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Rose Weasley is the most popular 5th year in Hogwarts by far, and she and player William March seem to be going steady. However, will her life turn upside down when a certain Scorpius Malfoy transfers from Durmstrang? (M for future lemons)

Chapter 1

'Rosie, we're leaving in five minutes or we'll be late!'

'DON'T CALL ME ROSIE!' She shouted down to her mum, Hermione Weasley, before darting over to her wardrobe and throwing it open. She took two black sets of robes, and a deep purple cloak with silver fastenings, and after throwing them into her trunk, chose a short white mini-skirt and skimpy black vest for the journey.

'Hey, Rose,' Hugo stuck his head around her door and rolled his eyes, 'mum's gonna flip when she sees you dressing like that!' He watched as she slid on a pair of high red stilettos.

'I'm meeting William on the platform, no way am I wearing something ugly! So what do you want?'

'Dad says that I can use Hazel this term!'

'No!' Rose gaped, picking up Hazel's cage. The screech owl had been her fifteenth birthday present from William, and there was no chance that she was going to let her little brother use it.

Hugo shrugged with a self-satisfied expression and walked back out into the corridor – 'you can discuss it with dad then!' He said smugly, and Rose threw a jar of eels' eyes at him, which he narrowly avoided and smashed on the floor.

Ignoring the mess, Rose went back to her packing. Looking down at her watch, she saw that four of the five minutes given were up, and she swept a whole pile of books off her desk and into the trunk. Picking up her handbag and kicking the trunk shut, she ran down the stairs, wobbling slightly in her heels. 'My trunk's packed!' She called to Ron, who was putting Hugo's into the boot of their car.

'Bring it down then!' Hermione said.

'What, and break my back?' She rolled her eyes exasperatedly and opened the Mercedes door, sliding onto the back leather seat and sinking low.

'Hey babe!' William breathed as Rose ran through the barrier and threw herself at him the second she was on the platform.

'I've missed you!' She slammed her lips to his and kissed him long and hard, running her tongue along his bottom lip and biting gently at the soft pink.

'Mouth rape,' Hugo muttered loudly as he walked past.

'Oh shut up,' she leant away from William long enough to pull her wand out of her bra and point it threateningly at him. 'Go play with your toy broomstick or something!' She rolled her eyes, and turned back to William, 'where were we?' She licked her lips and kissed his neck, moving up to plant small kisses just beneath his ear lobe.

'Rose Weasley, you are on a train platform!' Hermione shouted, grabbing her arm and pulling her away from William.

'Sorry Mrs Weasley,' William sneered. 'See you on the train,' he waved to Rose absentmindedly, before walking back over to his friends, who clapped in on the back and jeered.

'I hate that boy,' Hermione said icily, beckoning across the platform to Ron, who was pushing the trolley with Hugo and Rose's cases on.

'Well I don't, mum,' Rose answered coldly, dragging her trunk off the trolley and stalking away awkwardly, tottering in her heels as the weight of the trunk threw her off balance. She saw her two best girlfriends up ahead, accompanied by some of her "fans". 'Hey, Lottie, Courtney!' She shouted, ignoring the disapproving looks from parents as she pushed her way through them.

'WOW gorgeous!' Lottie beamed, running over in her equally high emerald-green heels and green and black dress.

'How are you babes?' Courtney followed, stumbling slightly in her even higher black stilettos and having to be caught by a good-looking Ravenclaw sixth year. 'Thanks sweetie,' she grinned at him, leaning in to kiss his cheek and murmuring something in his ear (probably the place where they'd meet that night for passionate sex; though Lottie and Rose kept it as a secret between themselves, they had to admit that Courtney was a real slut).

'Fine,' Rose answered shortly, 'I missed you guys though! Seriously, being locked up all holiday with my parents – it was like total hell. On Christmas day, they made us go and visit the Potters!'

'Ouch!' Lottie grimaced. Albus Potter was a social reject, as far as Rose and her friends considered, and they tried very hard not to ever see him. As for Lily... well, she had a few more friends, and was remotely pretty, but nowhere near up to Rose's standards (not that there were any 3rd years in her gang anyway).

'Ooh, Lottie,' Rose changed the subject, nodding over at Seamus Thomas (Dean Thomas's son, named after his best friend).

'Hey,' Lottie hissed, elbowing Rose and turning scarlet.

'Um, Lottie Parkinson, right?' Seamus sidled over slowly.

'Yeah,' she bit her lip, and I stepped hard on her foot with my pointy heel. She giggled and swatted at me, before gently flattening her blonde quiff and playing with a long ringlet.

'I was wonderin' if you wanted come sit in me and Daniel's compartment today...'

'What do you think, girls?' She looked from Rose to Courtney with an air of uninterest, 'can I be spared?'

'It's a toughie,' Courtney linked her arm through hers.

'I suppose you could go...' Rose said falsely.

'Hmm... well if I arrange that; move that to there... yes I suppose I can spare some time for you!' She grinned, and he linked his arm through hers, leading her away immediately.

'Just us then,' Rose rolled her eyes at Courtney, ignoring the rest of the girls around her who kept saying things to try and catch her attention.

'Yep,' Courtney mimicked her eye roll, and they both picked up their trunks and clambered onto the train.

As the snack trolley trundled to the corridor outside of their apartment, Rose and Courtney both jumped up immediately. Rose wrenched open the door and stepped out into the corridor, now wearing her purple velvet cloak over her rather unsuitable muggle clothes.

'Three liquorice wands,' Courtney demanded, 'I'm watching my weight,' she added in an undertone with a giggle to Rose. But the latter was looking at the boy standing on the other side of the trolley. He looked about their age, but Rose was sure she didn't recognise him, though she knew pretty much everyone in the school.

'Who are you?' She asked flatly, without a hint of tact.

'Scorpius Malfoy,' he answered coolly, running a hand through his slightly spikey punk blonde hair and staring deep into her brown eyes with his own, which were a startling silver.

'Malfoy?' Rose recognised the name from her father's many snide remarks, and she raised my eyebrows at him.

'And you are?' he asked, but she had already turned to walk away.

'You'll find out soon enough,' she called back over her shoulder, before shutting the compartment door behind her and Courtney and smiling widely.

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