E/O Challenge: Weight

Double drabble (sorry guys I really tried but in the end I couldn't shorten this one)

Tag to "Point of No Return" from Bobby's POV

Inspired by Onyx Moonbeam's gorgeous photo of Jensen!

Back From The Edge

"What ya doing down here alone boy?" I murmured wheeling myself over to where he sat, head in hands, the weight of the world on his young shoulders; empty bottle of scotch at his feet.

He looked up, eyes bright with unshed tears. "I'm sorry Bobby," he mumbled. "I shouldn't have said what I said."

"About what?" I asked.

"About you not being my Dad. You know I didn't mean it ... right?"

"Yeah I know boy ... and I owe you an apology too. Should've trusted you more than I did ... known you all your life, ever since you was a scrawny kid and you've always done the right thing."

"I nearly did it," he whispered. "I nearly gave myself to Michael."

"But you didn't ... Sam told me why ... told me you didn't wanna let him down ... 'cause that's who you are Dean ... you've given all that you have, all that you are, to save people and you ain't about to stop now ... I should've known, should've cut you some slack." I squeezed his shoulder gently and smiled.

And at that the dam broke.

He fell forward, head in my lap and wept.