I want to thank everyone who was supporting in Not My Name and I really wanna thank Pulse99 for allowing me to use one of his characters. Check out his story its awesome btw!! The character is Jude and just to let you all know, he is NOTHING like what Pulse makes him in his story.


Lightning: Odin I'm afraid....

Odin: Of what babe?

Lightning: What if this wedding goes wrong?

Odin: It doesn't really matter as long as we can get married and have a good life.

Lightning: OK Odin.

Priest: *Says long annoying speech* You may kiss the bride!
*Snow walks in thinking this is a formal birthday party*

Snow: Lightning! You didn't tell me you were having a formal B-Day! Happy birthday!! *Throws confetti in the air*

Lightning: Odin, I'm gonna cry!

Odin: Don't cry!
*Odin picks Lightning up and kisses her face*

Odin, Lightning: *Moans, kissing noises*
*Serah jumps up to clap*
*Hope approaches Lightning who was still making out with Odin. He grabs her waist trying to pull her off of Odin*

Hope: Lightning we need to talk about you cheating on me!

Lightning: Oh thats right we were dating! Oh well get over it.

Hope: *Tears up* NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Jude: What about me Light? Am I NOTHING to you?

Lightning: Oh snap I forgot about you! Odin I want a divorce.

Odin: What?!?!

Lightning: I'm sorry Jude is irresistible. *Jumps on Jude the two make out*

Odin: We just got married!

Jude: So?

Lightning: Jude marry me!!!

Jude: *passes out*

Lightning: Jude!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Odin: So.... do you love me again?

Lightning: Oh Odin. *Jumps on Odin the two make out*

Odin: I knew you couldn't resist me.

Lightning: I can you big dummy.

Jude: Whaa.... What happened?

Lightning: I will say this carefully. Marry me or I'll have to stick with Odin.

Jude: OK but um... I'm scared....

Lightning: Ta, whatever, me and Odin are gonna get a divorce! See ya babe!

Jude: Wait I wanna come! *Trips over a dust mite and falls off of a cliff*

Odin: I wonder when that got there. Whatever. I miss you babe.

Lightning: Oh Odin! *Jumps up kisses his face you get the routine.*

Odin: Oh baby I missed these boobs SO MUCH!!

Lightning: ODIN! Didn't you miss ME!?

Odin: I barely know you! What are you talking about!

Jude: Ow.... ugh L... Light..ning..... I'm OK ... the dust mite felt bad about... tripping me and... carried me up here....

Odin: Poor dust mite must've been struggling to carry your fat self.

Lightning: Don't call my boyfriend fat!

Odin: One minute you love me the next you don't!! What is WRONG with you!? BI POLAR GIRL!!!

Lightning: *tears up* Odin?

Odin: I'm so sorry.

Lightning: *crying* Oh ODIN!!! *Yea, you know*

Jude: I demand you stop kissing her NOW! *runs but trips and falls and dies*

Lightning: At least he's gone.


Odin: Tell me when you're ready.

Lightning: Go in NOW Odin!!!

Odin: *rolls eyes* Bossy. *Finishes business*

Lightning: Odin, you are a very naughty boy.

Odin: What was I too good for you?

Lightning: You bet!

Odin: *gasps* I'm offended!

Lightning: WHAT?!

Odin: I want a divorce!!!!

Lightning: FINE! I'll go mooch on Jude!!

Jude: YAY!!

Lightning: Come on Jude, we have business to do.

Jude: I'm not sure I'm good at this....

Lightning: It doesn't matter, we're still doing this.


Lightning: Jude HARDER!!

Jude: I.... I CAN'T!!

Lightning: YES YOU CAN!!!!

Jude: OK fine I'll try!! *Jude tried harder and dies*

Lightning: EW he DIED right in the middle of going in!!!

Odin: Well, at least when I went harder I didn't die!

Lightning: OH ODIN!!!! *same thing YOU GET IT*

Odin: Promise me we won't ever argue like this again!!


Lightning: Odin your metal body is hurting me a lot.

Odin: So what? KISS ME!!!

Lightning: OK that's IT! I want a divorce!!

Odin: FINE THEN!!! Stay tuned for the next chapter.

Lightning: Tuned? But anyway aren't you glad the narrator isn't here anymore?

Narrator: Uh, yea. I'm HERE!!!