The Desert's Flower


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Summary: What if Sakura had moved to Suna for a little while when she was younger? And what if her parents were ninjas that went there for a mission? What if the young six-year-old Sakura met the young lonely six your old Gaara? Will they befriend each other? What will happen when Sakura will have to go back to Kahona? What will happen to Suna in the eight years after she has left, and are desperate to get Sakura sama back? What will happen at the Chunin exams?? And what will happen if the Kazekage is determined to get Sakura back at all costs…

Sakura had run into her surprised mother's arms and was crying her poor little heart out again.

"Have the other children been mean to you again?" Asked her mother gently.

Sakura cried harder and said sadly "Okaa-san, they all hate me and none of them want to be my friend and they all tease me because of my hair and forehead."

"It is time for sleep my darling daughter." Said her father.

Sakura detached from her mother and sadly went her way up to her room and into to bed, tears still coursing down her cheeks and it was an hour until her tears had exhausted herself.

Her parents looked at each other worriedly, the bullying had gotten worse and Sakura was starting to with draw herself from others.

"Hiro, I think that we should accept that mission to Suna." Said her mother. "If not for us than for our poor, poor daughter."

"Yes a change in scenery will help her a lot." Said Hiro quietly. "I will go back up our things and you tell the Hokage that we accept that mission."


"Thank you Yashamaru for this favor." Said Hiro gratefully.

"This is no burden at all and I already am taking care of three children, so taking care of one more will not hurt me." Said Yashamaru confidently.

He took the lovely little rosette from them and held her in one arm and carried her bags in the other one.

He gently tucked her in bed and gently set her bags down beside her, Yashamaru looked out the window and saw Gaara looking up at the stars.

Kankura and Temari were doing an over night stay at a friend house.

Sakura woke up several hours later when the sun hit her face; she flinched at the harsh heat.

She opened her eyes and yawned widely, as her rubbed her yes she looked around and her heart sped up.

'Wh-where am I?' Wondered Sakura worriedly.

Sakura got up and felt relieved, she was still wearing her clothes from yesterday, she got up and climbed up on to the windowsill and peeked out of the window.

She furrowed her brow in confusion, outside it had lots of sand and it was everywhere also there were no trees in sight and the sun seemed to glare down brightly.

She fell from her perch on the windowsill and screeched, a man burs through the door. Sakura knew that he was a ninja.

She started to call on her geccia genko when the man spoke.

"Hello, my name is Yashamaru and you are in Suna." He stated. "Your parents left you in my care while they are on a mission in Suna."

"I see." Replied Sakura. "My name is Sakura."

Why don't you go outside and play?" Asked Yashamaru.

"O.K." Sakura replied and with that she grabbed her teddy bear and a soccer ball and followed Yashamaru out of the house.

What she did not notice was that the kids all tensed when they saw the door open and then they relaxed when they saw that it was a girl not, a boy coming out.

Shyly she went over to a group of kids who where playing at the playground, she squeezed her teddy bear tighter as she shyly asked. "C-can I p-play with you?"

They stared at her and they shrank back and away from her since she looked so different, she had rose-colored hair and a very wide forehead.

Sakura's eyes filled with tears and she sat down in a chair swing and cried softly and she did not notice when her soccer ball fell out of her lap and rolled away.

Gaara noticed the soccer ball and used his sand to gently pick up and grab the ball and went over towards the girl he had spotted on a swing.

"C-can I-I p-play with you?" Stuttered Gaara, already knowing that she would run away from him.

The girl looked up at him and he saw her tears in her eyes and the look of pain of loneliness and rejection in her eyes.

"Wh-what did you j-ust say?" Asked Sakura in disbelief.

"W-will you play w-with me?" Asked Gaara a little more confidently as he wondered mentally. 'Why is she not afraid of me? Why is she sad and why is she not running away from me?'

He saw her smile at him it made it made his heart lift up and she said "Yes!"

He was shocked and it must have transferred on to his face because her smile drooped and she asked, "What's wrong?"

"Why aren't you scared of me?" Asked Gaara. "Why don't you run away from me?"

She looked at him confused. "Why should I?"

"Be-because I'm a monster." Said Gaara sitting down in the swing beside her.

She had gotten up and was in front of him and she stated firmly, but kindly. "You do not look like a monster to me."

"R-really?" Asked Gaara looking up at her in shock.

Sakura nodded and said. "You are very nice and polite. No one has ever asked to play with me before. I am a freak, and I am weak."

He looked at her sharply and said to her "You are not a freak! Nor are you weak."

