Title: Seven Days to Suffer

Genre: romance, humor

Rating: T for sexual themes, language, and some blood

Pairings: YamiXYugi; BakuraXRyou; MarikXMalik; SetoXJonouchi; HondaXOtogi; NoaXMokuba

Summary: While practicing her magic yet again, Mana, the Dark Magician Girl, transforms the hikaris into girls! Her spell will wear off in seven days, but over those days, the hikaris have to survive their crazy lover yamis, their friends constantly trying to dress them up, and the horrors of female life! Will they manage to do it and turn back to normal?

Me: All right, guys!

Lucy: This is a fairly short kind of story (short on our terms), and it is a kind of "what if" story! This is one of those stories that will most likely be followed by "Tales of an Animal Yami", but for right now, we just wanted to add this one to get it started, since we have the first four of five chapters all ready for it!

Me: We will be updating our other stories as soon as possible, guys, so hang in there!

Lucy: So, please enjoy this very short prologue!

Prologue: The Week's Start

Somewhere in the Duel Monster Spirit World, Mana, the Dark Magician Girl, tapped her chin and scanned over the spell book Mahado, the Dark Magician, had given her to study.

"Let's see..." she murmured.

Mana had been practicing her magic so that her master would be proud of her. She wanted nothing more than that. But to do so, she would have to perform a magic spell that could change gender for disguises.

It was a tough spell, and she had never tried it out before. She had seen her master, the Dark Magician, do it before, but it backfired and turned him into a girl for a while.

"Now... Let's try this spell out," Mana giggled. "If I become a guy, like Master became a girl for a while, it's not a big deal."

She waved her large gold and blue wand around and grinned. She took one last look at the book and tried to memorize the spell in which she was going to perform.

"O creatures great and small
Though who art creator here
Bend thy appearance and alter thy state
Come and change their solid state"

Her wand glowed and sent beams of light everywhere, and Mana sighed once the lights and air pressure stopped. Her blue eyes scanned around, and then she tapped her chin in confusion, standing on the ground.

"Huh. Why didn't it work?" she wondered. A gasp escaped Mana's throat. "U-unless...." she whispered.

Mana immediatly grabbed her crystal ball that allowed her to peer into Yugi Mouto's home. She looked inside and gasped, slamming her hand over the image to avoid looking at what her mistake had done and looking towards the window of her room.

"Oh...." she looked again and sighed. "No," she finished.

Me: Uh-oh! What did Mana/The Dark Magician Girl do?!

Lucy: Though we all probably know, since it's in the summary description, but it still adds some suspence to the story! What is going to happen now that the change has been made?

Me: If you all want to find out, then please review nicely and we shall update soon!

Lucy: Please do not be mean to us! This is a kind of what if this were to happen story, and we think it's pretty good and kinda funny, so we hope you all enjoy it!