A rather short and pointless conversation of two twin gods.

"Tell me again why you have to flirt on MY hunters!!" Artemis glared at her twin brother.

"Chill, sis. I can't help it." Apollo grinned, hoping that it would get him out of this argument.

"Do not call me 'sis'! Please, I hope you'd be more serious about things!" She crossed her arms. "I don't want the thing about my beloved Daphne repeated… being turned into a tree…" She sniffed. Apollo frowned at the memory.

"Can we not bring that up, ever, again?" Artemis silenced as she also frowned. "It wasn't my fault, okay? It was Eros, he hit me and you know those arrows of his-"

"Whatever. Just… Stop flirting with my hunters. I'll see you." She waved and turned around. Apollo would have shrugged this conversation off, but Daphne was a delicate topic.

"Hey, wait." He grabbed her hand. "sorry."

"Nah, it's fine." Artemis smiled. "You should be careful… One more time that I hear 'Lady Artemis, your twin has been flirting with us again' and I swear I will not go easy on you. "

"But you never do," He smirked and enveloped his sister in a hug. "Baby sister,"


Artemis punched her brother in the gut.

"Later, and remember, DO NOT GO NEAR MY HUNTERS, again, okay," She smirked. "Big brother." And with that she disappeared in a silvery mist.

"Whoa," Apollo blinked. "Did she just call me her big brother?"