"I-I is not?" Asked Sakura timidly looking at him.

He shook his head and stood up and gave her a hug, she happily hugged him back, and a tear went down both cheeks and gaara held her tighter.

He enjoyed hugged Sakura, she was warm and soft and he enjoyed the fact that she hugged him back.

He, being several inches taller than her, buried his face in her lovely rose-colored hair.

He did not understand why he did that, but he found out he liked the smell of her hair it was the scent of cherry blossoms.

After a while they let go of one another, Gaara was more reluctant to let go over her because so few people were kind and affectionate to him.

"So…" Said Sakura shyly. "Are we best friends?"

Gaara nodded his head vigorously as a smiled a large bright smile and said, "Yes! Best friends forever!"

Sakura smiled at him and gave him a hug full of happiness and said, "You are my first friend!"

"Really?!" Said Gaara shocked. "You are MY first friend!"

Sakura's smile was infectious and soon he smiled again, but this time it was a small quiet kind of smile that he would only ever give Sakura, it made his entire face look gentle and his intense jade green eyes soft.

"Come on!" Said Sakura. "Let's play soccer!"

"O.K." Replied Gaara just as happy.

The pair of them played for hours together, they did not know that the passage of time had been great until their stomachs growled and they looked up at the sky and saw the sun sink beneath the horizon.

"Wow!" said Sakura cheerfully. "It's getting dark!"

Gaara asked "Where do you live Sakura?"

"I am staying with Yashamaru san, my parents are on a missyion." Answered Sakura.

"Really!?!" Said Gaara with a full-blown grin on his face. "I live with him to he is my uncle!!"

"That is SO COOL!!" Squealed Sakura delightedly as she hugged Gaara.

Gaara had noticed that whenever she was very happy or excited she would hug him, also if he were sad she would hug him.

When she got sad he noticed that he would hug her and get her mind of what ever it was that was bothering her, which were normally sad memories.

Gaara was happy that he had a friend and he shyly held her hand and tugged her to his home.

He was surprised at how much he had talked with Sakura and they found out that they had a lot in common and they found out a lot about on another.

He used a short cut to get home, it was faster and not very many people would use the path that he took.

Yashamaru, who was getting a little worried about Sakura had come out side and he looked over towards where he sensed Gaara and felt like he was having a heart attack.

He saw how close Sakura was to Gaara, his heart was bound very hard.

'Oh kuso!' Swore Yashamaru mentally. 'Gaara please do not explode and hurt her! Please!'

He was distracted from his frantic thought n the form of Sakura who smiled up at him happily and said. "This is my best friend Gaara kun! He is my bestest friend in the world!"

When she said that she hugged Gaara who quite happily hugged her back tightly.

Yashamaru saw the hungriness in Gaara's eyes and how possessively he held on to Sakura and how Gaara's sand wrapped around her tenderly.

'I-I need to tell the kazekage about... about this… Poor Sakura. I hope Gaara does not hurt her. I hope that my Kazekage does nothing to hurt her or do anything rash. Gaara would kill him.' Thought Yashamaru.

"Hey you two, I have dinner ready and waiting for you two." Said Yashamaru. "I have to go tall to the Kaszekage about something."

The pair of six year olds gleefully ran in to the house to eat, but before Gaara ran past him completely he said quietly to his uncle. "She is MY friend and you will NOT take her away from me."

Yashamaru nodded slightly and left the house, he paused for a moment and saw the duo happily eating together and he watched as Gaara watched Sakura intently.

Sakura was still a very innocent and sweet Yashamaru went towards the kazekages tower with a sinking feeling of unease.

"What are you doing here Yashamaru san?" Inquired one of the anbu guards guarding the door to the Kage's room.

"I need to speak tell the kazekage sama about Gaara sama." Replied Yashamaru in an emotionless voice.

The sand anbu ninja gulped and let him in quickly and he said nervously. "I-I will tell the Kazekage your wish."

With that said he poofed into sand and reappeared by the Kazekage and told him what Yashamaru had said.

With dread boiling through his veins he allowed Yashamru to come in and he set his face in an impassive, uncaring look.

"Kazekage sama." Said Yashamaru respectfully. " Gaara sama has made a friend, her name is Haruno Sakura of Kahona."

"How old is she and how long is she staying here?" Asked the Kazekage.

"She is six years old and I am unsure of how long she is staying here, it depends on how long the mission here parents are on will take." Replied Yashamaru.

"At least Kahona is an ally of ours." Said the Kazekage with a relaxing slightly. "I am glad that he has a friend, does she fear him?"

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