Yes, I do write het. Have some of the best FE (Yet highly ignored in favour of Ninian, urgh) het pairing - Eliwood and Lyndis~

Enjoy~ 3

Rounded lamps threw cold, hard shadows onto the rich chocolate wall, painting the slow movements and careful actions perfectly.

Everything about this one moment, possibly the last moment they could harbour for themselves, causes his hair to stand on end and shiver, yet strip his tunic and upper garments with the heated intensity. He would be damned if he were to feel remorse or self-pity on this night - he wanted it to belong to them both.

The hidden princess, wrapped in a veil of rogue and honest attributes, had captured his very heart from first glance - even as he was carrying a beautiful woman against his chest. Nothing could tear at the rugged charm she possessed, telling her opinion without holding back any bars. Of course, Hector too held this skill, but her's was more dignified.

She would wrap the harmful truth in a shroud of comfort and reassurance, immediately halting any hostile feelings one may have for such a thing being said.

"You look like a dog with your mouth hung open that way..." She stated with a childish giggle, stepping into the room from the bathroom adjacent. "But... I feel that it suits you..."

Eliwood's mouth remained to swing open freely, despite the deep blush he had gained from the statement. His hungry mouth yearned for hers, pouting in a soft pink with a hint of innocence. His skin longed to slide over hers, especially those creamy, mesmerizing thighs and that pert bottom, both revealed teasingly by the teal dress she wore.

For tonight, all the accessories; her sword, her belts, even the ornament eternally holding her hair up, were gone. No boundaries were to be held. No words unrelating to each other were to be so much as uttered.

Slowly, Lyndis took long, graceful strides, the skirt of her dress flapping upward to reveal more thigh on purpose. Finally, she stands before him, stomach to face. One leg reaches up slowly, showcasing her grace and balance, and places its foot upon the bed beside him. Eliwood's instantaneous reaction is to feel it, running his calloused, unworthy fingers over the unblemished expanse.

With a gentle smile, the Lord is given a few seconds to swallow his awe and realise that yes - this moment was real. The adorably baffled smile across his lips seemed to give the impression that he had been looking to this moment for something close to her longing.

Lyndis reaches for his hand and cups it with her own, an unsure smile finding her own gorgeous pout. The hand is guided along the top of her thigh and onto her lower stomach, a soft whisper of a moan escaping her lips. Eliwood smiled up at the woman and laughed lightly. He could tell what that sound indicated without even having started to pleasure her... She was already begging for more.