I know I should just let it go but you have incensed me further. I have trampled on delicate Teslen feelings so, here it is, I cracked. What you have all been wanting, Nikola and Helen, together forever. Why are you still reading this?

Chapter 3

Magnus sat alone in her study, it was the middle of the night (in season 3 after Ashley comes back, see I'm just as deluded as you are!) and she sat before a roaring fire, a glass of wine in hand to calm her nerves. Bloody John, always causing trouble. She was afraid to think what he had done to Nikola. They had never gotten along but to murder one of the Five was unthinkable, even for John. A knock at the door disturbed Magnus from her reverie.


Magnus looked over at Ashley standing in the doorway, looking worried. She sighed.

"Why aren't you asleep?"

"Uh, well, Dad," Magnus cut her off before she could explain further.

"Ashley, I understand if you want to see your father but from now on I don't want him at the Sanctuary."

"OK, but starting tomorrow, right?"

"Why tomorrow?"

"Cos he's already here, now."

Magnus put down her wineglass with a vehement thud, stood and faced the doorway. Druitt stood behind Ashley, a sheepish grin on his face, his arms enveloping a large object draped with a cloth covering to hide it.

"What the bloody hell do you want? Haven't you caused enough trouble for one day?"

"I have stumbled across a unique problem and require your assistance."

"And what is it you imagine I would ever help you with?"

Druitt put the mystery item on Magnus' desk and removed the cover.

"Leeurggh brrble blrrgggghh"

Tesla's head shouted as loud as he could from inside the liquid filled jar where his lonely head bobbed about in the preservative solution.

Druitt sighed, "He just will not die."

Magnus stared open mouthed with horror and wonder, another incredible attribute of vampire genetics being demonstrated before her eyes. Tesla shut up and looked at Magnus with mournful puppy dog eyes.

"Brrrble," he said to her.

He wrinkled his nose and then started screaming, as well as one can scream underwater. Magnus, Druitt and Ashley stared at him in fascination, what was he doing?

"Maybe his pain sensors have kicked in," pondered Druitt.

"I think he's got an itchy nose," said Ashley. "I'm not scratching it."

"Where is the rest of him?" asked Magnus.

Druitt shrugged, "Probably floated off on his way to Japan by now."

"Oh good lord," said Magnus. Children, she was surrounded by children.

The next morning Kate, Will, Henry and Ashley were all assembled in the study ready for their day's orders.

"I want you to all go down to the river near the old docks and look for the rest of Nikola. Be careful, there was a Cabal team spotted in the area recently."

"I'm wearing a tuxedo," came a small voice from the jar on Magnus' mantle piece.

Magnus had fixed up a tube to Tesla's mouth enabling his speech to be understood. There was a deafening silence as the four tried not to collapse in hysterical laughter at the sight he made.

"It's all right, we'll keep our heads," started off Kate.

"Get over this joking business immediately," ordered Magnus.

"Alright Doc, keep your head on," said Henry.

"That's enough," demanded Magnus.

"Yeah, c'mon guys," said Ashley, "Or she'll knock our blocks off."

"We should ask Druitt where to find it," said Will thoughtfully.

"It has a name," said Tesla, furiously bubbling at the mouth.

"Yes, sorry," said Will. "I just meant there's no body else who'd know..." he paused as Kate, Ashley and Henry dissolved into giggles, not realising what he had said.

One good thing had come out of this, thought Tesla as he fumed in his jar. Druitt wouldn't be coming around so often, not with Tesla on the mantle piece jabbering away incessantly.