Shattered Universe – Twilight – An Interview with the Cast

Written by: Specter06


I do not own, any of the original Titan A.E. characters nor the Titan universe. Those are all the property of 20th Century Fox. The ideas of most of the other universes are also property of their original creators. This story is based on both real facts, from the Titan A.E. movie and novels and fan-based creations I once found lingering around on the internet. These fan-based facts like species, races and planets are not my property, belong to their original creators and were once used in fanfictions and roleplay back in 2000. I want to thank the people whoever they are for their contribution to the underdeveloped Titan A.E. universe. I have the deepest respect for their creations and I don't want to misuse them by claiming them as my own.

The views expressed in the interviews and commentary are solely those of the individuals providing them and do not reflect the opinions of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, its parent affiliate or subsidiary companies.

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A word from the Author:

"I never thought something like this would be possible." That's probably one of the first things you're gonna tell yourself or anyone else who happens to be in the neighborhood once you've fallen through a hole in your own universe and end up in another. I mean, who am I? I'm merely a reporter, carefully documenting everything that happened during my stay in the Titan A.E. universe, riddled with holes in space-time threatened to be consumed by war. During that time, I've witnesses a lot of the things that happened there for myself, interviewed people, filing reports about the events that had taken place in such a short period of time to eventually write this story for everyone to read. But eventually, despite all the action I've seen, the friends I've made, it was time to return home, to my own universe. Just like it was Jason's turn to go back to where he belonged. To his time and his universe. The following pages contain interviews with the cast about their experiences during the war.