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Ron told his daughter to stay away from Scorpius Malfoy when she first boarded the Hogwarts Express. Draco had told his son to stay away from Rose Weasley. Both children had abided by this to the extreme degree. They weren't enemies or friends- they were neutral: Switzerland. Perhaps it was because her cousin Albus (who had been sorted into Ravenclaw oddly enough) was Scorpius's friend or that both of them held a certain respect for each other since they were equals in everything from grades to Qudditch. Whatever the reason: the two of them never exchanged more than a greeting on a good day. And then everything changed.

"Happy Christmas Uncle Ron!" Albus, Lily, James, and Teddy yelled as they walked through the door of the Burrow for Christmas dinner. Teddy wasn't Albus's brother, but he was as close as it got without blood. Ron hugged his niece and nephews. Hermione was next in line, and then the darling grandparents. The whole huge family sat down to dinner. About half way through there was the sound of a beak on the window. Rose jumped up and took the package from the owl. "Well Rosie, who's it from?" Ron asked.

"Scorpius Malfoy," she read the name. Everything went quiet.

"Why are you getting packages from a Malfoy?" he asked in a deadly tone.

"Not me!" Rose dropped it and heard a small shatter. "Opps. Sorry Al." Albus yelled at her.

"You always drop my stuff!"

"Harry, that's yours to deal with." Ron went back to stuffing his face.

"'Deal with'?" Rose inquired. "What's there to deal with?"

"Yeah. We're friends. Dad knew that." Al piped in.

"With a Malfoy? I'm just glad my daughter knows better." Harry rolled his eyes and ate mashed potatoes. A wicked idea crossed Rose's mind.

"I'm friends with Mal- Scorpius too Daddy."

"No you're-ow!" Rose slapped her cousin on the back of his head as her father choked. "She's just joking!" Albus said anyway. "They'll say two words to each other on a good week and their 'hello' and 'goodbye'."

"Al you nitwit!" James yelled. "She was on the verge of making absolute chaos and you ruined it! What kind of cousin are you to discourage miss goody-two-shoes away from such improvement?"

"I am not a good-two-shoes!" Rose shouted back.

"You're a Prefect!"

"Hey now, I was a Prefect in my day." Hermione interjected.

"Exactly! Aunt Hermione won't even let us dangle fake spiders over Uncle Ron when he's asleep on the couch." James was still shouting.

"The last time you did that Daddy ended up hexing you when he woke up!" Rose yelled. Hugo, Albus and Lily all laughed. That had been a good prank. "I'll show you I'm no goody-two-shoes!" She ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door. "See! I didn't say goodnight and I slammed the door!" The Potter brothers grinned at each other.

"I can't believe that worked." Harry muttered. "I had no idea she was so easy to work up."

Rose followed Albus to Scorpius on the train. "Hey Al. Hi Weasley." Scorpius said with a smile.

"We need to talk." Rose said, dragging Scorpius into an empty compartment. Albus went too.

"What's this about?"

"Malfoy, you're always looking for a way to piss off your Dad- right?" Scorpius nodded. "And I've got to prove I'm no goody-two-shoes!"

"What does denying you nature have to do with me?" Scorpius said just to push her buttons.

"I need to become friends with you! You're Dad'll hate it and I'll be breaking the biggest rule ever set before me! Not to be friends with you! Come on!"

"You could've just said 'let's try being friends'. I would've said yes to that too."

"We don't have to really be friends, just communicate enough to make it look that way."

"Then you're only pretending to break the rule." Albus pointed out.

"But I can't be friends with him!"

"Why not?"

"Because he's a Mal- oh. I get what you're saying." Rose nodded with a smirk. There really wasn't anything wrong with Scorpius. He was nice, had great grades and Qudditch skills, he was respectful and really quite handsome. In fact, she'd often "look" in her compact mirror just to get a long look at him. "Alright, friends it is. Scorpius."

"Rose." The three of them sat down and started talking. She was shocked at how easy it was to talk to Scorpius. Conversation flowed through the trio like water through a stream. It wasn't until the ten minute warning for Hogwarts was announced that they realized they needed to change into their robes.

In the Great Hall, Scorpius and Albus sat at the Gryffindor table so that they could continue their talk with Rose. A collective gasp rang throughout the Hall. It had always been assumed that you sat at your House's table during meals. And for a Slytherin to be at the Gryffindor table- it was unthinkable. Not knowing what else to do, Hugo sent an owl home to his father. Scorpius's close Slytherin, Fredward, friend also sent an owl to Draco Malfoy about his son's new-found friend. Potters were one thing, but Weaselys were entirely different matter. However, their children weren't who the steamed parents went to.

At The Burrow

"Weasley!" Draco shouted, stepping out of the fireplace. Ron came running down the stairs, wand at the ready.

"Malfoy!" Ron yelled back.

"We need to talk." Draco had lowered his voice but his tone was still deadly.

"I couldn't agree more. Why the hell is your son talking to my daughter?"

"How should I know? Potter's boy –Albus, was it? - probably instigated it. And now their friends." Draco shuddered. Ron nodded in agreement.

"Ron! Malfoy! You leave those kids alone!" Hermione came running down the stairs, her hair in rollers.

"Why in the bloody hell do you need rollers?" Draco asked, caught off guard. The woman had a bush for a head- curls weren't a problem for her. She glared. "Never mind. How do we end this thing? They certainly won't listen if we tell them to stop- they'd just go underground with it and then- Merlin! The cheesy romance that would ensue!"

"You're right." Ron agreed with him once again. "So what do we do? Maybe"

"For the love of Merlin- shut up!" Hermione yelled. "I had better not hear another word about this!" She stormed back to bed and Ron got out a piece of paper. "She is so unspecific." He laughed.

I suppose you wouldn't go for hexing your son

Or disfiguring you daughter

So what do we do? We're here and they're there

Support them


This is a rebellion- right? So, if we take the rule away, they won't be rebelling and lose the common cause. Friendship over.

I don't think friendship works like that…not that you'd know

Shut up weasel. Besides- do you honestly think our children can get along all the sudden? No, they're faking it. Now I'm leaving and we both need to write in our support.

Draco got up and left, flooing back to his own home. Ron told Hermione of the plan and she nodded approvingly and excused herself from their breakfast table.

Dear Albus, Ron and Malfoy have decided to fake their support just like you thought they would. Now, it's up to you to for fill stage two of your plan. I hope this works. And be subtle. ~Aunt Hermione XOXOXO

Hermionesent the letter to her nephew, laughing the whole time she wrote. She thought, this was the perfect way to make Ron go purple in the face.

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