I see you, you see me

Ok, so I'm finding it tricky writing my other stories, so I'll start on a short 2 chapter story, hopefully that will give me inspiration for IKYWM and B53X.

Hope you like it ...

Elena had been talking to Stefan on the webcam, she had been sitting at her desk, listening to Stefan go on and on about how his life was unbearable and how he always felt guilty. Elena tried giving comforting words, but felt she was just repeating herself over and over again, sometimes she wondered if she should just make a tape recording, with 'it wasn't your fault', 'don't worry, I'm here for you' , 'you're not bad', and 'I love you' repeating over and over. Elena even played with the idea of mass producing the recording; for all vampires on the fluffy diet: 'vegetarian vampires' motivational tapes'. Elena made an excuse to leave; she watched Stefan sulk away from his gloomy room, leaving his computer on. Elena sighed; she just didn't know what to do with Stefan anymore, the spark had fizzled out, both of them knew, both of them too afraid to admit it.

Elena got up from her chair, grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom, she was going to meet Stefan in an hour, talk more about his guilt, and his unbearable life among other typical Stefan problems. She left her computer logged on; both boxes in the web-chat open, the two video boxes showing the vacant rooms of their owners.

Elena came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her petite frame; she made her way to her full length mirror, grabbed a brush from her dresser and combed through her wet hair. She was about to take her towel off, grabbing the end of the towel and about to tug when she heard him and jumped.

Her head snapped to the source of the sound, expecting to see the tall, dark and handsome man standing in her room, instead she saw Damon smiling back at her from her laptop screen. Elena froze; here she was standing in nothing but a towel, Damon smiling at her in anticipation. He saw Elena notice him, and gave a little wolf whistle, "Oh please do carry on, don't let me stop you," he said, "I'm not here", he whispered as he covered his eyes, leaving a noticeable gap in-between his fingers to see the screen.

Elena gave a tiny yelp and ran to the side, clutching her heart from the shock and almost embarrassment of undressing in front of Damon Salvatore. She couldn't see Damon anymore and breathed a sigh of relief; she couldn't see him and he couldn't see her.

"What're you doing in Stefan's room, Damon?" Elena asked her heart rate going back to normal pace, she sat on her bed, curling her wet hair around her finger as she looked from the laptop to the dresser, she couldn't get to it knowing Damon would be able to see her.

"Just thought I'd check my emails and Facebook page," Damon answered.

"Yeah, of course you're popular!" Elena said sarcastically, "I've seen your profile, you've only got 2 friends; Stefan and me," Elena laughed.

"Someone's been Facebook stalking me," Damon retorted, Elena couldn't see it but she had the feeling Damon had his signature cocky smirk on his face.

Elena laughed again, just this simple conversation had her smiling, she loved it, Damon's wit, his ability to get her angry and mad at him, goading her to argue with him; it was like they were a married couple, Elena smiled at this thought, suddenly imagining a life married to Damon. She already knew what it felt like to be married to Damon in a way; recalling her vivid dream in which she was Mrs Damon Salvatore. In the dream she was happy, being the envy of every girl who saw them together. Her dream started off at the wedding, then moved onto their honeymoon, Elena had wanted to have that dream over and over again, every night before she went sleep she was determined to have the same dream, it had always stopped when things got more intense, just as he was about to give Elena what she wanted she always woke up.

"What are you thinking about?" Damon asked after a minute of silence, while Elena was lost in her fantasy.

"Nothing." Elena answered fast, she was so glad he wasn't in the room, glad her thundering heart beat wasn't giving her away.

"Elena, I may be all the way over here but don't think I can't hear you little heart working overtime."

"It's none of your business Damon."

"It is when I'm the one you're thinking about."

"No I wasn't!" Elena cried out childishly, looking around for something to throw at the laptop.

"Yes you were!"

"No I wa ---"

"Oh Elena, I love it when you get all worked up, the look on your face", Damon laughed.

Elena looked around the room, he had seen her face, "You can't see me," Elena whispered.

"Guess again."

