asked Harry.

Harry was silent for a moment then he smiled and said "It's worth a try."

"Brilliant!" the twins echoed together.