Title: Seven Days to Suffer

Genre: romance, humor

Rating: T for sexual themes, language, and some blood

Pairings: YamiXYugi; BakuraXRyou; MarikXMalik; SetoXJonouchi; HondaXOtogi; NoaXMokuba

Summary: While practicing her magic yet again, Mana, the Dark Magician Girl, transforms the hikaris into girls! Her spell will wear off in seven days, but over those days, the hikaris have to survive their crazy lover yamis, their friends constantly trying to dress them up, and the horrors of female life! Will they manage to do it and turn back to normal?

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Me: For those of you who may have forgotten what's happened: Yugi, Ryou, Malik, and Jonouchi have been turned into girls, and Yugi and Yami are now seeming to start to drift apart because Yugi doesn't trust herself not to have sex with Yami since Mana told them not to have sex until the hikaris became boys once again in seven days! Or rather, six now that one day has already passed!

Lucy: What sort of adventures await them now?

Day Two Part I

At exactly 6:30 AM, and not a second before or after, Yami sat up in bed shivering. He hadn't slept at all that night. Without Yugi laying beside him, curled up by his side, Yami just couldn't sleep. He felt cold without the warmth from his aibou pressing into him. The spirit of the Millennium Puzzle frowned and looked at the carpetted floor.

Ra, he thought. I didn't sleep well at all last night.

He frowned and glanced over at the picture frame he kept in the guest room, in case he ever had to sleep there. The picture was one of him and Yugi from a long time ago, the same day Yami had first gotten his body. They both looked so happy in the picture, so happy that Yami felt himself tearing up at the contrast of how they were now.

It's only been 24 hours, Yami thought, and already I...

He grabbed the nearest object, which just happened to be a plushie that Ishizu had made him that looked like Yugi (as a boy), and squeezed it as hard as he could.(1)

"I miss my aibou!" he wailed, going on what Bakura would call a 'Pharaoh Temper Tantrum'. "This sucks! Yugi's been turned into a girl and now we have to spend six more days away from each other? No fair, no fair, NO FAIR! Why do the gods torure me so? It's because of what I said to Set in the Afterlife, isn't it? Well, I'm not taking it back! You can just suffer! But why did you have to make me suffer like this? Turning my aibou into a girl; it's as bad for her as it is for me! Poor Yugi's suffering now, and there's nothing I can do about it! Life sucks, it really does! Gods, I wanna go back to Egypt when things were less complicated!"

Somewhere in her room, unable to hear the rant that Yami was still going on (and had been for quite some time now), Yugi was scrambling to find the clothes she had picked out.

She rubbed underneath her purple eyes and yawned. Without Yami by her side, protecting her from whatever dangers would threaten her, she hadn't slept at all.

Nightmares of past villains kept replaying in her mind.

First, she'd dreamed that she were back in her original male body...and that Yami was hovering above him, naked, as Yugi was beneath him. They were panting, both in pleasure and in need, and just as Yami were about to kiss him, the room went pitch black. The light returned moments later, and Yugi saw that he was pinned down by Pegasus. Fortunately, Pegasus wore clothes, and so did Yugi now, apparently. Yugi struggled and cried to be let go, but Pegasus just laughed and laughed.

Second, she found herself tortured by nightmares of Marik when he was a psychopath (well... okay, when he was an EVIL psychopath). And third, she dreamed of Zorc Necrophades, and that was the worst dream.

She was running away from Zorc, but she was having a hard time fleeing; her friends dead bodies were littered all around her, wide cuts on their forms.

She remembered tripping on Jonouchi's dead female body, just as Zorc's claws raked across her back. She screamed in agony and hit the ground, reaching out for the nearest object, crying for Yami. Unfortunately, as she died, she realized that the object she was reaching for was Yami, but he was as dead as everyone else, as dead as Yugi was about to be.

When she woke up, Yugi remembered having to wipe tears from her eyes before Yami sensed that something was wrong and came charging into the room like always whenever they slept in different rooms (which wasn't that often).

She sighed to herself. "It's really rather depressing when I can't even go one night by myself without horrid dreams." She tried to laugh; the sound was rough and bitter.

"Now," Yugi continued speaking to herself, "where the hell did I put my clothes?"

She dug through any plastic bag she saw, hoping that the gods were on her side and that she could find her clothes. She searched through half her room before she remembered that she'd put the bag of clothes downstairs just before she went to sleep. Yugi slapped herself on the forehead as a punishment for being stupid, and then she opened the door to go downstairs. Before she stepped into the hallway, she peered around and noticed that Yami's bedroom door was still closed.

Is Yami still sleeping? she wondered.

She walked past the door and knocked on it. "Yami, you awake?"

There was a sound from behind the door, like shuffling, and then Yami called, "Yeah, Yugi, I'm awake. What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine."

