EPOV from "Bridge"

From the very moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was different. Outwardly, she appeared a little shy and quiet, but I sensed a passion lurking inside, tamped down by a man who was undeserving of her. The spark within her was just waiting to ignite, but he didn't care enough to fan it, thereby suffocating her precious flame until it was just a pile of cooling embers.

But I knew better. Cooling embers still hold heat and this little spitfire finally told him where to go. I couldn't help but smile over that confrontation.

Unfortunately, once she was free to burn, she became overwhelmed with self-doubt. It just about killed me to stay away, but I knew my place. She had to figure this one out by herself. I really thought she was going to— until she pulled off onto that bridge.

I stayed in my car, holding my breath, muscles twitching, just waiting and watching. When I couldn't wait anymore, I threw open the door and ran, reaching her just as she pushed off.

Time seemed to stop for a few moments when I finally touched her; I wasn't quite prepared for such a physical jolt. The girl whose face had haunted my dreams for weeks was now in my arms and damn, she felt good.

Not just good, but so…right.

How the hell am I going to do this?