Julia Duvall

Author's Note: Alexia is the only thing I own besides the plot. I don't own Mutant X.

A seventeen year old girl with long raven dark hair and sweet brown eyes comes out wearing a leather jacket. The jacket complements her hour glass figure.

She slowly takes out a cigarette and smiles at the guy walking towards her. "Hey, Kevin, did you get the tickets to the Jewel concert."

Kevin smiles at her. "I sure did, Alexia. You're going to love it."

"I certainly hope so." She said, then smiled as she saw a restaurant. "Let's get something to drink. I'm very thirsty." Alexia didn't understand why she had been drinking so much water. Maybe it was a result of what happened yesterday, when she flooded the laundry room with her hands. Her hands had water pouring out of them.

"Brennan, are you okay?" Emma sat down besides her friend. She looked at him with a tender smile.

"You ever think about your parents or siblings, if you had any?" He asked her softly.

Emma was a little surprised by the question. "Sometimes, I think about them and wonder if they had other children after me, but I don't think so. I don't wonder about what ifs. What ifs drive you crazy, Brennan." She tried to answer the question honestly.

Brennan looked at Emma with sad puppy dog eyes. "I have a sister. Her name is Alexia. I was thinking because..."

Emma finished his sentence. "because of Jesse and his father."

"Yeah, sort of. I miss Alexia a lot. We were really close." Brennan said as Emma hugged him.


"Mrs. Lana Reiber, this is a pleasant surprise. I thought we fired you. I'm glad to see you here." Mason Eckhart told the blonde standing in front of him.

"I recently came upon a new mutant that might interest in you. It's a water mutant. Her name is Alexia Mulwray. She would be nice to bring her over to the GSA, sir."

Eckhart smiled. "Any relation to Brennan Mulwray?" He asked her.

Lana Reiber smiled. Her hazel eyes sparkled with delight. "Yes, she's his sister. Do you want me to apprehend her?"

"Yes, and take this with you." Eckhart told her. He thought this would be deliciously fun.