Alice's feet sunk into snow so deep that her little slippered feet disappeared completely under its surface. A human would have lost toes by now but, being dead, she didn't even feel the cold. Instead she was more focused on looking ahead, using her visions to pinpoint where exactly it was that they would find Carlisle and the others.

Alaska's landscape was scattered with snow laden pines and several feet of snow which they now found themselves walking through, the white ice-glossed exterior of the untouched blanket crunching under their feet. "Not liking the snow," he grumbled as a frown pressed his lips.

Her visions had become more and more vivid regarding each of them as they had wandered around the Denali Wilderness. With each direction they turned, she searched the future to see if they became clearer or faded away. Currently, she felt they were on the right track and she clasped Jasper's hand as she trudged through the snow with a new sense of urgency.

"Are we getting closer?" Jasper asked, shifting his gaze toward her as the new emotion flooded the climate around her. He squeezed her hand gently as they once again shifted directions, moving due north.

"I think so," she whispered. Another series of images flashed through her mind and a sudden gasp escaped her lips. "This way!" she exclaimed, taking off in a run and plowing through the snow with Jasper in tow.

Jasper's eyes widened in surprise. "Wait, what?" He didn't receive a response, just a sudden yank as Alice changed course and pulled him along behind her. He picked up his pace to keep her from dragging him.

Alice's eyes scanned the snow in front of them as she ran, excitement coloring her mood and rolling off her in waves. They were so very close… Closer even than she had realized. When her eyes fell on what she had been seeking she skidded to a stop, reaching behind her to grab Jasper's arm with shaking hands. "Jasper, look!" Before them there were twin tracks in the snow and Alice jumped up and down as she pointed at them. "Edward and Emmett!" she explained.

The closer they got to their destination the more excited Alice became. She trudged forward with him in tow and a fresh wave of excitement shot through her as she reached back with shaky hands and shook his arm. New scents reached them, however faint, and two sets of tracks lay in front of them. The tangible happiness exuding off of Alice was quite exhilarating and Jasper couldn't help but give her an adoring smile before his gaze shifted ahead of them, peering through the snow in the direction the footsteps led.

"Not that way!" she scolded. "They went hunting. We'll see them later." She jumped into deep trench they created in the snow with a graceful little leap and started following them toward the direction from whence they came. "They're this way! Carlisle and Esme and Rosalie!"

Jasper chuckled and stepped into the trench Edward and Emmett had created as well. Following the combined tracks through the snow made it easy to increase their speed instead of carving their own path. In the distance the shape of a large home was on the horizon. "That must be it," Jasper pointed out.

Alice suddenly halted, turning to Jasper with a face that couldn't seem to settle on any one emotion. She felt the need to laugh and cry at the same time and without warning she jumped into Jasper's arms. "We're here! We're finally here!" She buried her face in his neck and let out a happy sigh. "I am about to have everything I ever wanted. I have you and that alone has been enough for a lifetime, more than most people ever get to have. And now, I have you and I'm going to have a family. The family I have seen and loved for so long…"

Jasper lifted an eyebrow, sifting through Alice's emotions. She looked as if she were on the verge of busting out into a sob. The excitement within her cut through the other emotions as she exclaimed that they'd finally arrived and threw herself into his arms, burying her face into his neck. Jasper chuckled and kissed her forehead. They were finally within sights of the house, finally to their destination. Jasper couldn't help but feel mildly excited himself as he carried her through the snow, Alice's excited words causing a smile to pull at his lips. "Yes, we're finally here…"

Feeling in control of herself once more and unable to stand another moment of waiting, Alice leapt from Jasper's arms and again took up his hand. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds as they walked toward the house setting their skin to sparkling and casting rainbows across the glittering snow. As they approached, the door to the house opened and three vampires stepped out into the light, a male and two females just as she had seen in her vision so long ago. Carlisle, Rosalie and Esme… She giggled, her child-like laughter like bells on the wind. They were finally home.

Squeezing his hand, clasped so tightly in her own, Alice looked back to Jasper and smiled…