"I don't understand why I'm sitting on the floor," Albus grumbled.

They were sitting in a compartment in the Hogwarts Express, heading back to King's Cross Station after their sixth year of schooling. In the room were Cici and Chessie sitting in one seat, their magazines and random parchments strewn around. Rose was in the other seat with Scorpius, who was spread out across the bench, his head lying in Rose's lap, eyes closed.

"Because I'm sleeping," Scorpius said without a hint of tiredness in his voice. Rose ran her hand through his hair and laughed as she saw Scorpius smile.

Albus crossed his arms and leaned against the wall of the compartment. "I don't have to be here, you know. I could just as easily go and sit with my own friends—where I'll actually have a seat!"

Rose gasped. "And break a tradition that's older than us?" She clutched her heart with her hands. "Since before we were born, Weasleys and Potters have been riding to and from Hogwarts together, and you're just going to throw that away because you have to sit on the ground? Albus, I am ashamed and appalled! I can't tell you how disappointed our parents will-"

"Stop!" Albus yelled. "There's no need to be so melodramatic! I'll stay!" He sighed dramatically and settled in more comfortably on the floor. "Besides, it's not like we're all together right now as it is. Hugo and Lily aren't in here."

"Al, you know that Hugo can't be within ten feet of Chessie without drooling. He's just saving himself from embarrassment. You can't fault him that." Rose looked at Chessie then, who was smirking into her magazine. She knew Rose's brother had a crush on her, and while she never outwardly acknowledged or ridiculed him for it, she thought it was kind of funny.

Albus grumbled once more, but didn't complain again. Rose smiled, satisfied. She could feel Scorpius shaking with laughter. When she looked down, she saw him wink before closing his eyes again.

Rose and Scorpius had been dating for three months now, and Rose couldn't be happier. There were times when Scorpius would become isolated and be lost in his head with what she could only assume were thoughts of his past. During those times she would kiss him on his forehead and sit next to him, ready to listen when he was ready to talk. Rose knew that Scorpius was grateful that he finally had someone who would listen, and she loved that she could help him.

As the train continued along its path, Rose listened to her two best friends' gossip, her cousin grumble, and Scorpius' even breathing. She knew without a moment of hesitation that she was completely content with life.

Rose and Scorpius stood alongside the large scarlet steam engine while Rose's friends went to greet their parents. She watched as Hugo walked to their parents and hugged their mom, while their dad searched around for his daughter.

"Hmm, typical," Scorpius muttered. Rose looked at him and saw him glancing at a small house-elf. "The usual chaperone home," he mumbled, shaking his head.

"You're coming home with me," Rose stated quickly, grabbing his hand as she began to drag him to her family.

Scorpius laughed, unmoving, and dragged Rose back to him. "I don't think your dad would take too kindly to the idea."

Rose took a quick look at her father, who had finally spotted her. She saw his eyes darting back and forth between her and Scorpius, his face getting redder and redder the longer she stood with him. Her mother was standing behind him, a mixed look of amusement and trepidation on her face.

Rose brought her attention back to Scorpius. "He'll get over it," she stated and tried to drag him over to her family again.

Scorpius squeezed her hand, but once again didn't move. Rose went to stand in front of him, and he took her other hand. He smiled at her, some sadness shining through his eyes. "I won't cause a rift between you and your family."

Rose sighed, knowing that he was right. Bringing a Malfoy to a Weasley's home without warning might cause the Earth to stop rotating.

She straightened her shoulders and looked him resolutely in the eye. "Fine, I'll get my family used to the idea and then you'll coming over at some point this summer, sooner rather than later."

"Bossy, aren't you?" Scorpius smirked.

Rose grinned at him before she looked at her family again. Her dad seemed to be in a heated discussion with her mom with lots of gesticulating and pointing at Rose and Scorpius.

She glanced back at Scorpius, who was looking at the ground and squeezing both of her hands tightly.

"I'll do my best to come over, Rose, but I'm sure my father won't be pleased with the idea of my dating a Weasley. If I can't come-"

"—then I'll come find you," Rose interrupted softly. She released one of his hands and placed it under his chin, lifting it up so his eyes met her. "I'll always come find you."

Scorpius smiled brightly before leaning over and kissing her on her cheek. Rose sighed happily after he pulled away. "Well, goodbye."

"See you soon," Rose said pointedly, squeezing his hand before letting go.

Scorpius grabbed his trunk and gave her one last smile. "See you soon." He then turned and walked towards the house elf that was waiting for him. When he reached it, he placed a hand on the elf's head before the elf turned in place and they both disappeared.

Rose exhaled slowly, keeping her emotions in check, before she turned to her family. She saw her father being held back by her mother as he tried to run over to her, his face red and angry. If it were at all possible, she knew that steam would be pouring out of his ears.

She chuckled to herself as she slowly began to walk over to them. Just as she had wished, her life at Hogwarts was every bit the adventure she had been hoping for.


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