Yugi lied, she knew, but she couldn't exactly tell Yami how miserable she'd been last night. I'm more than certain Yami had just as rough a time as I did last night. She felt horrible all of a sudden. Why did I have to push him away like that? It's not him! It's me! I-I don't think I'll be able to control myself if I sleep in the same room as him. I don't doubt that he'll stop me, but a part of me feels like the rush of emotions will get the better of him and we'll...

Yugi shook her head to clear the depressing thought. "I'm going to make breakfast, do you want some?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll be down soon."

"All right."

Yugi continued down the hallway, though she couldn't help but feel a bit down. Yami sounds so depressed, not that I can blame him. She continued until she reached the kitchen, where she found her bag of clothes sitting on the counter, and Grandpa was sitting in a chair, reading the newspaper.

"Good morning, Grandpa," Yugi smiled sweetly.

"Ah, Yugi, you're awake." Grandpa Sugoroku put down the newspaper. "Good, because I found this bag of women's clothes when I came home last night, and I wanted to ask you what—" He spotted his grandson (whoops, granddaughter) and stared.

He stared.

And stared.

He opened his mouth to speak, paused, and then stared some more.

"Y-Yugi," Sugoroku whisperd after about eight minutes of staring at his granddaughter like he'd never seen her before in his life (and he hadn't, at least not in this form. "W-what on Earth...?"

Yugi paused and smiled nervously. Frick! I forgot that Grandpa didn't know about what happened! "Um...well, I, uh..."

She sighed.

Guess I'm gonna have to explain it all.

Fortunately, based on the fact that Sugoroku knew a lot about dark powers and what they could do, he understood. "I see," he said with a quick nod of the head. "So that's what's going on."

"Yeah." Yugi nodded, thankful that her grandpa understood what was happening.

Sugoroku gestured to his granddaughter's body. "So," he said, "this will last for seven days?"

"Six," Yugi corrected. "I was turned yesterday."

"I see."

Yami took this moment to walk into the kitchen. He saw his aibou sitting at the table across from Sugoroku, who seemed a bit shaken up. He paused and gaped.

Oh, shit! he thought. Grandpa had no idea what happened!

Yugi obviously saw Yami's nervous expression and smiled to reassure him. "Don't worry, I explained everything to Grandpa, Yami," she said.

"Oh, good." Yami sighed in relief. At least he won't freak out now.

A couple hours later, when Yugi had finished making a breakfast of pancakes and hashbrowns, Yami's favorite breakfast, she took her bag of clothes and murmured a quick, "I'll be back in a second", and then she vanished into the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. Yami heard the shower running a few moments later, and then he allowed himself to breath a sigh of depression.

"Gods," he exhaled. "Grandpa, I—I don't know what to do."

Sugoroku patted his granddaughter's boyfriend awkwardly on the shoulder. "There, there, Yami. It'll be all right," he said.

"I have to spend six days without my aibou!" Yami cried. "How is it going to be all right?"

"You'll be okay. It seems like a long time, but it'll fly quickly."

Yami folded his knees up to his chest and buried his head in them. "It's not...like I just want to have sex with Yugi, you know? We are soul mates, so Yugi is the only one for me. But this—it's like we're being pushed away from each other. Yugi doesn't trust herself, so she doesn't want us to sleep in the same room!" Yami moaned pitifully and fell silent. I don't know what to do, he thought. I know I'm a pervert because of it, but I love Yugi and I want to show him how much I love him, and sex is one of those things that shows that! With us, it's not just sex! But...he—she—does not trust herself enough to sleep in the same room as me. That'd be enough to get us through this, I think.

Grandpa patted him on the shoulder again and vanished into the kitchen.

Yami spent the next twenty minutes in silence, contemplating how he'd survive the next few days without his aibou.

He was brought to attention by the bathroom door opening. He glanced up as he heard his aibou's footsteps echo down the hallway, coming to the kitchen where Yami was sitting.

Yugi stepped into the room, asking, "How do I look?"

She wore a tight black T-shirt with the words "EGYPT" written across the chest in bright red letters. She wore a denim blue skirt, much like the one she wore yesterday, only this one had patches of red on it as well. Her hair was back up in two pigtails as it had been yesterday, and she wore her pair of white sneakers. She looked at Yami, a bit embarrassed, bouncing on her heels. The clothes suited her, though Yami found himself once again feeling the depression of being forced away from his aibou for six more days.

"You—" Yami caught his breath, struck by how good his aibou looked, even if she was a girl now. He smiled. "You look good."

Yugi blushed and walked up to him. "You think so?"

"Yes, I do."

"Hey, I have an idea." Yugi walked past Yami, looking a bit lonely as she did so. She tried to smile. "How about we call the others and head to the park or something? It's supposed to be a nice day out, and it's better than staying inside, right?"

She's trying to act like this isn't happening, Yami thought. Like everything's completely normal.

He wanted to talk to Yugi about it, to tell her exactly how he felt, but he knew that it would just cause her to feel guilty about the choice she'd made, so he didn't say anything. The last thing in the world he wanted to do was hurt his beloved little hikari.

"Sure," he smiled, hiding how lonely he felt. "Why not?"

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