My Musume

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Summary: Post Mai HiME. After Shizuru's graduation she left Fuuka and Natsuki, never looking back. Natsuki eventually got over being abandoned by her most treasured person, and after her second year at Fuuka, moved to America to live with her aunt. Now eight years later, Natsuki returns to Tokyo to visit her sister, but she does not return to Japan alone. Shoujo-ai

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Chapter One

It seemed like

Mai waited with barely concealed excitement as she drummed her fingers on the white table she was sitting at. The redhead was waiting for more than an hour, but that was of little consequence as violet-blue eyes stared at the airport doors expectantly. Reaching for her soda, she took a sip, eyes never leaving the transparent double doors. A low groan escaped her companion, causing violet eyes to glance at the other occupant at the table with sympathy.

Sighing ruefully Mai patted the younger girl on the back. "Ne…Mikoto, if you are hungry you can go buy another ramen while we wait." A mumble was her only reply. "Hmm?"

"I said" speaking clearer as the younger woman picker her head up from the table, "'I don't want to eat their ramen, I want to eat the ramen you make!'"

Chuckling softly the busty redhead smiled sweetly at the spiky haired girl. "Hai, hai. Once we get home…okay?"

The younger woman nodded enthusiastically before golden eyes caught sight of their target. Bolting up and waving energetically Mikoto pulled Mai to stand too. "Mai! She's here!"

As Mai stood see too saw the person they have been waiting for, one they had not seen in the past eight years. "Natsuki….chan…" the words died on her lips as violet eyes took in the sight of her friend, and looked past her, to the one she carried in her arms.

In her stupor of thoughts, Mikoto had already ran up to their cobalt haired friend, and was helping push the cart full of luggage to the table.

"Hey Mai" Natsuki greeted her best friend with a grin. "I want you to meet someone. This is Nina, my daughter."

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