The Wanderings of Chaos

Chapter 8- The Battle of Antitheses: Part 2

Sailor Chaos and Sailor Cosmos had been fighting for a long time now. How long, exactly, neither of them knew. Both of them refused to give up. They now both had injuries of various degress from the extremely strong attacks of their opponent.

"You know what, Sailor Chaos?" Sailor Cosmos shouted.

"What?" sneered Sailor Chaos, as she was readying her staff for her next attack.

"I think we should stop fighting for a while. Not forever. But we need a temporary truce."

"Why? You know I'll just continue conquering and destroying planets then."

"There are no planets left to destroy."

Sailor Chaos looked around. She saw a multitude of planets before her. But they seemed dead. No stars shone in the sky. This was probably because they had been battling, so no new stars could be born and no life could be formed. A teeny,tiny part of Sailor Chaos' heart was disturbed. Sailor Chaos had to admit that she was a bit tired of fighting, too.

"Fine, we'll have a truce, Sailor Cosmos."

The two powerful senshi put down their staffs. Suddenly, Sailor Cosmos turned around and opened up a portal.

"Where are you going?" Sailor Chaos asked

"Somewhere." replied Sailor Cosmos, still facing the portal. She had a tiny smile on her face. She was going back in time, to ask Sailor Moon to destroy Chaos once and for all. But Chaos didn't know that.

"Then can you get me a donut if you pass a Dunkin Donuts?" requested Sailor Chaos.

Sailor Cosmos rolled her eyes, sighed and stepped into the portal, that disappeared with a flash of light.

"Oh great, she's gone." muttered Sailor Chaos angrily. "Now I am all alone. Even Guardian Cosmos and Guardian Chaos have probably died off."

Sailor Chaos sulked and wandered around the universe, looking at all the planets she destroyed and the runes of their civilizations. She felt a large amount of pride that she was capable of destroying all those planets. The fact that she had destroyed all those planets made her cackle with pure glee. But that teeny, tiny bit of her heart, the bit that she refused to see in herself, was still disturbed.

A long time had passed. Sailor Cosmos still wasn't back yet from where ever the heck she went. Eventually Sailor Chaos decided to rest on Earth.

Sailor Chaos remembered Earth well. It was the home planet of, despite her name, Sailor Moon. The Sailor Moon who defeated Chaos five times within two years. The Sailor Moon who eventually rose up and became the Queen of Crystal Tokyo. The Sailor Moon who was eventually reincarnated as Sailor Cosmos. No wonder Sailor Chaos hated Earth so much.

Sailor Chaos ambled around Earth a bit. She saw all the dead cities, with no people or any other life forms in them. Then, Sailor Chaos saw an unusual contraption. It was a carousel.

She hadn't seen on in ages, since she was Queen Nehellenia of the Dead Circus. But this carousel wasn't an evil, sinister carousel that ate little children or anything like that. It was simply a normal, cheery, run-of-the-mill carousel. Sailor Chaos curiously turned it on, then jumped on to one of the horses. Boredom made her do weird things like that.

Around and around she went. For some odd reason, that thing brought her happiness. Not the twisted form of happiness she felt when she was killing people or conquering kingdoms. Just plain old happiness, which she had never quite felt before.

The perky music of the carousel, the brightly coloured animals to sit on, things that Sailor Chaos thought would make her barf in an instant, brought her happiness. The ride stopped after a few minutes. Sailor Chaos gently got off and gave a small smile to herself.

Sailor Chaos soon saw something odder than the carousel. It was a small, white flower. Sailor Chaos also hadn't seen a flower in ages. She was surprised that it hadn't died already when the rest of Earth had ages ago. It seemed to be a hardy little flower. Sailor Chaos bent over and touched it. It didn't even die then, when the Greatest Form of Evil in The Universe touched it.

A small tear slid down Sailor Chaos' cheek. That flower, which was technically stronger than whole civilizations. That flower, which grew, even when there was nothing left. It was admirable. Sailor Chaos wiped the tear of her cheek. She didn't want to look like an idiot, even if no one else was watching, it was still a good idea for her to keep her reputation up.

"Sailor Chaos," a voice said, "Are you ready to fight again?"

It was Sailor Cosmos. She continued, "I went back in time to see Sailor Moon. She refused to dest-I mean let me give up. So shall we continue fighting? Oh, and here's your donut."

Sailor Chaos really wanted to just say "Okay." (And grab the donut).

But she didn't. Seeing that flower changed her.

"It's okay Sailor Cosmos." said Sailor Chaos, "You win. I surrender. Today, I realized that I was never meant to be a ruler or a fighter. I realized that I couldn't destroy everything in my path. That wasn't what I was meant to do. My true destiny, I suppose, was to be a wanderer."

Sailor Cosmos starred at Sailor Chaos in shock, then walked up to Sailor Chaos and shock her hand. The two most powerful forces in The Universe had combined, which caused stars to be born again.

The two powerful Senshi smiled at each other.

"I'm surpised at how you changed." Sailor Cosmos said.

"Well, I may have changed," responded Sailor Chaos, "But I still want that donut."

THE END (of the fanfic)

A/N: This is the end of the fic! I finished my first multi-chapter fic! I decided to just finish this fanfic now because I decided that not that many people were reading it. A big, gigantic, huge thank you to all my readers and reviewers. If you really, really, really want me to continue, than just say so, but I might not, so don't get your hopes up if you do.