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The breeze blew through my brown curly hair. So this is where I am going to go to school… I walked through the gates of the school. "It's so big!" I exclaimed, tugging on my lavender kitty tightly. "Ouran academy," I said softly. It definitely had a good ring to it. It was amazing to see that such a huge building was a school. It was so much bigger than I thought it would be. But I guess that was expected from an American girl.

Yes, I had just moved from The United States of America. My dad got a promotion, very well paying on at that, and we moved here. Sure, it was a bit hard leaving my friends but I'll make new friends here. I'll be fine… But I have to admit Japanese is a bit hard to learn. Hehe… I felt myself mentally sweat drop.

A bright smile formed on my face as I skipped through the halls. The school looked so much bigger on the inside. So many doors and hallways. They have at least 4 libraries! My last school only had like one. Soon I found myself in front of the third music room. I was immediately entranced by the door. I couldn't help but open it.

Immediately a blinding light followed by rose petals appeared in front of me. "So bright…" I cried out. But I jumped slightly by a voice, or actually seven.

"Welcome." The called out. I rubbed my eyes, so they could adjust to the light. I looked to see several boys in front of me. I tilted my head as a rose petal landed on my nose.

"Oh, it's just a little girl." One redheaded boy said rather bored. I blinked, I think I saw two of them. A tall blond boy came up to me and gave me a great big smile.

"She's so cute!" He exclaimed his bright blue eyes sparkling. You're probably wondering why they are referring to me as a child. I stand at four foot nine, and I look much like a child. Well, with my perfectly curled hair and my big hazel eyes I don't blame them. I sometimes think so also.

Another tall guy came up to me with a quite sadistic smile. "You know how much it costs for those rose petals?" He asked. "A lot." He gave me a weird look. I shrunk back as she ruffled my hair.

"So scary." I said softly. The tall blond boy gave him a look.

"Mother! That's not nice a nice thing to do to a little princess!" The boy shook his head with a small smile. "Are you looking for someone, princess?" I shook my head and held my kitty tighter. This was starting to feel very creepy.

I looked around to see the room, it didn't look like a music room. There were no instruments except for a big piano. I'm kind of disappointed it that's what this school calls a host club.

I looked at the boys, There were not two of the red headed boy, they were twins. What a relief! I thought I was going a bit crazy there. My eyes laid on the tall blond next. He seemed like a very energetic one. The black haired scary boy was now sitting at a table typing on his laptop. A short brown haired boy just watched as this was happening. He seemed a bit… odd, let's just say. Than there was a really tall boy and on his shoulders was a small blond boy kind of seemed like a child himself.

"Are you lost." The blond boy I was talking to asked me. Once again I shook my head, making my brown curls hit my face. "Then why are you here?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I went exploring!" I said with a bright smile. That statement made him go ballistic!

"She's so cute!" The boy squeezed me hard into a hug. He shook me around exclaiming about my cuteness.

"Um… You're kind of crushing me." He immediately let go and went to a corner all gloomy like. "Is he okay?" The black haired guy smiled behind his screen.

"Yeah, it's a habit of his he'll get over it within a matter of minutes." He said without even looking up. I looked over feeling a bit bad, though I didn't really do anything wrong. I walked to him and gave him a small smile. "I'm sorry you just startled me." I giggled. Suddenly, he jumped up and smiled.

"Well if that's the case than I'm fine." I sweat dropped. He got over that a bit quickly, don't you think? Suddenly a crash and a sharp knife was hurtling this way. I'm not really sure what was happening but all of a sudden I was dangling from the beautiful chandelier, holding the blond guy in one hand.

"Ahh! Get me down from here! I don't like heights!" I squirmed, thinking about the spot I was in. Nothing. They all just looked at me shocked. Even the blond boy seemed speechless. Tears started flowing. "Please." I cried out, giving out my puppy dog eyes. Finally, someone took the blond boy and placed him on the floor. The tall boy than took me down and did the same with me. I smiled at him and told him thank you. I ran over my stuffed cat, Kisa.

Honey's POV

I watched amazed at this girl. She couldn't be older than seven and to jump of the wall and grabbed on to the chandelier, with such ease! It's unheard of. Plus she is holding onto Tama-chan as if he is nothing.

Everyone surrounded the young girl probably through curiousity on how this child could do such amazing tricks! It astounded even me! Well never judge a book by its cover. Tama-chan went up to the girl with a big smile. "Hello princess, I'm Tamaki," He then pointed to the others and me. "That's Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Haruhi, Mori, and Honey." He then ran to his position in the set up, in the middle of course!

"And we're the host club!" Everyone said perfectly in unison as the lighting proved to be just right. You don't know how many naps I had to take in a day after practicing all of that it's very tiresome.

Nessa's POV

I felt myself sweat drop as I took a step backward. Did they just say host club? Wasn't that like escorts! Were they perverts? I really couldn't tell, I didn't know how perverts acted like except for acting well... Perverted! And these boys didn't seem pervert or at least from what I could tell. Oh well, only time would tell for sure.

But I'll keep my open just in case. They may think I'm a little girl and don't know what a host club is but they just should learn not to judge a book by its cover. It's not very nice, you need to read each and every page of the story before you have the right to ever judge, and you'll probably think differently about it by the time you are done too.

Haruhi's POV

The small girl astounded me. She was a younger version of Honey! Sweet, but had a few tricks up her sleeve. Someone you definitely don't want to mess with. I find it a bit scary. "I'm Hintarou Nessa Rose. But call me whatever you want." She smiled. "Nice to meet you all."

Honey grabbed her hand a pulled her along. "Come eat cake with me, Nessa-chan." Nessa smiled and nodded.

"We should have cookies, too! I have some in my bag some where! She smiled. Wow… This girl is a lot like Honey-sempai. Mori appeared next to me. He watched the two silently but I could tell that there was a glint of worry in his eyes.

"You're worried aren't you Mori-sempai?" I asked him, though I already knew the answer to this question.

"Ah." He replied. I smiled, typical Mori. But what was he exactly worried about. I shrugged, figuring that I would find out eventually.

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