Life Taking A Turn

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Chapter 1

Harry's summer was beginning to be a weird one; his Aunt and Uncle had taken the order's warning to heart and started treating him better. He now got to eat when he wanted and as many portions as he wanted. Some times thought Harry 'I feel like I've ended up in an alternative universe' Harry had finally with the food hit a growth spurt and he no longer looked like a waif. His hair was growing in to still the messy brown hair but it had tamed slightly.

Harry of course had just finished his fifth year at Hogwarts. And Harry could officially say that fifth year was his worst year at Hogwarts. Each year kept getting worse and worse. Of course he hated Dumbledore for making him go after the stone! Expecting him to do what no grown wizard had ever been able to do. Defeat or defy the Dark lord of as Harry called him Voldemort.

Harry's godfather had died but Harry could not miss him no matter how much he tried. Harry had grieved for his lost godfather, not Sirius at all. He grieved for the loss of a parental figure in his life. Someone to talk to and sort out his problems with and things like that, someone who was there for him, But Harry had never heard Sirius say once 'I love you Harry' he did not think he would ever get to hear those words ever. His parents died before they could or perhaps before he could remember it and his Aunt would rather see Wizards come to her home than say I love you to her nephew.

He just wondered if he ever would hear those words. From someone who really cared about him. Not just Harry Potter, the boy who lived, Gryffindor Golden boy, the chosen one, defeater of Voldemort. Harry knew he would not be able to trust any witch or wizard in the wizarding world with that. He knew he needed to learn to close his mind and also read other peoples' minds. He really needed to see if he could trust anyone. It would be a handy thing to have to be able to read other peoples mind. Of course he would not snoop around like what he suspected Albus Dumbledore or Severus Snape do.

And if what Harry thought was true, then they had known his life with his relatives and had never helped. That was not a very nice thought at all. But he also knew that there was nothing he could do about it, he could not wait until he was of age. As soon as he was he was out of here, wards or not, he would not stay an extra minute.

He had never told Sirius anything personal, not after fourth year- he knew that Sirius just told Dumbledore. Never told Sirius that he was scared to let everyone down, He had known since he entered the wizarding world he was responsible for saving them all. And the prophecy just made it all the more harder for him. He was not going to be able to kill Voldemort, there was no hope in hell. He had felt the man's power at the grave yard and he could see why Voldemort's followers wanted to be near Voldemort but that did not mean to say he liked it.

There was also the fact that he could do wandless magic. He had told no one because if they acted like that when he spoke snake language, how would they behave if they knew he was great at wandless magic?

He liked to read but he just never got much time. He had only last year read a book about parseltongue and also about dark wizards. Thanks to Voldemort and Dumbledore. The stone then the chamber incident and having dementors around him all the time was not a nice experience. Then fourth year he was put into a tournament might he had getting no say in anything at all. Then fifth year he had to watch a toad all year and teach his classmates because the Defence teacher refused to do her job.

Harry was sitting eating dinner while his Uncle rambled on about work. Harry's uncle worked at a place that sold Drills. He sometimes got clients coming to the house not as often as his Aunt would like. Right now his Uncle was going on about how outraged he was when a teenager got an interview for a job. Harry knew that Uncle Vernon thought any teenager did not deserve a place at Grunnings. His Uncle had mentioned that he had wanted Dudley to work with him.

Dudley had nearly wet himself- he just liked spending his father's money.

Smoking, drinking and eating himself into an early grave. And his Aunt did not seem to care. No matter how many times the doctor told them he was unfit and killing himself, they took no notice. His Uncle cared for his son, but he must not about his health, for he knew what the doctors said too. But all he would say is that Dudley was 'Not fat just big boned. And that he needed meat on his bones'

He was brought out of his thought by his Uncle going on again. This time it was all about someone trying to hurt his Uncle "I told the boy that he would not be getting the job, and the nerve of the boy! He tried to attack me" said Uncle Vernon or more like he shouted.

"Oh my poor dear, are you ok?" cooed Aunt Petunia. Harry felt like gagging at the sight. His Aunt and Uncle were two sick examples of sickly normal love. Of course if they did not add him, the would rather see flying pigs than say they were not normal.

"Yes, well, the security guards took care of him! And he had the nerve to threaten me! Kill me, pah! He does not have the guts" said Uncle Vernon.
A dreadful feeling came over Harry at those words; he could just see that happening. With his luck something like that would just happen to him. With a sigh he started eating again. His Aunt and Uncle were never aware of his inner turmoil- even if they were aware they would not care.

Shaking his head, the order members were there. They would not let anything happen and a muggle could never over throw wizards. Relaxing with the knowledge he was safe, he dug into the toffee Pavlova cake that his Aunt spent the afternoon making.

"Go to bed now," said Aunt Petunia. As she made coffee for Vernon and herself and with a sigh Harry complied. Taking a bath, he had never been allowed to have a bath before in his life. Well at his Relatives anyway, getting up he yawned before getting ready for bed.

Soon afterwards he heard his Aunt and Uncle go to bed he only then relaxed. Just as he was dosing off the muggle alarm system went off. Then it disabled almost immediately, but his Uncle was slamming down the stairs.

To come face to face with the man that said he would kill him. The teenager more like, that he had told would not get a job. For the first time in his life Harry saw his uncle scared. The man held up a gun, before taking them all to the living room. Of course his cousin went to hit him, and a bang ran out in the silent room.

"No, Dudley! Not my boy!" wailed Petunia. As she tried to get over the teenager, realising what he had just done, shot Petunia too. Harry stood stock still petrified. His wand was locked up; there was nothing he could do to protect his last remaining family.

Before even Vernon could speak he was shot too. Harry tried to run but he was also shot, but he was not hit anywhere fatal. Getting a cloth the teenager cleaned the gun of his finger prints and put it in the boy's hand. He had been shot at quite close range. Before he was sneaking around the back slowly and climbing the fence he was gone. Having had his revenge but the boy did not stop shaking; he had just killed a family when he had only wanted revenge.

Harry lay there, blood seeping out of his wound not aware of anything but the dizzy feeling. His last ironic thought was 'I could survive the killing curse', yet I'm going to die from a gun shot.

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