Have you ever wondered, what did Bella write into those letters she gave to Nessie before the confrontation with Volturi? I did. There are her letters for Renesmee, Jacob, Charlie and Renee.

As you may notice, there are some lines from Twilight. I don't know, maybe it is too cheesy, but it seemed to fit and describe Bella's philosophy very well.


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My dear Renesmee, my Nessie my little sea serpent. Did I ever get to say You just how amazing You are? My own personal miracle, my mark to this world. Only good and important thing I ever get to do. Just how much I love You: so much that human wouldn't be able to feel it, without her heart bursting. Too much to find a words to describe it. (Well, maybe Your uncle Jasper could, for he knows all about feelings..)

If You are reading this, then there is very high chance we won't meet again, not on this planet. Don't cry for me, because I don't. If life offers you a dream beyond imagination, it is not reasonable to grieve, when it comes to end. It is a good way do die, in the place of someone you love. Noble even. This ought to count for something. Don't cry, because I want Your memories of me to be the happy ones.

There is so many thing I would like to tell You, and so little time. Did You know I used to talk in my sleep? That I was the clumsiest human to ever exist? Just ask Jacob, he for sure would like to tell you some stories. He loves You. More than anything else, just like I do. Like Your father does.

Your father... I can see him right now, sitting next to Your bed, just staring at You, as if wondering how such a miracle can even exist. He used to do the same thing for me, watch me to sleep and hum me my lullaby. Sometimes we would lie down next each other, and just look into others eyes. There is no time for it now. I wish so much I would be able to tell him what is going on, of my plans to send You away, so he could write You a letter of his own. But I can't tell him, or Aro will know.

But I am getting out of the track, am I not? I wanted to tell You things about us, advise I never got to share. Small things, not even important things, like that Your father had green eyes as human, that I had a friend named Jessica, who used to talk a lot and other one, Angela, who was very quiet and nice. That Your grandma Renee was the happiest person I have ever met. That Your grandpa Charlie told me once that You are prettier baby than I was. He is highly biased, so take it as the greatest compliment You would ever get. Maybe You get to see him one day. Maybe You get to see them all. If You will, tell them how much I love them. Would You do it for me?

Did You know your father and I had our own special place in the woods, small circular meadow? We wanted to take You there. There were so many places I wanted to take You: To Disneyland, though I am not even sure why, maybe because it was a normal thing to do. My dad took me to Disneyland once... I wanted to take You to Phoenix, to Isle Esme, to Jacksonville. I wanted to take You to all the places I have seen, and places I have only dreamed off. To Alaska, to Brazil, to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia... everywhere!

For advise, my dear little sea serpent, I can only give you that much: Never turn away friendship, when it is offered from a good heart. Never look down to those, who are different, because everyone is special. Follow your instincts, because they tend to be always accurate. Don't hesitate from loving, and protecting your loved ones. Never be afraid to express yourself, do what you think is a right thing to do. Be happy. Live. Shine. Love.

Farewell, my little girl!

With love


Well, here is the first one. I thought it up in the middle of the night and almost begun to cry. Go me! :P I hope you liked it.