A.N. 1:

Hello all! It's me, Noratcat, author of this story. Now, I know you all have probably been waiting for the next installment of this story. And this brings me to some good news and some bad news. Let's start with the bad news.

Bad News: I've been trying, but I can't seem to get the next chapter out. Progress has been slow. Put frankly I've kind of lost the spark for this story. Since my co author Saraaluna stepped down it's been harder to write now. That and I think we create too many plot points for one author to handle. It's much easier when it is two people handling a story like this than one. But then again that could just be my skill as a writer. I admit I am not the best writer. So I don't think this story will continue for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry

Now I imagine you are all disappointed by now, so this brings me to the good news.

Good News: I have mentioned a few times I may just reboot this story, and that is exactly what I plan to do. Yep! Echoes will still be continued but in a new form! Now restarting will of course mean starting over from scratch. But in a way this is a good thing. This is a chance to make a much better story and to improve upon any shortcomings the original version had. I could complete the old version, but I feel that if I were to do that, it would produce a story that is not at complete potential. I've improved a lot as a writer since my friend and I started Echoes, and I think I can pull this off. I just hope you all will still be around to see the new version. I've always enjoyed reading your feedback and hope to see you on the next story.

Look for the reboot of Echoes, entitled "Ginga Gaiden Mayu: Lost Echoes," coming very soon. In fact, sooner than you think!

A.N. 2:

As sad as it to say that this story has come to an end, it has. Echoes has been facing a death knell for a long time now, and now it finally reaches its end. But just because this story has ended, doesn't mean the adventure has. Cheers. See you all later. -MS