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Harry silently entered the tent. He hadn't run into anyone on the way down which he wasn't sure if he was grateful for or not. He wanted to find out his fate sooner rather than later, but still walking into the tent with say Luna or Hermione by his side, would have been a lot easier than entering it alone.

He drew in a breath as the thought crossed his mind. He had to suck it up; he had gotten himself into this, not anyone else. He stood a little straighter and made his way towards the main table where Fred and George were sitting.

They did not look happy. Harry gulped, his steps slowing just slightly. Not only did they not look happy, they also looked like they hadn't slept. Harry wondered if they had gone to bed at all.

He forced himself to sit down across from them; he opened his mouth to greet them but snapped it shut a second later when George looked over at him, brows furrowed.

Taking the cowardly way out, Harry looked at his hands and waited for one of them to begin.

There was silence for longer than Harry could stand before Fred finally said "Had a good sleep?"

"No," Harry said loudly, then shook his head and then was all of the sudden sprouting out everything he had been weighing since the night before "I'm so sorry for last night. It was all my fault, the ministry officials know that right? They wouldn't blame it on you two would they? I don't know what came over me, I shouldn't have gone off on Colin like that but I was just so angry. He can't sue you though, I won't allow it. If anyone is going down for what happened it should be me."

Harry took a deep breath looking in between the twins, they both looked strangely bemused but when they didn't say anything Harry felt compelled to continue.

"Have you talked to them? Is the show cancelled? I'm really sorry, you guys have done so much for me and I went and messed it all up. I take full blame. Maybe there's something I can do to change their minds. I might have some sway with the Ministry…" Harry was starting to sound desperate and he knew it but he really did want the show to be cancelled.

He really had made some good connections with some of the men at the mansion, if the show went to hell, then those new, fragile relationships might too.

"Harry," Fred interrupted his rambling "the show isn't being cancelled. We've been up all night with the Ministry sorting everything out. It has not been easy and the MO's did threaten to cancel the show in the beginning, but finally calmed down once we got things sorted out with Colin's lawyer. When it comes down to it they want the show to go through as much as we do. They stand to make the most profit, and after putting as much money into it as they already have, if it never airs, they also have the most to lose."

Harry nodded along dumbly "What happened with Colin's lawyer?" he asked after a moment.

"He showed up last night and basically he came at us blazing, saying that Colin had been treated unfairly and then to be threatened by you was just unacceptable. However we ended his blabbering when we showed him footage of Colin's argument with Remus yesterday morning, then how he had continuously insulted Remus, then the fight with Draco and afterwards his speech with you. He was quite taken aback by all of it, knowing that if Colin true hate for werewolves reached the public, he would be ridiculed for it and possibly ruined. He agreed to drop the lawsuit if we edited most of Colin's negative actions and comments against Remus out of our final production."

Harry tensed, he was glad that the lawsuit would be dropped but he didn't think it would be fair to Remus to let Colin get away with what he had said.

George stopped him before he could begin "We know, it's not the outcome we had hoped for, but it's better than having to cancel the show. Besides I doubt Remus wants to relive any of it, especially on National TV, a few months from now. "

Harry guessed George was right but it still didn't sit right with him.

"Listen Harry, just because we were able to salvage this situation, doesn't mean we are going to be able to fix it the next time you decide to blow up, or not listen to us. You can't do that anymore, do you understand, this is serious."

"Yes I understand," Harry said but when he received identical skeptical looks from them he felt the shame he had been feeling since the incident with Colin, intensify. "I really do get it and you guys don't know just how bad I feel. Honestly I will keep my emotions in check from now on. No more ignoring what you tell me and running blindly into situations, or showing my anger at anyone! I will keep myself in check, I'll count to ten, I swear there won't be anymore…"

"Okay, okay," Fred said "we believe you. Now as the day has already started off on a slow start, we need to get things moving. We have a date for you and Remus, which will be starting in just two hours, so you need to be ready for that. And we've worked out another date for Wednesday night for you and…well we were thinking Draco but it's your choice."

Harry beamed at them "That sounds great he said, what kind of dates," he looked at them expectantly.

George shook his head "Already distracted…" he said with a laugh then slid a paper across the table to Harry. It was the schedule for the week.

Harry read through it quickly and a wide grin spread across his face, he was going to thoroughly enjoy the next few days.

George slapped his brother on the back "I told you Harry was gonna love it."


Harry grinned as he watched Remus examine his putter.

After Fred and George had dismissed him from the tent; time had seemed to fly by.

He had gotten ready for his date with Remus and then stood in front of the contestants with Luna while she explained the changes to that week's individual dates. Informing Remus that he was one of the lucky contestants to have a date with Harry that week and that he had fifteen minutes to get ready for it before he had to meet Harry on the grounds.

Harry had spent the whole speech looking amongst the men wondering if any of them knew about what had happened the night before. If they knew about Remus trying to leave, or Harry kicking Colin out. They had been told of the fact that Colin would no longer be a participant but Harry worried that somehow they would know the truth about his little outburst.

However if any of them had known they had given no inclination of it.

Then they had dispersed and Harry had been left to wait for Remus alone. As he had stood outside near the gates of the mansion, thinking about his and Remus' date, he had started to feel giddy and had to shake off his excitement.

He had known after everything that had happened the night before that he shouldn't be feeling so happy, but the thought of having Remus all to himself all afternoon, and being able to show Remus how much he truly meant to Harry was making him a nervous bundle of energy.

When Remus had finally met up with Harry near the gate, Harry had instantly been aware of how unsure the other man seemed to be, but Harry was quick to make him feel more comfortable.

