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I Don't Believe in Vampires

The New Residents of Namimori

Morning came the same as always for one, Hibari Kyoya. It started the very same way it always did; rising at dawn and opening his curtains to reveal the yellow light of the sun blanketing his beloved town, Hibird chirping his morning tune before beginning the Namimori middle theme. In fact, Hibird continued to sing the theme as Hibari showered. Hibari was quick and thorough in the grooming of himself and minutes later he stood in front of his full length mirror, tightening his tie and assuring that everything was in its proper place. Pausing as he slid on his suit jacket, he stared at his infamous purple shirt. It wasn't his choice originally. Originally, some time ago the infant, Reborn had insisted they wear the colors associated with their guardian elements and of course he'd out right defied it. And so it had to be enforced by Dino several times, until he grew accustomed to the color. Unknown to most, he actually began to like it. However, when questioned on said subject, he refused to answer. Yes, this morning was exactly like the mornings before. And as he buttoned his jacket closed he began to feel a slight irritation coming over him. For, as you see, it came so similar to the last several mornings that Hibari Kyoya was bored and everyone knew it. And for everyone that knew Hibari was bored, they knew that a bored Hibari is a dangerous Hibari.

So later on that morning as Kusakabe followed his leader down the traditional Japanese hall, a tense and uneasy silence filled the underground HQ. Only a select few could become members of Hibari's Disciplinary Committee, even less were allowed into the actual Head Quarters and out of these few, none were foolish enough to attract the attention of Hibari. No, the only one brave enough to do so, was a carefree little puff ball of yellow fluff, named Hibird.

The small yellow bird seemed completely oblivious to the tension in the air and abruptly settled itself in its owner's messy black hair and began to preen itself. How Kusakabe envied the little creature. He often wondered how the hell can Hibari ignore such an irritating action? But he was not careless enough to ask and just chalked it up to Kyo-san's love for animals. So caught up in his reverie was he that he almost walked right into the back of his leader, but thankfully he was able to catch himself and move back several paces before Hibari could call him on it. He frowned then. Why did Kyo-san stop? Was something the matter? He pondered. Was something perhaps wrong in the town? It was rather unlikely considering the uneventful peace spree the town was having, although if one considered all the other incidents that had occurred in Namimori, it was actually quite possible. It was a well known fact that if anything happened to Namimori, that of all its residents, Hibari Kyoya would most likely be the first to notice. Even without their high tech observation equipment, Kyo-san had a sixth sense when it came to their hometown. And so it was with increasing worry, Kusakabe opened his mouth to speak, only for his voice to halt in his throat as his leader beat him to it.

"Kusakabe" the man's voice, a sharp blade slicing through the silence.

"..Ah…Yes, Kyo-san?" Kusakabe stumbled in his hesitation.

"I'm going up to the surface. Stay here and monitor the city." With that said, Hibari moved away with quick but sure strides, not in the least dislodging the yellow Hibird.

"Ahh…" Kusakabe stared after Hibari in surprise, before regaining his composure, "Yes, Kyo-san." He nodded a slight bow to the younger man, before heading off to the surveillance room.


He wasn't sure what was causing his unease. One moment, he'd been considering invading the Vongola HQ next door, possibly to instigate a fight and the next, he'd felt a strange crawling sensation in his skin and the beginnings of what was to be an irritating migraine. The migraine; he knew, came when not all was right in his town, when someone was either pushing in on his territory or breaking the rules he'd put in place. However, the strange sensation that had crawled through him was something new and gave him a reason to worry for the sake of his beloved town. So as he wandered through the streets of Namimori, he'd no real clue to what he was searching for, just that whatever it was it needed to be dealt with and quickly.

Yet, after a whole three hours of seemingly pointless searching he was beginning to become annoyed and his annoyance radiated like waves, causing shoppers to nervously move further away from him. He was near his release point when a bit of seemingly meaningless gossip caught his ear; There was apparently a home being built on the edge of the Namimori forest. Despite, the fact that this action was nothing for him to normally be worried about, his instincts screamed that this was where the problem was. And Hibari, as Carnivore like as ever, had never deterred from his instincts nor had they ever steered him wrong, so he saw no reason to ignore them now. It was from there he began paying extra attention to the conversations of the townsfolk. His observations soon led him to the building's exact location.

When he arrived at the scene of the construction, his annoyance sky-rocketed and it was with great control that he kept his tonfas stored, for it seemed that quite a few others had come to watch the construction. Generally, this would not be a problem, however, it was to Hibari's irritation that they were nearly all herbivores…..and in a large crowd. In an attempt to free himself of a bit of his pent of frustration, he let his annoyance flood from him. And it was with great fear that the crowd split apart with wide eyes. Appearing to be unaware of the anomaly he'd caused, he approached the edge of the construction zone and frowned. The "house" was no house. It was a mansion, near castle in its design and most upsetting of all, was the fact that it was half finished. Yet, somehow he'd heard nothing of it. His gaze narrowed sharply upon the home. Pulling his cell from his pocket, he dialed Kusakabe.

It was no surprise to him when he was told that the lot had been purchased recently, yesterday, around noon to be exact. That was, after all, the only way he could not have known about it already. Yesterday, he'd been forced to have lunch with the Vongola and he'd yet to catch up on the news from that day, but as he studied the large three-story structure, with its stone walls in various shade of grey, his irritation began to rise again. After all, a home of this size, already halfway done; it screamed one thing. And if the house itself didn't tell you, it was the workers; only twice had he seen such a large force of manpower working so efficiently and quickly. And that was in the building of Vongola and his own underground bases. Evidently, whoever had bought this lot and commissioned this home had a lot of money. And money meant power. And those with money and power often broke rules. Rules that Hibari had laid down.

"Oh my…" the mumbled whispers of the town's residents caught his attention in broken mutterings.

"So young…"

"A foreigner-"

"Bought it yest-"

"She's young-"

"-Must be rich-"

It wasn't long before he too found the object of their prattling. A girl or rather woman he supposed, was standing at the edge of the property, deep in conversation with the contractor. He studied her, unknowingly glaring as he thought of the annoyance she could possibly bring him. So focused was he, that for a moment, a look of surprise washed over him, when he realized a pair of eyes staring back at him. She'd noticed his glaring apparently and was now on her way over. He took in her figure as she approached him, a simple pair of maryjane heels, and a long black dance skirt; its flared edges dancing around cream colored calves, a grey off the shoulder blouse that hugged her torso, and around her neck hung a black tie that contrasted to her skin like a noose around a corpse's throat. Her long and loosely curled dark locks bounced near unnoticeably as she stalked towards him purposefully, her stride confident and seductive, a woman not used to being denied. Unfortunately for her, she was approaching Hibari Kyoya and Hibari Kyoya bowed to no one. It was almost sad, he supposed,….almost.

A slow predatory smirk began to grace his lips as he readied himself to lay down the law, inwardly hoping she'd disobey. It'd been so long since he'd truly bitten someone to death and he was rather looking forward to it.

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