I actually wrote these four prologues for school for a project on Wuthering Heights. It was an open-ended project, so we could pretty much do anything, and I decided to write prologues for four of the main characters like Chaucer's in The Canterbury Tales. Catherine, Heathcliff, Edgar, and Isabella are all perfect subjects for this. I included (or tried to include) their physical description, personality, and fatal flaw. If you've read it, then you know that they all have a fatal flaw. Probably more than one, but I just chose which one I liked.


The Wuthering Tales: Catherine's Prologue

There was a girl, the head of this all—

For indeed her part in this was not small;

She was the one who had brought them together

As if they were each just a dog on her tether.

A very cheerful person was she,

But one who could change most suddenly

Into a very wicked thing

That anger, grief, and fuss would bring.

Her chestnut ringlets and dark sparkle eyes

Were the base of her truly beauteous guise,

And her very first trip to Thruscross Grange

Had brought about this beauteous change.

This dame had stolen more than one heart—

Inspiring love for her was an art—

But when a hand she had to choose,

She wasn't properly sure of whose,

So she was very upset that night,

And wondered if who she had chosen was right.

Her reasons for choosing were very fickle,

And so she was found to be in a pickle.

The one not chosen, however so,

A selfish truth was made to know:

To marry him, she said, would degrade her,

Although for him her love was the greater.