Rilas, Nunchaku, Kiké and Naea

There he goes. I hope I see him back one day. I'm still wondering what happened back there on the EAF base. It can't be good. Before I left I talked to a few more people and took a few members from the Son of the Empire's crew aside. And I already thought that Kero was big. Jeez, Nun is huge. And I mean really huge. Despite his friendly nature he scared me. His voice was intimidating. Very low, deep and powerful. I didn't even dare to ask his girlfriend any questions. Azkun had one eye locked on me when I approached her and growled and bared her teeth at me so I did an about-turn and didn't dare to try again. Rilas is the ideal friend for everyone. He is friendly, nice to talk to and very supportive. I understand why Kero is happy to have him as his First Officer. Those two are gonna be friends for a long time. And then we have those girls. Well, I think it doesn't matter which planet you're from, girls always giggle. And these two are no exception. Maybe it has something to do with my appearance or something, I don't know. It was weird.

Specter: Hi everyone. This interview is for more background material for my story but I wanted to do it a little different this time. You've been part of Kero's crew for the past few weeks. You've been essential to him and your role in the past conflict can hardly be overlooked. This is all about you. You've been through a lot and I want to ask you all if you could highlight one or more situations, where you had to make hard decisions or had a difficult time. I understand if this is painful and if you don't wanna talk about it that's fine but try. Understood?

They all nodded and I asked Rilas if he could start. He didn't even have to think.

Rilas: My most difficult situation during this conflict? The moment Kero ordered me off the ship and asked me for one last favor. *shakes head* He ordered me off the ship as the Captain but that favor was asked of me as a friend. That was really really difficult for me. I could have retorted but I'd seen in his eyes that it wouldn't have made much difference. He was really going to sacrifice himself to save millions of others.

Specter: I can understand that. Wow, what a courage. But indeed it must have been hard for you. You had to say goodbye to your friend in the blink of an eye.

Rilas: When I was beamed aboard the Highlander I was convinced that I would never see him again. Stith was devastated for a moment when the ship exploded. We all thought he was gone for good.

Specter: Me too. I followed the battle. I thought we'd lost him too. *sighs* Those were really hard moments. Anyone of you had one of those moments too?

Nunchaku: I had. *pauses* It was down on that planet. We managed to punch a hole into their defenses through which we could slip inside. But when I slid down that tunnel and looked behind me, the last thing I saw was Azkun getting hit. *growls* There was nothing I could do. I thought I'd lost her. From that moment on, I realized I cared about her, loved her.

Specter: Damn, you guys have been through a lot. I think I would have collapsed under all that pressure. And what about you girls?

Kiké: *plays with her mane* I eh… I was scared on that drifter colony. So much death. *shakes head* I was their medic. At a given moment I had to save one of the injured. I couldn't help it. I almost freaked out. He was dying and I tried to save him but…

Naea: *flings arm around her sister's shoulder* You tried and you did save his life. He barely made it but he did thanks to you.

Specter: Extraordinary. And you are still very young aren't you?

Kiké: *laughs* Yeah I eh… *turns serious* Hey! Even he dares to claim that I'm too young! What is this?

Specter: No no no, not at all! Sorry if I've offended you. But I really admire your strength. I mean look at you. You're seventeen and already an officer aboard a starship.

Kiké: *giggles* Oh, thanks. I didn't know you thought of me that way.

Okay, I feel something coming here. Time to change the subject.

Specter: What about you Naea? Do you have any situations you might wanna point out?

Naea: Well I was worried like hell of course! My sister here was on the colony when it was about to blow up. Later when I was beamed of the bridge when Kero was preparing his suicide run, she was still aboard! *touches her forehead* Mother would have killed me if anything happened to her.

Specter: *mutters* What wars do to people. *voice back to normal volume* You know the way I'd rather see it is an entire galaxy working together. Thousands of worlds working together and billions and billions of people living out their lives in piece. No more need for killing machines or other horrible contraptions.

Rilas: A beautiful vision but exceptionally difficult to achieve.

Specter: I know. I don't think it'll ever come that far. There are always people out there who love to enslave and kill and conquer. Those are the only people I really hate. Can't we all just get along?

Naea: *laughs* If it only were that simple.

Specter: Yeah I know. *looks on chrono* Well, there's only one thing to say. Many many thanks for your time but eh, I gotta leave. It's time for me to return to my own universe. Bye guys. See ya.

And that was it. I was going to leave this universe but not for good. I will return her one day. I asked several people to keep an eye out for anything interesting that could make up a good story. Korso even said that he would pick me up as soon as he heard anything. So after saying goodbye to everyone, Kero offered to bring me back to the space port where my shuttle was waiting for me.

Specter: Time to go. Sorry that I have to leave.

Kero: *shakes head and laughs* Oh I'm not letting you get out of here.

Specter: *frowns* What are you?...

Kero: *spreads arms* Without a hug.

Specter: Nooooo! *runs away*

Kero: Come here. *follows*

Specter: Stith! Do something! You mate's gone crazy!

Stith: *scratches head* My mate is a bit crazy if I see this.

Specter: Damn it!

Kero: *grabs me* Gottcha! *laughs*

Specter: Kero.

Kero: *embraces* Why do you have to go?

Specter: *whispers* Kero.

Kero: Yeah?

Specter: *whispers* I can't breathe.

Kero: *releases* Oh, sorry. *licks cheek*

Specter: *wipes off cheek* Yuck! Drool!

Kero: *frowns* Yuck? I thought you people were supposed to do something similar when they say goodbye?

Specter: Yeah but you're a male! *pauses* And it's called kissing and men don't kiss.

Kero: Oh. I… I'm sorry.

Everyone laughed of course. It felt stupid. Maybe even more to him then to me. But then I realized that this was really goodbye. As a friend, Kero brought me back to the space port. I probably wouldn't see him for a long time. I ended up in the Titan A.E. universe completely by accident and it was a miracle that there was a way back. Otherwise I couldn't have written this cause I would be stuck here forever.

Kero: Bye my friend. Am I ever going to see you again?

Specter: I will be back Kero. I promise.

I felt so sad when I left him standing there on the space port in the afternoon sun. No one likes to say goodbye. No that's not true. Only when you've got in enemy in your sights and you're just about to blow them to hell. Then it's fun to say goodbye. But this sucked. If I could I would have stayed but my life is elsewhere. Now I'm back. Here on this boring planet, no aliens, no adventures in space, picking up my old life until I get the signal. And that signal will come. I know it. The universe is shattered. War is raging across each galaxy. All I have to do is wait.