Day Seven: Kiss

Rukia hadn't been able to find anyone all day. She could have just called and suggested they meet up, it was the weekend after all, but she didn't want to tip her hand. No, her best bet was Urahara's shop.

As she approached she could feel spiritual pressure from multiple shinigami. So this was where they'd all been hiding. They hadn't figured out what she was up to, had they?

"She's here," whispered Rangiku.

Rukia listened at the door before entering.

"I really can't believe it," said Yumichika.

"Are you dumb or something?" growled Ikkaku. "It was totally obvious from the beginning they had a thing for each other."

"Yeah, but I really didn't think he'd act on it," replied Yumichika.

Huh, thought Rukia, knocking.

"Hello Rukia," Rangiku answered the door.

"Where are Kisuke and Renji?" Rukia asked. And Ichigo, she thought. She could feel him around too.

Rangiku looked sheepish. "Uh, so do you know?"

"Know about what?"

"Oh course she knows," Yumichika chimed in. "I mean, the two of them are like her best friends."

"I'm not sure…" Rukia paused.

"Oh," said Yumichika, looking abashed.

"Geez guys, it's not like it's a big deal," Ikkaku said matter-of-factly. "Sometimes these things just happen."

"What things?" Rukia asked.

"Well you see Ichigo and Renji are…" Rangiku paused, "involved."


"They're screwing each other," Ikkaku clarified.

"WHAT!" Rukia screamed.

She could feel them close; they must be in the kitchen. She was definitely going to figure out what the hell they meant by saying…

She opened the door and gasped.

Renji had Ichigo against a wall, their hands interlocked above their heads, their entire bodies pressing together, mouths opened in a passionate kiss. Renji moaned.

"ARRRGHHHHHHH!" Rukia yelled, running right back out.

"Alright, you can get off of me now," Ichigo said to Renji, who was entirely too close for comfort.

"Oh come on, you know you like it," Renji said, with an evil smile.

"You bastard!" Ichigo punched at Renji's face. Renji had long since learned how to dodge that particular punch, and easily moved out of the way.

"What's wrong princess, first kiss?" Renji said, mockingly.

"I'm going to kill you!"

The others wandered in. Rangiku was wiping away tears she had been laughing so hard.

"Oh man, you should have seen her face," Ikkaku said with a smirk.

"Haha! Well I didn't get a good look at her but I sure as hell heard her," Renji smiled.

"We should probably go and get her and let her know it was a joke," said Ichigo nervously.

"You are one insecure guy, Ichigo," Renji teased, easily dodging the punch to his face. He wasn't expecting the knee to his solar plexus though. "Oof!"

They all went downstairs to the shop, where they had told Kisuke to wait and detain Rukia if she tried to run away. To their surprise she was sitting cross legged next to him, looking completely calm. Actually, on closer look, she almost looked…cocky.

Rukia looked over at Kisuke and held out her hand. "Pay up!" she demanded.

Kisuke somewhat reluctantly pulled out his wallet and counted out a stack of money into her open palm. "Easiest bet I've ever won," she said, pocketing the cash.

"Er," Renji had no idea what was going on, but that happened sometimes. He looked around at the faces of his compatriots in crime but saw no clue there, they all looked at stonewalled as he did.

"Rukia bet me that she could get you and Ichigo to kiss within a week. I didn't…" Kisuke couldn't finish his sentence because everything had become very clear to Ichigo.

"RENJI WHAT THE HELL!" he yelled.

"Don't blame me, it was Rangiku's idea!"

"Oh yeah, and why did we listen to her? Everyone knows she's a…" Ichigo was interrupted.

"I'M A WHAT? SAY IT! See how much of you they find when Haineko turns you to dust!" Rangiku actually looked threatening, which was a feat considering how easy it was to not take her seriously because of her balloon sized always on display breasts.

"Hahahahaha!" Yumichika was on the ground. "Hahahaha, you had to kiss Renji!"

"Heh! Hahahaha! Renji, you're a pedophile now, I hope you know that!" roared Ikkaku, reeling backward from his laughter.

"DAMN IT!" Renji really didn't know what to do, but whatever it was, it involved killing things, and since all of the things in here were (supposedly) his friends, he decided to go outside and find something else he could chop down. There were trees across the street right? Screw those trees! They were going down!

After it had died down, and it was just Rukia and Kisuke again, Rukia pulled out the money and gave it back to Kisuke.

"You are an evil, evil woman," he said.

"I just like to think that I'm quick on my feet. I couldn't possibly let them get the best of me," she sighed. "After all of that work that I put into my prank too."

"Well, there's always next year," Kisuke said cheerily.

"Yup, or next week!" Rukia agreed.

Kisuke paled a little.

Rukia's notes: Fine, so they got me. Really, really, got me. I, however, got over it, while they still think somehow I manipulated the whole thing. Captain Zaraki heard about it from Ikkaku and Yumichika and offered his services in anything I have planned for Ichigo in the future. I also made sure to let my brother know so he could harangue Renji about it during their next Captain/Lieutenant meeting. I wasn't sure if he would approve of what I had been doing but figured I should tell him all the details of the week, in case it got back to him from someone else. It turns out, while he didn't laugh, his eyes definitely sparkled. Especially at the part of Kenpachi's giant bra.