So, I've never posted anything for Rozen Maiden before, but I hope this reflects the series well. It's a poem set around the part where (SPOILER AHEAD) Souseiseki and Hina-Ichigo die (END SPOILER). Anyway, it has viewpoints (I guess you could call them that?) from each doll as well as Alice and Rozen.


Alice is crying,

For she has not been found.

Those beautiful white wings of hers

Are dirty on the ground.

Father is crying,

For his Alice has not been born,

Due to the inconvenience of his dolls,

He will forever mourn.

Suigintou is crying,

For she will never be

The perfect doll, the Alice,

She will always be inferior to thee.

Kanaria is crying,

She's not as bright as she seems,

So determined before, to win the Alice game

Now, she is not all too keen.

Suiseiseki is crying,

As her twin falls to the Earth,

Holding the girl, as she dies in her arms,

Alice is one step closer to her birth.

Souseiseki is crying,

For her sister cries as well.

She died, she failed, Alice will not be achieved,

Now she sees herself in hell.

Shinku is crying,

As the world around her crumbles,

It won't slow down, it won't stop,

She sobs and sobs then stumbles.

Hina is crying,

For she knows her last moments are near.

To Tomoe, to Jun, and to everyone else,

She cannot show her fear.

Barasuisho doesn't cry,

For she instigated things from the start.

She watches, from the curtains,

As she breaks the little dolls' hearts.

So, hope you liked it! Sorry if it was a little too sad or if I just dampened somebody's day. Comments and critiques are welcomed!