The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt #: 19
Pen name: anythingzombie
Pairing: Old Bella/Memory of Edward
Rating: T

Photos for prompts can be found here:

I listened to the whispered breeze that surrounded the tranquil home, a feeling of coldness clamping onto my old and disintegrating bones, the taste of life fading from my tongue.

I closed the photo album, a single sigh escaping my dried lips. Shutting my eyes, I let him return to me, a distant memory—a broken wish of love-lost again.

His face appeared, along with his scent and the feel of his body pressed against mine. His ghostly presence was here and I heard an ethereal sound of hushed piano keys playing, a sign that he was still with me.

A/N - I wasn't going to do this round, but the picture prompt was too intriguing to pass up.

In this, basically Bella is old and soon to die, and even though Edward is no longer around, she still feels his presence. Obviously.

Thanks to dolphinherovamp5 for pre-reading. :)