Beginning with Coldness by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Закон и порядок: отдел оперативных расследований (Law & Order: Division of Field Investigation) or any of its characters.

As she walked, the windows around her rattled with the strength of the wind blowing up a storm outside.

Three hours ago, she'd been standing around at a coffee machine, enjoying a weak machine coffee. It had been too hot to sip straight from the machine, so she'd held it in her hands, warming them as it cooled.

Now, she stamped through the dull corridor of some shopping complex, enjoying neither the décor nor the layout.

She turned at the corner, and headed off in the direction of the butcher's shop which she'd been told the girl had been hiding in; in one of the cool rooms. The girl was at the hospital now, but they'd still not managed to establish an identity for her; she was waiting.

When the police had arrived on the scene, the girl had been poorly; it was clear she'd been treated badly. At the hospital, it had only become apparent that Olga's team would need to be called in.

She had just been to view the security footage; she now looked forward to a walkthrough of the scene.

The damages to the girl were consistent with those of an earlier victim Olga Bobrova had encountered in the course of her work and investigations. The girl, however, had been unconscious during the ordeal, and investigations had led nowhere.

Olga was hoping this time would be different.

An hour later, as she was trudging through the car parking, Olga's mobile phone began to ring. She stopped rubbing her hands together and reached for her phone: the girl was awake.

She finished the call and headed for her car. As she was waiting to exit the car park, waiting for an in in the traffic, it began to rain.

The traffic finally lulled enough and she pulled the vehicle out onto the road, headed for the hospital.