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I Don't Believe in Vampires

Aria Belyakov

He hadn't noticed the man behind her initially, but it was soon hard to miss him as he followed at her heel like a tethered puppy. He was tall with short cropped reddish blonde hair and bright blue eyes, clothed in a black tux it was rather obvious what his station in life must be. His eyes slid from her butler to her just as she came to a stop; a mere three feet from him.

"Hello" her voice as smooth as silk and sweet as honey. He narrowed his eyes; already she was beginning to irritate him. "You must be Hibari Kyoya." She held her hand out to him, "I've heard some mention of you. Aria Belyakov" She introduced herself but then blinked, "Oh! I mean Belyakov Aria." She smiled to hide her mistake.

He ignored her offered appendage as he fought the urge to roll his eyes. As a foreigner, no one expected her to introduce herself like a Japanese person, yet even with this minor annoyance plaguing him the wheels in his mind began to turn in recognition. Belyakov…..a Russian company. One with enough money and corporate power to be the equivalent of a Japanese zaibatsu. "Wao." He spoke with sarcasm dripping of the syllables like thick syrup.

"Hm?" she cocked her head in a confused manner at his statement.

His hands shoved in his pockets, he turned away from her to stare at the construction, noting with distaste that they'd razed several trees down to be able to have room for the mansion. "Why Namimori?" he questioned her.

She just smiled, "Well, I've always liked small towns, they're peaceful and quiet…." Her smile tilted into a small smirk as her gaze fell to the ground, "the perfect place for someone like me."

He continued to watch the construction as she spoke, completely unsatisfied with her response. He, himself had had several ideas for this piece of land and out of nowhere some foreign woman just comes and buys up the property without even notifying him, let alone asking for his permission. His fingers twitched, desperately begging for the cold steel of his tonfas. However, she was new here and he supposed he'd have to be somewhat fair and give her a chance to correct her actions. "Leave."

"Eh?" she stated at him in surprised confusion.

He turned to face her, "You have 24 hours to remove both yourself and this construction from not only this lot, but this town." A barely visible smirk on his face as he dared her to do otherwise, he spun on his heel and walked away. His last glimpse of the woman had been of her mouth hanging open in slight shock. Both butler and mistress watched the man with a heavy gaze as he shrunk in the distance.

Slowly, her lips began to curve, first into a pleasant smile and then into a rather amused smirk, a glimmer of a sharp something showing. Her butler sighed, "Don't, Miss Aria." Jacob Tirestine, her faithful butler since she was a child. "Don't get attached to a mortal, especially that one." He spared a glance in Hibari's direction, "it won't end well." He told her sternly.

She looked at her butler, her violet eyes staring up at him, "Who ever said I was attached, Jake?"

He swallowed hard, if he wasn't firm enough, she'd blatantly ignore whatever he told her. "No one has to, it's obvious."

She cocked her head to the side, "Is it now?" she smiled, "Well, I'm sure it will please you to know that I am not attached nor do I plan to be."

He sighed in relief, "Good." He walked back to the construction site, knowing that she wouldn't be too far behind.

Giving the direction Hibari had left in one last glance, a deeply amused smile crossed her face. As if I'd leave just because he told me to. She snorted to herself, although…he truly does seem to be an interesting mortal…perhaps…..I'd be able to keep him? She pondered to herself, but as she caught Jake's disapproving stare she sighed, that's if my servant allows me to. She rolled her eyes at the irony of it all……but at least for now, I can amuse myself by toying with him a bit.


When he arrived back at Head Quarters, he had not been anticipating a welcoming committee. Yet, standing in his door way were three men, dressed in the common black suits of the mafia. He didn't recognize them at first, but then as they opened their mouths to allow the fluent Italian to flow, he was forced to steady his hand before it reached for the cloud box hidden inside his suit. He detested the language. In fact, he only spoke it due to the fact that both the baby and his former "teacher" had forced him to learn it. Although to be honest, he only listened, never speaking unless it could not be helped. However, his listening skills weren't even required as the name, Dino was dropped.

It couldn't be helped when his hand grasped the purple box, nor could he stop himself as the familiar weight of his tonfas settled into his grip. And he most certainly couldn't be blamed for the beating that was distributed to the three Italian men. Honestly. It was not his responsibility to bear; not when he'd been provoked. He was never one to understand the phrase: "Don't shoot the messenger." After all they brought him bad news; they should by all means expect a repercussion.

Fours later found him airborne on a private jet, steadily closing in on the boot shaped country. There were problems occurring with a rival mob boss and Dino had insisted that Kyoya was the one to deal with it, something about leaving a lasting impression. His request would've easily been ignored had the Vongola boss Sawada Tsunayoshi not agreed, but of course he did. Narrowing his eyes at the white cottony clouds that passed by his window, Kyoya came to a decision. When he arrived in Italy, he would bite Dino Cavollone to death and when he returned to Namimori, Sawada would suffer the same fate. Perhaps with a bit of good fortune, they would actually die and he would be free of the troublesome omnivores for good.

Distancing himself from the thoughts of murdering those that would typically be called his "comrades", his mind returned to the strange woman who'd thrown a wrench into his plans, Aria Belyakov. Before he left he made sure to repeat his orders to Kusakabe, informing him that they were to enforce his decree. If she did not leave, they were to make her leave. Simple directions, one's that at the very least Kusakabe shouldn't be able to screw them up


"Did you deliver the invitation?" She asked from her seat at the breakfast table on the balcony high above the city. The cities bright lights that twinkled invitingly amongst the night sky catching against her glass as she lifted it to her mouth. The crystal flute spilled its rich crimson through her parted lips.

"Yes, my lady."

Licking her lips, in anticipation of the answer only as she'd grown tired of the wine, she turned to the middle aged blonde. "And?"

"Unfortunately Hibari Kyoya has left town on business."

She frowned then, the corner of her lips tilting into a near pout, before she sighed and turned back forward. "That's too bad then." Drinking from her glass again she continued, "I was looking forward to his presence at my House Warming party."

Her butler shook his head then, a tired sigh encompassing his words, "Why you would look forward to such trouble I know not, miss."

She smiles then, her gaze lost over the city, "For the fun of it, Jacob. For the fun." She repeated for no one in particular.

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