Title: Umbrella
Rating: T
Friends lend you their umbrella. Best friends take yours and say 'Run BITCH run!'

"It's horrible outside." Sora groaned, staring out the window in my living room. He had been staying over this weekend so we could get a project done, but we decided not to do it and play video games.

"Get over it. You want food? We need to leave." I said, pulling out an umbrella from the closet before I started digging for my shoes.

"But Roxas--!" Sora yelled in my face. "It's raining…"

"Whatever! I will go by myself." I rubbed my blond hair out of frustration before slipping on my checkered Vans and closing the closet door.

"Great! Then I can finish this show!" He propped his feet up onto the coffee table and began to kick off his shoes.

"You are such a freeloader. You are not getting any food." I said, grabbing my wallet and slipping it into my back pocket before I began to open the door.

"I would come, but I don't have an umbrella."

"Why? Normal people have them."

"Everyone else always lends me theirs."

"I'm not everyone else." I said before closing the door. I knew Sora. He would come out and walk in the rain with a hood on just for some food. He knew I wouldn't bring him any, so he should just get off his lazy ass and come outside.

I opened my checkered print umbrella before strolling down the street, careful to avoid any puddles.

"He'll show up soon." I thought aloud. He had a hood.

I heard the sound of sneakers hitting the pavement at a fast pace coming from behind me. A smirk appeared on my face as I turned around to say something to the brunette idiot that was my best friend.

"See? A little rain doesn't—"

"Run bitch run!" He screamed at me, ripping the umbrella out of my hand and dashing down the street towards the café.

That ass.

So, now I am doing Sora/Roxas drabbles. ALL ABOUT BEST FRIENDS MIND YOU. NOT YAOI.

Anyway, I will be writing a new multi-chapter story, but not until after ACen and stuff. So, near the end of May I will start posting a new story.

…These aren't really drabbles but oh well!