I thought Odin and Lightning were in love at the wedding. But they didn't really love each other, it was just for sex. Then they get divorced and remarried a billion times. And Lightning keeps cheating and had two kids. Which Odin killed. I don't think everyone knew that.

And after all the people she fell in love with, it was never me.


I don't have anything to say besides the fact that Lightning is an idiot. So is Odin.


I could care less about their relationship! But if I can talk about something different like happy time drugs or-


I never really did anything.


I was so proud of Lightning when she got married but... to her Eidolon.. It was creepy. Then they had a terrible relationship... I wanted to rub it in Claire's face but... I'm not that mean. Odin was stubborn, rude, ignorant, and uncaring. I have no idea of why Lightning fell so in love with him. Probably just for sex.

Then she goes and cheats with Snow... It hurts. I loved him first. And she got pregnant from him.

I don't really care about Lightning's relationship anymore.


I thought I was gone sometimes. Like, I wouldn't come back. But I did. And Light fell in love with me a couple times. It felt nice to be loved. Even though she always abandoned me three seconds later.

Sigh, what a world.


Well, I just got tipsy off of a couple shots. I had like, 27 shots and 14 beer bottles, and 12 liquor bottles. It was AWESOME! I-... Wuh? I'm supposed to talk about Lightning and Odin's relationship? Who wants to talk about that?

I'd rather talk about SERAH!


Who's Lightning and Odin? All I know is my daddy! *goofy smile*


Gosh. To talk about my relationship... thats tough. Odin was great, when we first got married. Afterwards, he just didn't love me anymore.

I cheated a couple times, I know. And I'm guilty for it. But Odin kept forgiving me... and later using those facts against me... it was brutal. Jude, Snow, Alexander, even Sazh once. Oops... wasn't supposed to mention that part..

Oh, I'm such a horrible person. I told myself constantly, everybody makes mistakes. Everyone. But mine were probably the biggest. Or at least it felt like that. I loved Odin like crazy but...

God, I'm stupid.


Talk about my relationship? I could write an entire 5 BILLION PAGE BOOK about it! Well, if I could write...

Lightning was a HORRIBLE wife! She cheated so many times! I got divorced with her but... I always wanted it back... The feeling...

Meh, who cares. I shouldn't have wanted a feeling like that from her anyways. I could've been better off with one of the Shiva sisters, or Fang. Cuz I like Fang. She's bad. I mean Fang wouldn't cheat would she?

Lightning is mean to me. I mean no matter what I tell her to do, she doesn't do it. I TOLD her not to look for me. I TOLD her not to cheat. I TOLD her to get rid of those babies that weren't mine but she never listened.

And Alexander? Really? The dude is so big he would put a finger on Light and she would be dead.

Jude? The guy dies so many times, you can't count how many times he died. And Lightning still loved him. I mean the day we got married she fell in love with him, then he died and she wanted me back. To think I was so gullible and stupid to fall for her.

Snow? The dude can't even count to three! Well, I shouldn't talk about that I can't count either, but he's such a moron! What's with the Serah obsession? If he's so obsessed with Serah, why'd he cheat with Lightning? I hate him!

Agh, I guess there's a part of me who still loves Lightning. On the outside, she's a beautiful young lady who makes several mistakes. Inside, she's desperate for love and goes to whoever she can for it.

I can't believe myself. I love her? WHAT?