The instant message came through making a light sound from Tesslynn Healm's HP laptop. She sat down in her chair and read the IM. It was from her friend, Krystal Kladwell. Tesslynn and Krystal had been friends since they were thirteen years old. They bumped into each other at school, Tesslynn was taking pictures like always for a volleyball game going on between some of the guys and girls from school. They had found out they had similiar intrists so decided to keep in touch. Tesslynn was a seventeen year old, 5'5 teen. Her black hair went to the middle of her back which had always been straight. She had hazel eyes, fair skin and she was slightly average. She looked at the IM on the internet page and sighed.

KK01: Hey Tess! Hows everything going?

The IM was normal for Krystal. She always didn't wait for a responce before adding a question. Tesslynn thought about giving her honest respond, which would be, the same as before...nothing's changed but instead she decided to change that.

TessHealm: Really great!

As soon as she pressed send she knew it wouldn't be believable.

KK01: Tess...what's going on now? Photo's messed up in the printer again?

TessHealm:'s not that...

KK01: Then what is it? You know I can always tell when something is wrong miss quiet.

Tesslynn looked at the screen for a few moments then glanced down. She wished a phone call would be easy enough...but that would never be possible. She always wished she could speak outloud...but instead she was born mute. She wondered if that would ever get her in trouble or could be used to her advantage one day. She sighed then responded.

TessHealm: Its the same as always Krystal.

KK01: Oh...will you be at school tomorrow? Heard everyone needs a great picture taken.

This made Tesslynn smile. She loved her 'job' at her high school as the photographer and she also helped out with the school's morning paper that told upcomings and other things.

TessHealm: Yeah I'll be there.

Just when Tesslynn was going to put something else, a knock on her door came. She turned and looked then knocked twice on her computer desk. Her mother, Marilynn opened the door slowly. "Tesslynn you need to get some sleep." Tesslynn looked mostly like her mother. Except for the fact that her mother's eyes were a dark brown and her hair a sandy brown. Once he mother left, Tesslynn turned back to the laptop and sighed.

TessHealm: I'll see you at school Krystal, night.

KK01: Night Tess! Sign your prayers.

With that Tesslynn smiled, she signed off of the IM and closed her laptop. After changing into some pajama's and saying her prays inside her head she layed down in the bed and drifted off to sleep.