The Wuthering Tales: Isabella's Prologue

There was a girl who looked akin

To her brother in her eyes, and her hair, and her skin—

Her eyes were blue and her hair was blond—

But siblings and looks were their only bond.

Not even siblings—not even so—

For the path this girl had chosen to go.

Her brother for choosing the path would disown her;

The man she had chosen—the path—would then own her.

It came about in this very way:

Her sister's friend came over one day.

This girl—still young, with her hot little heart—

To love this friend of her sister's would start.

It could be said that she lacked discretion,

But in any case, he had made his impression.

He soon found out, and she tried to deny it,

But her heart had spoken, and she couldn't defy it.

When it so seemed that her love he returned

Was when her back on her family she turned.

She ran away, and married got—

Realized then that love it was not.

Her spirit went from light to dark;

Her features went from sunny to stark.

Her life after that was not what she expected.

She wished that his "heart"—that his "love"—she'd rejected.