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See, I didn't leave you guys hanging too long on that cliffhanger…

Harry blinked at the monitor in surprise; Colin and Draco were brawling on the ground like school children. The other men were standing around looking just as shocked as Harry felt.

Fred and George snapped out of their surprise quicker than Harry did "Drayton, Elora, come with us," Fred said making his way towards the tent's exit "Thomas, you floo the Healers just in case we need them."

Harry got up to follow the twins but George caught his movement and turned back to him "No Harry, you have to stay here."

"Why?" Harry asked annoyed.

"It's protocol," George explained, though it really didn't explain much to Harry, however he sat back down with a huff. The others ran out of the tent and Harry's attention returned to the monitor.

Both Severus and Oliver had stepped in now as they tried to pull the two apart. However neither of the younger men were making it easy for them. Draco had Colin in a headlock, and Colin's arms and legs were flailing as he tried to get shots at Draco.

It was a flurry of blonde hair and fists. Harry sat, his foot tapping anxiously against the ground. He watched as Severus was finally able to pull Draco from the fight but Colin was still trying to get at him.

Then Neville stepped forward and seeming to be the only one to remember that he was a wizard, took out his wand and shot a stunning spell at Colin once he was sure Draco was out of the way.

Colin slumped forward instantly and probably would have broken his nose if it hadn't been for Oliver catching him right before he hit the floor.

Severus let Draco go and the younger man turned just enough so that the camera which had caught the whole thing, finally captured an image of his face, Harry's jaw clenched at the sight. Draco had a cut above his eyebrow and a bloody lip.

Forgetting what George had told him, Harry surged to his feet and ran out of the tent, heading in the same direction Fred and George had gone.

When he got to the contestants' rooms they were already there and he was out of breath.

Fred was trying to get answers for what started the fight. Though just like that morning no one seemed to be in a very talkative mood.

In exasperation Fred turned to his brother and growled "Charlie, what happened here?"

Charlie looked uncomfortable but he cleared his throat after both Fred and George shot him glares. "As soon as we got back to the room Colin started up again, he wouldn't leave Remus alone and kept going on and on about how he was a Monster, and how unbelievable it was that Harry would allow him to transform within the mansion risking everyone else's safety."

"He was getting on everyone's nerves," Cedric chimed in "none of us agree with him and we just wanted him to drop it, so we tried ignoring it. But when that didn't work…"

"When that didn't work I told him to shut up," Draco spat "and his response was to push me." Draco ran a shaky hand through his hair "I guess I just lost it after that."

"We don't condone fighting Draco, no matter who started it," George stated "you signed a contract before the start of this show that had you acknowledge that you aren't allowed to harm anyone else's person and failing to uphold that contract would result in disqualification from the competition."

Draco's face fell as he stared between Fred and George, looking for any possibility that he had misheard them.

However before George could go any further Harry was pushing past him, he then turned and stood with his back towards Draco in a protective state "You can't disqualify him," Harry said stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest "he didn't do anything wrong…he did what I would have done."

George shook his head at Harry's presence "You were supposed to wait downstairs."

Harry ignored the disapproval in George's voice "I'm not moving until this mess with Draco is cleared up."

Fred sighed; he looked at his brother and then frowned at Harry "Given that Colin was the first to initiate the fight, it would seem that Draco's actions would have been in self-defense. Now, let's move this somewhere private, and we'll get your cuts checked out Draco."

George reached for his own wand and used it to float Colin's still body out of the room. Fred nodded at Harry before following his brother.

Harry turned to see Draco staring at him with an astonished look "Are you okay?" he asked.

Draco shook his head and then nodded, like he was confused "Yeah, it's just a few cuts and bruises."

Harry laid a comforting hand on Draco's arm and nodded towards the door "We still need to get you cleaned up."

Draco took the cue and began moving towards the door. Harry followed him, but before he left he clapped Neville on the shoulder and smiled at him "Good job."

Harry and Draco made their way to the tent where Draco was led to one of the tables by a Healer.

Fred and George made a beeline to Harry once Draco was being taken care of. "What was that?" Fred hissed at him.

Harry shrugged "I couldn't let you toss Draco to the curb."

"We were never going to do that," George said and at Harry's confused look continued "but we were in front of the cameras and had to act responsibly, those contracts are binding but there are ways around them. We however didn't want the executives at Wiz-Vo thinking that we don't take them seriously. You do realize that if something upsets them this whole deal is off?"

Harry bit his lip "I'm sorry, I had no idea."

