Chapter 1

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Rory was with Logan for quite some time now but she still did not know if this was right. She started this after her separation from Dean and thought that it was fun and exciting. She could not help but ask herself if she had made the right decision to rush into a thing with Logan.

What kind of a person was Logan? Was he not the type of guy she hated why being at Chilton? Sometimes he reminded her of Tristan Dugrey.

He was rich and dependent on his father's money. He lives the good life but never worked for anything himself.

He treated Marty like a servant because he knew that he needed the money. He was terribly arrogant.

He did have good sides, too, but Rory just could not see them at this very moment in which she faced Marty who could not afford the very expensive restaurant at which they have had dinner with Logan's friends.

He knew he could not afford it and still made him tag along. Why did he do that? Was that not the type of person she hated while she had been at high school? Yes, it was and she did not even quite know why she was with him.

Marty and Rory were both standing outside the restaurant. Marty did not move.

"Hey." Rory stood next to him. "Why are you outside here? It's freezing." She knew exactly why he was here.

"I wanted to get some money, but I know that I don't have enough to pay this. I don't know why I came. I knew I only had about sixteen dollars on my bank account."

"You came because I asked you to."

"Yes, because I thought I could prove to you that I can be like Logan. That I could not worry about money and that I could afford this. That I was fun to be around." He put his hands into his pockets.

"Marty, you are fun to be around. I love our movie nights and our study sessions. You're funny and smart. I could never talk to Logan about all that stuff. He is not interested in literature and culture."

"But you're with him, aren't you?"

"Marty, I had no idea..."

"What? That I liked you? I never said it this way because I knew that you wouldn't want me. I knew I would just get hurt. I'm not Logan, I'm the friend. With him you go on dates and with me you study and discuss literature and culture. I'm always the friend and I'm sick of it. And again to try to impress you I did the most stupid thing I have ever done before, this." Finally he told her about his feelings. He just could not be her friend anymore and listen to her talking about Logan and how much fun they have had. "And I do not know how to pay this!"

She did not know what to do or say. She was surprised. He liked her. He liked her a lot and did all this for her. And he knew he would be rejected because he was not Logan. Because he thought he was not as good as Logan.

Suddenly it hit her. She liked Marty but she always thought she liked him as a friend. Maybe her feelings were different. She knew that when this night was over she would never get to spend time with him again. She did not want to lose him. She had to decide. She had to make a decision whom she would miss more. Marty or Logan?

"Marty, I will pay this."

"So you pity me and pay for me?"

"It was my fault that you are here so I will pay. I think that is just fair."

Without saying another word Marty turned around and left Rory in front of the restaurant. She felt a strange feeling like she was about to lose a part of herself. Was it the right decision to be with Logan?

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