Angelina ballerina and her death.

I do not own Angelina ballerina or the daleks or doctor who.

It was a sunny day. Angelina sprang out of the house. She had promised her friends to help them practice for the big show tomorrow. She was going to meet them in the park. She was so excited. But when she got to the park, her friends were not there. Suddenly the jumped out from behind a tree. "Boo!" They shouted. "Oh!" Cried Angelina, "I thought I had lost you!"

"Well you haven't." Replied Maya, one of her new friends, "Now lets get practicing!"

After they had finished practicing, they all decided to go back to Angelina's house to find some dancing equipment in her giant cellar. When they got there they switched on the light and began looking around together. After a while, Maya cried, "Look everyone, look! There's a secret door here. It could lead to a hall of dancing stuff!"

And so they clambered in. To their disappointment, behind the door was not a room of dancing stuff, but a hall of computerized stuff. At the first corner though, they found something. It was bronze, it was domed and it had no legs and looked very threatening. Infact, it was, a dalek. Angelina and her friends stared and said all together, "You are ugly, and you can't dance. You can't do anything, you're in a trance." After they said that the dalek's eye and gun and sucker arm began to move and quickly said in its electronic speech, lights blaring, "Dancing is irrelevant! Daleks do not have trances! You will be exterminated! EXTERMINATE!"

Maya came up very close to the dalek and said, "You can't exterminate me. It isn't even a real word!" This offended the dalek and it screeched, "You will be exterminated!" And with that, Maya was shot. You could see her skeleton during and a few seconds after the blast. The dalek then turned its dome around and commanded, "Bring on the special weapons dalek!" And with that, the dalek retreated and was replaced by a special weapons dalek. The special weapons wasted no time destroying Angelina and the rest of her ballerina friends.

And that's how Angelina ballerina and her friends died.

The end Daleks rule!!!!!