Now as they stood just inside of the mini-golf putting range, Harry couldn't help the grin that crossed his face, he really wanted this date to go well and he knew with Remus they would be having fun in no time.

Remus' gaze moved from his putter, up to look at Harry's face "Well this should be interesting," he said.

Harry raised a brow at Remus as he leaned forward to pick up his own putter which was lying at his feet.

"I've never played mini-golf before;" Remus elaborated "actually, I've never even heard of it."

Harry chuckled "Well don't worry; we should be pretty evenly matched then. I only went once with Ron, Ginny and Hermione after graduation, Hermione's idea… Let's just say I'm not the best at it but it is still fun."

Remus smiled "I'm looking forward to it then."

Harry grinned and motioned ahead of them "Let's get to it shall we?" he said as they walked to the first hole. When they got there, Harry bent down and placed his ball on the indicated spot.

He straightened and looked around. The mini-golf area was pretty much deserted. He didn't know about the holes ahead of them, but there was no one lined up behind them. Harry grinned mischievously as an idea popped into his head, looking around once more to make sure they definitely were alone, Harry then placed his putter down on the ground beside his ball and walked over to Remus so that he was standing in front of him.

Remus stared at him confused.

"There's just one thing I wanted to do before we start." Harry said, and with that he leaned up, placing both hands on either side of Remus' face, and pulled him down for a kiss.

Remus was surprised for a moment, he stood tensely but then after Harry applied a bit more pressure to his lips, he relaxed and pulled Harry closer to him, his arms wrapping around the younger man's midsection.

Harry's tongue ventured out and swiped at the werewolf's bottom lip.

Remus let out a soft whine before opening his mouth and letting Harry in. Harry's tongue surged forward, exploring every inch of Remus' mouth, until he found Remus' own tongue, then they moved together in a sensual dance.

Harry's hands slipped into Remus' hair as he moaned. He felt himself becoming more and more aroused and soon had to force himself to pull away before they ended up going too far right there at the muggle mini-putt.

Harry gave Remus a cheeky grin "I've wanted to do that for a while now, ever since the day at the beach." Then he gave Remus a slight peck on the cheek before moving to pick up his putter.

It took Remus a moment to snap out of his haze before he turned to watch Harry, a smile gracing his lips while he figured out just how the game was played.

It turned out they weren't quite that evenly matched after all.

Remus was a natural, on most of the holes it only took him three to four strokes, where with Harry, his ball just seemed to go everywhere except where Harry wanted it to go. However it didn't seem to be bothering him, he would just laugh as his ball flew off the green and into the bushes.

"Are you sure you've never played before?" Harry teased on the seventh hole as Remus got a hole in one.

Remus grinned and shook his head with a laugh "Are you sure you have?" he countered after Harry had taken eight strokes to get his ball in.

Harry gave him a mock hurt look before laughing and taking Remus' hand in his.

Remus looked down at their interlocked fingers and smiled before allowing Harry to lead him to the next hole.

Harry released his hand once they were there and placed his ball down on the green. He took a few moments to line up the ball with the hole then gave it a whack. It flew down the green, missing the hole completely and ended up in a sand pit.

Harry sighed but went to go retrieve it anyway.

Before he could get very far though, Remus reached out, his long fingers encircling Harry's arm. He gently guided the other man back to him. He placed his own ball down on the green and gestured for Harry to come forward.

"Let me show you," he said standing behind Harry, he placed his arms around the younger man, his hands sliding over Harry's, he showed him how to hold his putter.

"Like this," he said in almost a whisper against Harry's neck "make sure your grasp is firm and that your hands have a bit of a gap between them."

Harry shivered a bit at the feeling of Remus' breath ghosting over his neck. He tried very hard to focus on what Remus was teaching him but it was almost impossible. The only thing Harry could think about was the hard body pressed against his, Remus' breath on his neck and the strong arms wrapped around him.

Without thinking his arms swung his putter back with Remus as their guide and smoothly hit the ball with their forward swing.

Harry barely registered his ball rolling down the green to land just a few inches from the hole.

"See, that wasn't so hard was it?" Remus asked as his arms dropped away from Harry.

Harry nodded dumbly, his face was flushed and he suddenly felt exposed without Remus' arm wrapped around him. Harry had to swallow a lump in his throat as he whispered a hoarse 'thanks'.

Remus frowned at Harry's reaction, thinking that he had done something wrong, that is until he got a look at Harry's face, then he smirked and discreetly summoned Harry's ball from the sand pit, watching as Harry gently tapped his ball into the hole.

Harry bit his lip and then smiled up at Remus; he had never made a shot in only two strokes before.

Remus smiled back before taking his own shot.

When they were done their game and had given back their equipment, Remus looked down at their score card before holding it up to Harry "Would you like to do the honors?"

Harry shook his head animatedly "Can't we just agree that you beat me by…a lot, and destroy that thing?"

Remus chuckled "Well if that's what you want…" He vanished the card.

Harry smiled "My hero," he laughed taking Remus' hand again.

They left the mini-golf place and headed to the apparation point. When they were back on the mansion's grounds, Harry turned so that he was facing Remus and squeezed the other's hand "Thank you for not giving up on this and leaving last night."

"Thank you for not letting me," Remus replied before leading down to place a quick kiss on Harry's mouth. "I had a great time today," Then he was gone, headed towards the mansion.

And yeah…kinda worried some of you aren't going to like it. I mean it would seem like he is falling for a lot of different guys in a short period of time but that's what happens on the real show, and Harry's a young man with hormones and heightened emotions, so I think it's plausible for him to be acting like so.