George sighed "We'll do our best to work it out but will you please try and listen to us from now on?"

"Like when we tell you to stay somewhere, you actually stay there?" Fred added.

"Yes," Harry said "I promise, no more rashness…at least I'll try."

"I guess that's the best we can hope for," Fred said with a laugh before he and George moved off to deal with the issue of Colin.

Harry made his way over to the table that Draco was being fixed up at. He sat down beside the blonde and watched as the Healer made Draco drink a blue, lumpy substance that instantly healed the cut above his eye.

Draco handed the cup back to the woman and grimaced; she smiled at Harry "He's all yours." Then she got up and left.

Harry watched with concern as Draco turned to look at him. Harry still felt anxious as the image of Draco's bloody face entered his thoughts. Most of the blood was gone now but Harry still had an ache in his chest. He slowly lifted his hand and gently brushed Draco's now perfect eyebrow.

Draco stared at him questioningly and Harry sighed, knowing that he was okay.

"I really appreciate you standing up for Remus," Harry said as he let his arm fall to his side.

"He didn't deserve to be treated the way Colin was treating him," Draco answered honestly.

"Still there were seven other men there that could have jumped in and didn't, you were the only one brave enough to stick up for him." Harry said.

"Or stupid enough," Draco chuckled darkly "I almost got kicked off the show for it."

"I wouldn't have let that happen," Harry said seriously.

"No, you didn't," Draco agreed, his eyes searching Harry's.

Harry grabbed a tissue off the table and swiped at the little bit of blood that was left at the corner of Draco's lip. When it was gone, he leaned in and pressed him lips against Draco's, pushing his body closer as he did so.

They were sitting in separate chairs so it was hard to maneuver closer to each other but that didn't stop Harry from trying. He wrapped his arms around Draco and pulled him out of his seat so he was practically sitting in the brunette's lap.

Draco gave in willingly, his hands slipped into Harry's hair and he moaned against Harry's mouth.

Harry only kissed him harder as he pushed his tongue past Draco's lips and listened to the man whimper.

When Harry finally pulled away they were both breathless.

Draco stared into Harry's eyes as they sat panting against each other "You know," he said with a little smirk "I might have to get in more fights if the end result means I end up in your arms."

Harry blushed "So you're feeling better then?"

Draco leaned in and stole a short, sweet kiss "I'm feeling better than I have in a while."

Harry opened his mouth to respond but before he could someone was clearing their throat behind him.

Draco remembering where they were scrambled to get off Harry's lap and back into his own chair.

Harry turned to see Fred looking at him with a small grin "I'm sorry to interrupt," he said and then the grin disappeared "but we have a little problem. Harry I need you to come with me, and Draco I'll need you to fill out an incident report before you head back up to your rooms."

Draco nodded quickly and Harry stood up to follow Fred.

Fred led him out of the tent towards the main gate of the mansion where Harry saw George arguing with Remus. His step quickened when he saw the older man and hurried to the two.

"What's happening?" Harry asked when he got to George's side.

"Remus is convinced that he should leave," George explained with a frown "maybe you can talk some sense into him?"

Remus was shaking his head "This whole thing is my fault; I should just leave before I cause any more trouble."

Harry stared at Remus in disbelief "This isn't your fault!"

"Yes it is, if I hadn't been here none of this would have happened." Remus insisted.

Harry stepped closer to him and Fred and George took it as their hint to leave.

"Remus," Harry said seriously "this wouldn't have happened if Colin hadn't have been here, this was his fault and no one else's."

Remus looked to his feet "I'm obviously making people uncomfortable by staying; I should never have thought I could make it work. My being a werewolf complicates everything."

"Stop doing that," Harry said getting annoyed "stop blaming yourself. As far as I know this isn't a pity party Remus. You have nothing to be sorry about and you better be damn sure that I'm not just going to let you walk out of here because of some asshole like Colin."

Remus stared at him.

"Remus I like you, when you first walked in here I didn't think I could see you as anything but a friend, but now I'm not so sure. I want the chance to get to know you better, I want to know if we can make this work because I'm starting to have feeling for you, so please don't leave because of Colin. He's the only one who has an issue with you being a werewolf, and that won't be a problem in the near future because as soon as he wakes up, I'm sending his ass home."

Remus still didn't say anything and Harry placed his hands on his hips "You're not still going to leave are you?"

"No," Remus finally said "I'm just taking everything in."

Harry smiled at him "Good," he leaned up and placed a kiss on Remus' cheek "now let me walk you back to your rooms, so I can make sure you don't try to run off again."