Sam's brown eyes were glued to the screen of his computer. Click after click, he commanded the virtual pokemon with little effort. Man, he thought, brushing his short, untidy black hair out of his face, this game is awesome! I get to have a whole pokemon team before I even leave! Sam kept clicking for what seemed like hours, until there was a knock on his door. "Sam?" A voice asked. "It's me, Kin."


"Kin, your twin brother. You've been in there a long time. I think you should get off the computer, ok?"

"Ok, Hang on... Oh, so close, Cardijet!"

"Sam, it's been eight solid hours! We need to go see Professor Willow!"

"Yeah, sure, hang on!"

At this, Kin entered, his crystal blue eyes filled with concern, and his hand clutching his Topaz stone necklace. "Sam, Why does this hold interest for you?"

"I don't know, it just does."

"Sam, I'm going to see Professor Willow now, ok? He said it was very important. You that our tenth birthdays are in a few days, so this could be a giant thing!"

"Yeah, sure. See ya later!"

Kin sighed and exited the room, and Sam kept clicking away. Thirty minutes later, Sam saved his progress and clicked off the computer. "Now that that's over, I wonder what was so important that Professor Willow had to talk to us about… I'll go check it out."

Just then, he heard his mom's voice. "Sam, time for dinner! Get off the computer!"

Sam sighed. "I guess Professor Willow will have to wait… COMING, MOM!"

Sam took the stairs of his two story house two at a time. He inhaled deeply. "I smell Pigrel Burgers, am I right?"

Sam's mom nodded, her long brown hair neatly tucked behind her ears. "Yep, but Kin left so soon that I never got to give him his… I hope he ate." Sam smiled and sat at the table. "It's ok, Mom. Kin never seems to be hungry."

Sam's mom also sat down. "I know, but Kin is so headstrong and reckless… If you see him, don't tell him I said that."

Sam smiled, but then sighed. "I miss dad. He goes out of town so often, and I never see him." Sam held HIS Topaz necklace, which his dad had brought home from Topaz Town.

His mom sighed. "I know, Sam, but still… Well, the only bad thing is that he won't be here to see you leave on your journey…" Sam's mom took a bite out of her burger. "Eat. Kin said something about Professor Willow needing to see the Topaz twins or something."

Sam frowned and took a ginormous bite out of his burger. "I don't really like that name, The Topaz Twins. I mean, we don't even look like real twins!"

Sam's mom sighed. "I told you, you're fraternal twins! Even though the only things different are your hair and eyes. And your clothing style. But still." The two ate their burgers in silence, and afterwards, Sam went upstairs to take a shower before bed. Sam felt the soapy water rush over his upper body, and thought. Why can't I have my tenth birthday now? I can't wait to get a Poochember! They're so cool. My two favorite types in one! Dark and Fire… I can't wait!

The next morning, Sam shook his mom awake. "Mom, wake up! It's Monday, you need to take me to school!"

Sam's mom shook Sam off of her. "Sam, it's Sunday."

"It's Monday. Please get up." Sam held out a mug of coffee. "I made your favorite."

Like a Ratatta sensing a predator, Mrs. Kindle was awake in an instant. "Give me that coffee!" She almost barked. Sam handed her the mug and she gulped it down.

Sam reached behind the lamp on the bedside table and pulled out a second mug. "Seconds?"

The second mug was drained as quickly as the first, and Mrs. Kindle said, "I'll be right there!"

A few minutes later, Sam was driving to school with his mom. Sam's mom asked, "Sam, why do you want to go to school? Most kids don't even WANT to, and you're not even required since you were chosen for Professor Willow's Pokedex Project!"

Sam froze. "Umm… Mom? What did you say?"

"Professor Willow's Pokedex Project? Didn't I tell you?"

The car pulled up in front of Sam's school. Sam stayed in the car. "Mom, why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought you knew!"

"Mom, turn this car around. We're going to Professor Willow's lab! Pokedex Project people get to leave a few weeks early! Kin already could be in Summerwind Town by now!"

Sam's mom drove out of the parking lot. "I guess that's what Professor Willow wanted to see you about yesterday. If you weren't so obsessed with that video game…"

Sam stamped his foot. "Mom, I told you that it helps me formulate battle strategies beforehand!"

"I know, I know, but still… Here we are!" Sam's mom stopped in front of a two-story house, the lower of which was the lab. Sam bolted indoors, and ran straight into the Professor himself.

Professor Willow had brown hair, Green eyes, and a spindly body-build, like Professor Elm. "Sam! So glad you made it!" A puzzled look came across his face. "But why didn't you come yesterday, like I asked you to?"

Sam felt his face turn red. "Sorry Professor! I was just caught up in my computer game. It helps you formulate pokemon battle strategies and—"

The Professor cut him off. "I know, because I helped make it. But remember, in those games, moves can't be improvised. In the real world, enemies can plan around it and get better. In the games, it is the same thing, over and over, each time you challenge a virtual trainer."

Sam gave a timid smile as an apology. "Sorry! Anyways… My mom said that you wanted Kin and me as part of the Pokedex Project?"

Professor Willow nodded. "That's right! I wanted the two most experienced possible trainers that Springleaf Town had more potential than others to win the Pokemon League, and my Pokedex Project is an excuse to let you leave early. Kin has already left."

Sam smiled inwardly and said out loud, "Knowing Kin, he and Watiger are already in Summerwind Town." Professor Willow laughed. "What?"

"Oh, Nothing, Samuel. For twins, you're not very good at reading each other, right?"

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, nothing, just come here. I have two pokemon left. Have you made a decision already?" As he said this, Professor Willow walked to the back of the lab and returned with two pokeballs. Out of the first came a Poochember, barking happily. The other wasn't what Sam expected.

"A Watiger? If you still have him, then that means that Kin left with Grachick!"

The Professor nodded. "That makes your decision all the easier. So, which will it be? Watiger or Poochember?"

Sam picked up one of the pokeballs that was in the Professor's hand. "Poochember, of course! Wolferno's line is SO amazing!"

Professor Willow nodded and handed Sam a pokedex that he took out of his back pocket. "Just because I'm using my Pokedex Project as an excuse to get you started early, that doesn't mean that you don't have to try it. Here is your pokedex, and here are your five spare pokeballs. After playing that video game for so long, I assume that you know all about how to use them?" Sam nodded. "Great! Now, say goodbye to your mom before leaving, because she loves you."

Sam bowed respectfully and exited the lab with a giant, "Thank you, Professor!" Professor Willow waved.

Sam's mom was waiting. "Well, how'd it go?"

"Professor Willow gave me these!"

Sam held out his five empty pokeballs, the one with Poochember, and his pokedex, and his mom gasped. "Sam!"

"What? Did I do something wro—AAKKK!!!" Sam's mom had given him a bear hug.

"Oh, Sam, I knew you'd leave home some day, but I never thought it would actually come! I love you so much!!!"

"Mom… If you love me… Can't… Breathe…" Sam's mom released him.

"Sorry, honey. Want a drive to the city limits? Kin has to walk all the way through town to get to the Road to Summerwind."

"Sure mom!" After a quick ride with a stop for lunch, Sam got out of the car at a sign marked, "Welcome to Springleaf Town, Where Fresh Beginnings Start Anew." And so Sam's journey through the Yinji Region began.

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