The werewolves were free to come and go any time they liked and after 2 years it was common for there to be games Friday where we all played baseball or the Wii in teams and tried to beat each other. At 1 point there at the end of fighting the Volturi there were 16 werewolves and 2 packs; Sam Uley, Jared, Brady, Paul, Collin and 7 others. Then there was Jacob, Embry, Quil, Seth & Leah who are in Jacob's pack. After the war there was very little rivalry between the 2 packs and although the older wolves are still wary about us. Sam & Emily had had twins; Leanne & Matthew, Le & Matt for short who were now 6 years old. Claire is now 11 and becoming more attracted to Quil everyday according to Edward & Jasper. Leah had imprinted on Nahuel (I know it is cache but I think it would be a good relationship) and they got married 8 years ago after 3 months of dating. They would have got married quicker but Alice demanded that she be in charge of the planning and wanted every detail to be perfection.

Surprisingly Leah was able to stop phasing after 1 year and had Saskia 14 months later after an extremely precarious pregnancy. To make sure she didn't phase she was constantly with either Seth, Nahuel or Embry to keep her calm and Jasper helped out when it was needed. Saskia is 5 now but is more like an 8 year old physically and 20 mentally. Carlisle was most interested in her as she was 1/4 vampire, 1/4 shape-shifter and 1/2 human and currently she was growing 50% faster physically than a human, 4 times faster mentally. To add to the confusion Embry imprinted on her. As most of the wolves had imprinted or were still very young there was no need for them to be wolves anymore so Sam's pack disbanded and the remaining wolves joined Jacob. This left Quil, Embry, Jake & Paul. Although most of the younger were-wolves are planning of phasing again when they are 18 and Leah is when Saskia stops aging as we are almost certain that will happen. She also has extremely good eyesight and memory and also knows that Embry will always be there for her. Claire knows about shape-shifters and vampires as she is around us a lot. Although she only knows that Quil is her 'personal slave'. Ness, Saskia & Claire are now the terrible trio but spend time looking after Le & Matt. Charlie and Sue had a child, Sarlie 18 months after the Volturi left and Renee and Phil had decided that they did want a child so 19 months after VL Phinene was born. We had managed to get her down for a month every summer. So in 10 years the Cullens had gone from just the 7 of them + the Denali's to gaining my side of the family & the Quileutes. Carlisle became the family doctor so the wolves didn't get questioned about steroid use etc.

Alice was happy being designated shopper and after a couple of arguments she was now shopping for everyone.

I was still in contact with Angela and I was delighted when she moved back to Forks to be a teacher as it meant Nessie could go and see her and then show us pictures of her.