Maron DOESN'T know that Chiaki is Kaitou Sinbad yet. Fin has left to become a Full Angel. Miyako is still trying to catch Kaitou Jeanne, who's identity she still can't figure out. Maron and Chiaki are in love. Chiaki DOES know that Maron is Kaitou Jeanne. This story MAY contain graphic content, and that is why it's rated T. MAY contain spoilers from the anime series, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Readers, you have been warned!

-Chapter 1-

Maron just got through sending a notice to Inchou. Poor guy... This was the third time he'd been possessed by a demon! This time the demon was lurking in a precious heirloom. The heirloom was obviously beautiful, otherwise the demon wouldn't be hiding inside it. It was a priceless item known as the "Jewelers' Globe". It was named that because it was basically a globe that was made of pure gold and had many various jewels, such as diamonds, quartz, crystals, and rhinestones encrusting it. It was way beyond valuable, and the police were sure to make their security extra tight. Miyako would no doubt have a trap lying in wait. Although she was always wary of Miyako's traps, she always laughed at them. Especially the way Miyako called them "Miyako Specials!" part whatever. Maron had learned to respect her traps, however, due to an incident where one of Miyako's traps included a water gun with ink in it. Her cheek had been shot with the red ink and it wouldn't come off for three days, no matter what she did. In the end, she'd just barely gotten by with that one.

It was time to seal the demon. "Jeanne d'Arc, lend me your powers!" Maron held the rosary that allowed her transformation up to her heart. She went through the entire transformation sequence, and jumped off the balcony to her apartment residence. When she hit the ground, she thought she heard something snap, but didn't pay too much mind to it. Off to seal the demon!

Access lay there, crushed and broken. He never had any luck with girls, and now he just got smashed by one. Literally. He used the last of what was left of his fading strength to fly up to Chiaki's residence, which was right next to Maron's, and alerted him of the demon's appearance. For some reason, Access still wanted Sinbad to seal the demons, not Jeanne. Chiaki was, in moments, transformed into the well-known Kaitou Sinbad.

Kaitou Jeanne got to the scene just in time to avoid an awaiting officer's prying eyes. She silently leapt into a tree and took in the sight before her. Just as she'd suspected, there were many guards posted all over the place. Security was indeed very tight, and there were so many officers posted that she was starting to lose a bit of faith in herself. But then there was another thing. Jeanne couldn't see a single trap that Miyako had set out. Could she and her father be waiting for her inside the building with a trap? Right now, though, her goal was to get past the armed guards protecting the demon. I just don't get it... she thought, Why does the object the demon is hiding in have to disappear?! My work would be made so much easier if the item stayed put.

She unintentionally grumbled something to herself. That, in turn, caught a guard's attention. He peered up in the tree to find a half-hidden, half-shadowed Kaitou Jeanne looking ahead, contemplating a plan for getting past everyone. "J-J-J-JEANNE!!!" he screamed. Oh, how Jeanne hated when newbies joined the police force... They were so scared of her! And they screamed like idiots who didn't know enough to know that not once did she ever hurt anyone. Anyways, now wasn't the right time to be thinking about those kinds of things. Right now she had to act fast and think later. There were several police officers who were charging at her from almost every angle.

She was quick to look up and see a lamp post. It had a longish rod sticking out of it and it was at just the right angle to where she could use her ribbon-esque weapon to pull herself onto it, ultimately dodging the police and moving on to more. But there was a problem... Kaitou Sinbad was on the lamp end of it, which was the widest end. He was the one thing that blocked her path.

Another set of alert policemen shouted his arrival. They looked up to see the same sight Jeanne saw. Sensing this, he quickly jumped down and threw a three-sided ninja-like boomerang. It had especially sharp blades, making it deadly and formidable. Everyone who wanted to live stayed away from it. And when he threw it, everyone who was anyone jumped back, for fear of being sliced in half overcame their orders to capture him. Therefore, it acted as a shield as well.

One of the fallen cops just watched Jeanne effortlessly leap onto the lamp post Sinbad had previously been on. "Somebody tell me again why she'd want a globe!" he yelled in frustration. Another guy heard him and yelled back, "I dunno! Maybe she just likes the jewels!"

Jeanne's next move was to get to the building. How, though? Sinbad eventually got to knock down every cop standing in their way. He looked up at her, only to find her gone. He grunted to himself secretly.

Jeanne, now inside the building, grew extremely wary. Something was different in the building... She couldn't identify what it was, but something was very, very different. She also noted the distinctive silence in the area and the surrounding area. It was so silent, she could've sworn she could hear her own thoughts! And there was that feeling inside of her that she shouldn't be here. Trying to ignore that dreadful feeling, she proceeded further into the builing, following the direction her Petite Claire directed her.

All of a sudden, a spiked tentacle came flying at her. She dodged it, but just barely. Though it hadn't broken skin, she'd recieved a small scratch that soon turned redish. The demon had just shown itself. Well, not so much itself as its limb. But it'd gone by so fast she hadn't gotten a chance to get a good look at it, nor tell which direction it had come from. Jeanne knew it was around there somewhere. There were four hallways and it was dark, making it impossible to see. She started toward the left hallway. The Petite Claire wasn't getting more frequent with its beeping, so she backed away from that hall. She headed toward the one on the right and felt a bump under her foot. She immediately looked up just in time to see a net fall on her, entangling her in its tresses. She reached for her weapon, which was in the shape of a rythmatic gymnastics ribbon. It had flown out of her reach.

A laugh was heard. "Miyako Special!!! Part 43!" Miyako said. She emerged from wherever she was hiding and admired her handiwork. "Well, well, Jeanne! Why aren't trying to get out?" She smiled.

The ropes sliced in half, causing both Miyako and Jeanne to scream. Miyako couldn't see it, but the demon had just appeared. It wrapped a slithery tentacle around Jeanne and lifted her into the air, tightening its grip as it did so. It was squeezing her lungs, making it increasingly difficult to breathe. It laughed evilly and teleported to a nearby park.

Miyako didn't know what was what and who was who. For all she knew, Jeanne had just levitated into the air for no apparent reason. Then she'd disappeared into nobody knew where! And now she didn't know what to think... Some kind of trick? Perhaps she had ropes? But how would that explain the disappearance?

Sinbad turned up right at the wrong time. He barged into the building by blowing up a wall. All he saw was Miyako sitting on the floor, looking like she'd seen a ghost. "What happened? Where's Jeanne?" he asked her.

"J-J-J-Jeanne...floating...vanished..." was Miyako's unsure reply.

Sinbad raswed an eyebrow in sheer confusion. "Floating? Vanished?" He quickly came to the solution that the demon had something to do with this. He thought of the demon. To lift Jeanne, it had to be bigger than her. But for her to vanish? Maybe the demon could teleport. There was only one problem standing in his way of rescuing Kaitou Jeanne. Where was the demon? And moreso, where was Jeanne?