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Nessa slept soundly in her bed… err Hunny's guest bed that is. Since the girl had been staying in the house it would be only suited if she had a bed instead of the couch. Well, that was what Hunny said anyway. Nessa actually really wanted the couch.

Not too far from the young girl's room were 7 mischievous boys plotting a little surprise for the girl. Well, six boys anyway, there was one girl that looked like a boy with them. The group looked into the room of the unsuspecting girl with a mischievous glint in their eyes.

"Everyone knows the plan?" The tall blonde asked the group. Two devils… I mean two red haired twins nodded devilishly as they held a potato sack in their hands. "Got it boss."

The twins walked silently into the room, careful to not awake the small girl inside. But evil chuckle could not escape their lips before the captured the girl like a barrel of fish.

(Nessa POV)

"AHHHHHHHH" Were the first words out of my lips this morning. At least I think it is morning. I can't tell because I am trapped in a potato sack. I am no potato!

"HUNNY! MORI" I cried out with all my might. "Help me! Somebody! Help me! They're gonna kill me!" I wiggled as best as I could to get out of the person who was holding the sack's grip.

"Hey look, she looks like a fish!" One of my kidnappers said. Great, I am no longer a potato, I'm a fish.

I kept screaming with all my might. Where was everyone? Where was Hunny and Mori? Did the Butcher already get to them? Were they dead? No. No. It couldn't be. Hunny and Mori were strong fighters, they couldn't be dead. Could they?

"HUNNY, MORI! WHERE ARE YOU?" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I was thrown into a car.

"Stop your whining. You're not getting out." This must truly be the end of me. The car started and I could feel it driving away. Where were they taking me? Why couldn't they kill me right when I was sleeping? Of course they couldn't do that, want to know why? Because they are MEAN.

The five stages of grief

Stage one: Denial

I can't be dying, I just can't be. This must be a dream. Yeah! That's it. It is a dream. Just a nightmare. I'll wake up and everything will be okay. I'll just pinch myself and everything will be okay

…..OW! Okay not a dream.

Stage 2: Anger

I started to cry and I could feel a hand patting me. How dare that hand pat me! It has no right to do so. So I did what any sensible being would do. I bit the hand as hard as I could through the potato sack.

"Ow the she demon bit me!" Good, I hope it hurt you demon!

"Damaging the staff is going to cost her." NOOOOOOOO!

Stage 3: Bargaining

Why won't they let me out? I won't tell anyone. I'll just go home to all the murders and say I did them myself actually no… I won't tell anyone about the murders. They won't get into any trouble. Just don't kill me!

Stage 4: Depression.

I don't want to die. I have such a long life ahead of me. I haven't had a family yet. I've barely kissed anyone. There are so many things I haven't done. I've never even got white girl wasted! Why god, why?

Stage 5: Acceptance.

Okay, I'm going to die. I'll just sit here like a good little girl and just wait until they kill me. I'll just stay here and listen to their conversations and die.

"Was it really necessary to put her in a potato sack?" A feminine but boyish voice spoke out.

"No, not really…" Another voice said. "But it is definitely more fun that way." Two voices in unison chimed. Did I ever say how creepy it is when people talk in harmony? Well, it is very creepy.

"What do you think of this?" Voice 1 said to someone.

"Ah…" Well, that voice didn't say much.

"You know the princess been really quiet and hasn't moved in a while…" A different more princely voice announced. "Can she breathe?"

"Yeah she can breathe, boss." One of the voices said. "You poked holes right?" Ugh… The voices were in unison again. "What I thought you did!… If you didn't then."

Then there was complete silence and I could feel a million eyes on me.

"I'll go check on her." A more childish voice told everyone. This was my chance! When he checks on me I'll pounce.

"AHHHH!" As the bag opened I attacked the person who opened it, straddling them down with fist pulled back. Two big golden brown eyes were staring back at me. Two very familiat eyes.

"Hunny?" I released my first and looked down at the boy, completely dumbfounded. I looked around seeing the twins, Haruhi, Mori, Tamaki, and Kyoya as well. What was going on.

I looked back down at Hunny, realizing that I was on top of him in a very weird position. My cheeks immediately went pink as I climbed off of him. How embarrassing…

"We're here!" Tamaki yelled through the thickness of all the awkwardness in the car. But where was here? I looked outside to see a carnival!

"A carnival?" The question escaped my lips as Hunny nodded.

"We thought you could use a little excitement, Ness-chan! Carnivals are so fun!"

I looked over at Kyoya who was tapping away at his laptop still. He could get internet access out here? "You allowed them to do this?" I asked him, questioning his motives.

"Occasional public appearances are good for profit and gathering more customers." I sweat drop. I should of known. It was all about money for him.

"Ness-Chan let's go get some cotton candy!" I looked over at my blue eyed friend and nodded excitedly.

Two blue cotton candy puffs were handed to us at the stand, both of us started to eat the fluff, letting it melt in our mouths.

"Hey Nessa…" I looked over at the boy, and piece of blue cotton candy was sticking to my nose. A small laugh left his lips. "Let me get that." Hunny grabbed the sweet treat from my nose with his lips. I could feel his lip graze my nose. My cheeks started to burn, luckily I could easily hid it with my cotton candy.

"Ness-chan, today is going to be a fun day!" The sweet boy exclaimed. I could never agree with him more. Today definitely will be a fun day.

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