Chapter 22!

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"What do you mean it loves me, Nurse Joy?" The Eevee in question leaped off the examination table and into Sam's arms.

Nurse Joy smiled. "You fed a starving pokemon and gave it a place to sleep for the night. It's bound to have at least some emotional attachment to you."

Eevee snuggled deeper into Sam's arms with a satisfied, "Vui!"

Sam smiled. "Are all the examinations done?"

"Well, not all of them, but I know enough to release Eevee into your care, ok?"

Sam smiled. "Thank you so much Nurse Joy!"

Eevee seemed to snuggle even deeper into Sam's arms and shouted in glee. Nurse Joy smiled and Sam thanked her before returning to the main lobby. Sam joined Kuro by the couches and set down Eevee on his lap. Kuro seemed extremely agitated. "Kuro, what's wrong?"

Kuro seemed to twitch. "I need to see what's at that coliseum... It's just this nagging feeling… Something is bad over there… I just know it."

Sam nodded. "Ok, I'm coming with you. You wanna come too, Eevee?"

Eevee jumped up and down. "Vui, Vui! Eevee-eve!"

Sam nodded. "Ok! Let's do this!" He fished in his back pocket for a few seconds before pulling out a ping-pong ball-sized object. "Go, Pokeball!"

Sam lightly tapped the pokeball on Eevee's head, converting the smiling mass of fur into red energy. The pokeball immediately clicked shut with a ping. Sam smiled and said, "Ok Kuro, I'm ready."

Kuro nodded. "Ok, good. Let's go check it out."

"Whaddya mean we can't visit the ruins?"

Sam and Kuro were standing outside the giant ruins, talking to an Officer Jenny. She sadly said, "I'm sorry, but this isn't a tourist attraction. There are three missing boys who went missing during the earthquake, and if you interfere, you might mess up our efforts!"

Sam froze. "Excuse me officer, did you say three boys?"

"Yes, why?"

Sam felt his stomach fall through his feet. "What are their names?"

Officer Jenny pulled out a clipboard seemingly from thin air. "Their names are… Forrest, Alexander, and Kin."

Sam staggered as the world spun around him… "Kin, no…"Sam was faintly aware of Kurogasa holding him on his feet.

Sam slowly regained his sense of balance. "Officer… Kin is my brother; you gotta let me in! I have pokemon to help out!"

Officer Jenny thought. "Well, if you're related, I guess I can make an exception to the rule, but he," she pointed at Kurogasa, "has to stay out."

Kurogasa sulked. "Fine…"

Sam barreled past Officer Jenny, almost knocking her over. He was in the ruins before one could say, "stop."

Sam slowed down when he entered the sandstone building. He appeared to be in a large, circular room, with five staircases leading up and one leading down. The room was barren besides the six staircases, so all Sam could do was choose which one was the way to rescue his brother.

For what seemed like an eternity, Sam stood around and couldn't decide which was the way to Kin. Then, all of a sudden, he felt an overwhelming urge to go up the staircase to the far left. However, no sooner did he take the first step, the granite crumbled beneath his feet, and Sam was falling into darkness.

After Sam regained consciousness, he was lying down on a pile of stone, wondering where he was. He could see nothing but the hole in the ceiling, some thirty yards above him. It was a wonder Sam was in one piece!

Sam called out, "Hello?" No answer. He shakily stood up, and looked around. Pitch black. Sam fished in his pocket to look for something. He quickly found it. "Flare, come on out!" The little Poochember appeared with a tiny woof. "Ok Flare, we're looking for Kin, do you think you can help light the way?" Flare nodded. "Great, let's go."

So Sam and Poochember walked down off the rubble and into a small corridor, made of sandstone. There were many doorways in the hall, but when tested, none of them would open, and Sam wasn't strong enough to break any of the stone barriers down. After the fifth door, Sam gave up. Not even Flare could break down the doors.

Finally, Sam came to an open door at the very end of the long, winding corridor. He walked inside, and, to his surprise, there was candlelight! In such an old place, one would expect all flames to have died out a long time ago, but what Sam didn't know was that all of the many torches illuminating the room were Moltres flames, and would never go out.

The room was about forty feet long and thirty feet wide. Most of it was barren, except for torch holders on the walls, but at the end appeared to be some sort of shrine. Sam walked down the path to the end of the room. He was so mesmerized; He didn't notice his aquamarine stone begin to glow. As he walked down the hall, he saw writing in a long forgotten language, but also with some pictures. There were four pokemon in all, and the people depicted seemed to be kneeling before them. Then, Sam reached the end of the hall.

