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'Kyuubi's thoughts'

"Zetsu talking"

Warnings: yaoi, dubious consent sex and slight fluff.

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Chapter one: opportunist

Pein was always an opportunist. No matter the situation. If he could get something good out of it he would. And finding a broken and bleeding Naruto was a very good opportunity indeed.

Hearing from one of his suburbanites that the young boy had a bad falling out with his team over him being the container for the demon fox. Leaded by the pink haired chit Sakura Haruno. After being yelled and screamed at for hours Naruto ran from them to escape the hurtful words and they followed, not letting up on there verbal assault. Naruto sobbing uncontrollably tripped over a root and fell down a steep hill filled with sharp rocks and broken logs.

Hitting his head numerous times on them before coming to a stop and passing out due to the blood loss.

His ex-teammates looking over him from atop the hill doing nothing to help. Turning away and leaving him there to die alone. Pein picked up the boy bridal style and transported them both to the Akatsuki's temporary hide out.

Zetsu was there waiting on him and took the boy to heal him. Pein felt a faint spark of jealously seeing Naruto in another man's(whatever he is) arms but stomped it down. It was no need for it. Naruto was his whether he knew it or not.

"I'll be able to tell you his condition when I'm done, Pein-sama" Zetsu said then turned to Naruto and started to get to work on the wounded boy.

Pein nodded and walked down to his office to await the prognosis. Calling Kohan to him to bring him work to past the time.

As he looked over mission reports he smiled to himself. A smile that made Kohan nervous. The blue haired woman looked at him from the corner of her eye. He looked very much like the cat who got the canary.

Naruto gasped as he woke up. His body felt like it was weak and he whimpered. He could hardly move and it scared him. Drawing Zetsu's attention. Naruto due to the Kyuubi healed at a very quick rate and he was no longer severely hurt like when first arrived. And along with Zetsu's healing prowess he was almost up to full health. Except that grave head injury. The wound itself was healed but the psychological damage was unknown.

Naruto looked around in confusion before his eyes landed on Zetsu and he shook in fear. Who and what was this man?

"so you're awake hmm." Zetsu mumbled to himself and walked out of the room leaving a scared Naruto strapped down on the white hospital bed.

Naruto felt dizziness wash over him and closed his eyes for a moment then opened them to see a tall orange haired figure standing quietly over him. The man's eyes bore into him and Naruto couldn't help but blush at the hard stare. The man smirked at him and bent down to his level.

"do you know who I am Naruto-kun?" Naruto shook his head no. the man sighed and looked to the side thinking hard. Naruto mistook this expression for a sad one and frowned.

"I'm s-sorry, should I?" the man looked at him with a completive look and nodded.

"yes, I am your lover after all." Pein said stroking Naruto's red cheek softly .

'lover?! But I'm only fifteen!' Naruto searched the mans orange eyes for any type of lies and found none. Pein smiled and Naruto shyly smiled back.

"um, can you tell me why I'm strapped down onto the bed?"

"you were hurt and you thrashed so much Zetu had to restrain you in order to heal you." Pein lied easily taking the bindings off and helped Naruto sit up.

"thank you , um…" Naruto trailed of wishing he knew the man's name. he was his lover after all.


"Pein…." Naruto pulled his knees up to his chest and cried Pein wrapped a arm around Naruto's shoulders and kissed his temple softly.

"what is wrong?" he whispered. Naruto lifted his head a little and sniffed.

"I'm sorry! I-I'm your l-lover and I d-don't remember y-you. You m-must be so hurt!" Naruto croaked out in-between sobs. Pein smiled and buried face in Naruto's neck kissing and biting softly. Naruto shivered and leaned closer.

"it's alright. You're alive aren't you? We'll make new memories." he pulled Naruto into his lap and lifted his head up to kiss the corners of Naruto's mouth., then kissed him fully Naruto inhaled sharply and melted into Pein's embrace. Kissing back shyly and shivering as desire rushed though him. It didn't feel familiar but due to his memory loss he supposed nothing would.

Pein licked along the seam of Naruto's mouth, asking for entrance. Naruto set his hands on Pein's shoulders for balance opened his mouth to the invading muscle. It felt so hot and wet in his mouth and tasted so good! Naruto's toes curled when his own tongue was sucked on and he moaned.

Pein pressed a hand to the small of Naruto's back scooted Naruto closer. Naruto shrieked into the kiss as his hardness meet Pein's rock hard abs and grinded his hips into it to gain more friction. Naruto felt so inexperienced rubbing himself franticly onto Pein as his heated kiss tore him apart.

Naruto broke their kiss to cry out Pein's name as he came and came.

Naruto panted against Pein's neck where his head had fallen. If one little kiss made him come so undone he could wait till they went further.

Naruto blushed furiously and looked up at the smiling Pein. He felt at ease that Pein didn't call attention to him coming so quickly.

"d-do you need me to help y-you?" Naruto asked shyly and cursing himself for it. They probably done this hundreds of times. He wished he wasn't so nervous.

"thank you but no Naru, I just want you to enjoy yourself" Naruto nodded shifting became his come started to go cold.

"shower?" Pein nodded and transported them to his chambers. Pein set Naruto down and pointed to a door to what Naruto assumed was the bathroom. Naruto shook off the dizziness and smiled at Pein before heading off to his shower.

20 minutes later Naruto came back out the now steam filled room wearing nothing but a towel and holding his soiled clothes. On the large silk cover bed was small pile of clothes.

"I'll take those." Naruto nearly jumped out of his skin when Pein came out of nowhere and took the clothes from out of his hands.

"I apologize for startling you." his tone and eyes where any but. Naruto stuck his tongue out at him and scoffed.

"I wasn't scared." Pein hummed and pointed to the clothes on the bed.

"left some of your clothes out for you to wear, unless you'd rather stay as you are…" he trailed off gazing heatedly at Naruto's body . Naruto blushed and shook his head.

Pein smiled at him left to dispose of the clothes. Naruto sighed and put on the clothes. It was a plain black shirt that stopped at his knees and a small pair of boxer shorts. Naruto guessed that's wore to bed.

'at least when you and Pein were not doing anything' his mind helpful supplied. Naruto shook the naughty thoughts away before he turned red as a tomato.

Naruto slipped into the bed and under the covers. Sleepiness washed over him and he fell asleep. Pein cam back and looked at Naruto sleeping so comfortably in his bed. Like he belonged there.

Naruto was his.

And like a good opportunist, he was not gonna let a big opportunity like this get away from him.

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