Hello everyone!

Oh my I am getting an awful lot of notices on this story since I stopped writing. oops!

Sorry guys i really dont know when i will be able to update this. I honestly have no idea where its even going! A lot of people have been trying to give me ideas, but none of them strike me as particularly inspirational (sorry!).
If you think you have a good idea, feel free to give it to me and if i like it i may keep writing.
Unfortunately otherwise I probably will not. :c
I stopped reading Naruto (i will hopefully catch up soon!) since the last time i updated. So i have no idea whats going on, how characters have developed since then, etc. Therefore it is also hard for me to write the characters' speech and mannerisms accurately.

So here is the deal!

You send me ideas. If i like one i will use it, and give you credit. Probably. However i will only take very GENERAL ideas. Unfortunately for you all i dont like writing happy endings, and i dont like giving the characters children, or having them be in some big commitment. (Such as marriage unfortunately...most of the time!)

I also really like this story, and i would like to continue it. I just have no good ideas for it.

Hopefully i can get a good response from this and will be able to update. Otherwise I will mark this as completed and not update anymore. :c
Let me know.