Scanning the room, Elena suddenly saw it, in the reflection of the mirror, Elena was perfectly visible to Damon; he gave a little smirk and a wave, holding back his laughter. Elena was pissed, she ran up to the laptop and used a post-it note to cover the webcam lens, now she could see him and he couldn't see her.

"Awww you're no fun Elena", she heard Damon say. "You'll be glad to know I'm going now, I've got an errand to run."

Damon was gone, she watched the screen for a minute or so, making sure he wasn't coming back. She actually almost missed him, secretly hoping Damon would appear back on the screen. Elena headed to the dresser and grabbed some clothes, turning to the laptop to make sure the post-it was still covering the lens she quickly dropped her towel and put on clothes. She had just finished getting changed when she heard a tap on her window; it was Damon.

Elena ran to the window and opened it, standing back as Damon came in, "You know you can use the front door."

"This is more my style, doors are for normal people."

Elena laughed. "I thought you had an errand to run."

"Yes. I do – you."

"Me?" Elena asked, confused. She backed slowly to her wall as Damon walked towards her; an intriguing look of desire in his eyes."

Elena was against the wall now, nowhere to go, Damon rested his hands on the wall next to Elena's face, blocking her exit; she could only look in one place now, into those ice blue eyes of Damon Salvatore.

"What're you going to do?" Elena asked. She tried controlling her jagged breathing, feeling Damon so close to her, the space in between them almost forcing them to close the gap, pulling them closer together. Elena fought her urge to allow herself to feel these unwanted emotions.

"What do you want me to do Elena?" Damon asked, tilting his head as he examined Elena's expression.

Elena bit her lip, stopping herself from saying 'kiss me.'

"What do you think I want you to do?" Elena asked back, this was a genuine question, yet she understood the underlying answer in it. Maybe she meant it to sound that way. Taking a deep breath, Elena carefully and slowly leaned into Damon, she looked from Damon's lips to his eyes, watching his as he saw him mirror her movements, leaning in as he adjusted himself so his lips were matched with hers.

Elena's heart was thumping in her chest, she could feel the vein in her neck pulsing erratically; she wanted nothing than to kiss him, her mind arguing, her morals and her desires fighting for control. Elena sided with her desires and closed the gap between her and Damon, grabbing his hair as she hungrily kissed him. She had never been kissed like that before; it was like months of repressed emotions were spewing out uncontrollably, like a volcano, only getting stronger and stronger.

"Damon," Elena moaned against his lips, she tilted her head back, enjoying the feeling of Damon's hands on her back, under her top, feeling her bare skin; the fresh scent of rose exciting his senses.

Damon backed away, bringing Elena with him as they landed on her bed. Elena took her top off; she looked down at Damon and smiled before bending down and lifting his top, kissing his stomach as she lifted it up and over his head.

Elena's face was now close to Damon's, he looked at her, he tucked some strands of hair behind her ear, "Are you sure you want this," he asked lovingly, Elena knew what he wanted, he didn't want her just for tonight, he wanted her, he wanted her heart, and not in the way Damon usually wanted peoples' hearts; he wanted her love.

Elena answered with a kiss, and this was enough for Damon. He flipped her over, as Elena laughed in surprise, Elena was now looking up at Damon, the look in his eyes made her shudder in excitement, she could feel herself getting wet – getting ready for Damon.

Little did the couple know, the post-it note covering the webcam had fallen to the ground, leaving the events unfolding in Elena's bedroom viewable to the man who had just walked back into his room.

Stefan sat back to his computer desk, the conversation he had with Elena made him realise to just let things be, he had decided to forgive his brother and move on, Elena was all he needed in his life. Stefan moved the mouse of his computer, awakening it from its sleep mode, he waited a few seconds for the screen to pop up and saw Elena's room; it looked empty. From the corner of his eye he noticed movement, in the mirror he could see two bodies on her bed, he recognised the long brown hair as Elena, and there, beside the bed was a black leather jacket, a jacket he knew only belonged to one person – his brother.

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