There was a table before him, and a giant carving on the wall behind it. Sam examined the table first. On it were numerous stone carvings, all of the same pokemon. It was four-legged, with a pyramid of rings at the end of a long, slender tail. Some of them showed the pokemon in a ferocious pose, but most showed a graceful pose. Sam tried to place the image, but couldn't. He KNEW he had seen it before, but didn't know where.

The Sam shifted his gaze to the large portrait on the wall. It was much more detailed than the carvings, especially in the eyes, but it was a three-fourths front view of the same pokemon. There was a small, barely noticeable depression in the chest area. Then, Sam's memory suddenly clicked into place. He gasped. "OCORI!"

Suddenly, the soft blue light emitting from Sam's aquamarine stone rose to an unmatched brilliance. Sam shielded his face from the cobalt brilliance, and his eyes involuntarily closed tight. Then, after several seconds, the light faded, and Sam opened his eyes. His stone had stopped glowing, but the outline of the stone picture was glowing the same blue color as Sam's necklace had been. Then, Sam pulled the stone and string off his neck. For some strange reason, he felt compelled to place it in the small depression in Ocori's chest. As soon as he did so, he felt a strange, almost numbing power surge through him. Sam looked at his hands to see a light blue aura envelop them, as well as his entire body. Flare barked, but Sam was oblivious. He stood square to the wall and spoke. "Sooray chigau beki korubanto pendanudo no jisan nin wo." The words coming out of his mouth were foreign, yet they held special meaning, for the wall cracked in two, and Sam removed his pendant from the carving. He walked through the new door, returning Flare as he did so.

The blue aura disappeared as Sam walked into a small, dark room with four small everlasting torches. It was small, perfectly square, and the only way out was the way Sam went in. In the center was a blue sphere that seemed to be giving off another blue light. Without thinking, Sam touched it, and was suddenly hit with a bright ray of sunshine.

He was standing on nothing but sunlight, and standing in front of him was Ocori. It was the familiar, four-legged figure with the slender tail and the floating pyramid of rings that surrounded the end of the aforementioned tail. The mysterious, blue eyes that showed all yet hid everything… Sam smiled.

"Hello at last, Ocori." Somehow, he knew Ocori would reply.

"Hi Sam, great to finally meet you!"

Sam smiled. Ocori seemed friendly. "So, um… Where are we?"

The voice filled Sam's head again. "We are in the Celestial Plains… It's where my spirit lies while my body sleeps."

Sam cocked his head. "Whaddya mean by that?"

Ocori inclined its head. "Some pokemon, such as myself, when they sink into deep enough sleep, their spirits separate from their bodies and come here for rest.

Sam was even more confused. "So where's your body?"

Ocori tilted its head to the side, as if confused. "Since you're talking to me, I'd say you're holding it."

Sam nearly leapt back. "What? You mean that blue orb thingy is your material body? But I saw you back at the Lake!"

Ocori seemed to smile. "That was just an apparition. Psychic Powers come from the soul, not mind, contrary to popular belief, and I can use them while asleep. I teleported the pendant and attracted you to it. That was where our rudimentary contact was made."

Sam nodded. "Ok, I get it now. So, what happened to make the ruins rise above the ground?"

Ocori was amused. "The Three pendant-bearers and Psycat's partner were all gathered in the same place, I assume."

"Who are they?"

"Even I don't know that, but you are the bearer of the Cobalt Pendant, and therefore my partner."

Sam smiled. "That's just awesome! So, you said earlier that our bond is 'rudimentary'… What did you mean by that?"

Ocori made a chuckling sound. "Just wait."

Suddenly, Sam's vision began to go white. The vision of Ocori began to fade, and all of a sudden, he was standing back in the room. He was no longer holding the sphere, and had a small blue triangle on the outside of his left hand.

He could barely see in the light, but a voice sounded inside his head. "Man, you humans have REALLY bad sight. When I went to sleep here, this place was bright as day, even without windows!"

Sam jumped. "What? Who said that?"

The voice sounded again. "Hahaha, this is fun! Come on Sam, let's go!"

Sam looked around. "Who are you? Show yourself!"

The voice giggled. "Sam, it's me, Ocori! didn't I tell you that our bond would grow deeper?"

Sam was irritated. "Yeah, but you didn't say you'd be INSIDE MY FREAKING HEAD!"

Ocori huffed. "It's just a mental connection. My body is actually in your backpack, not your head, and my spirit is still at the Celestial Plains… You sure you're up to being a pendant-wearer?"

Sam sighed. "Yeah, just do a little bit better explaining next time… So can you help me look for my twin, Kin?"

"He's already here. Walk out of the shrine dedicated to me and take the left at the three-way intersection… I can sense that he's with Psycat and someone else… I don't know who, though."

Sam thanked Ocori, who became quiet. He began to run down the hallway, when the world shook around him. "Sam lost his footing. "Earthquake!" He shouted.

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