Plot: Set near the end of Season 7. In the process of investigating a string of mysterious mass disappearances of Navy personnel, the team is suddenly and violently ambushed by an unknown and highly advanced enemy. Rescued by two foreign intelligence agents, realizing that NCIS' ability to operate and respond has all but been destroyed, the team must recruit a group of the most skilled but unlikely operatives from around the world and search for clues about the nature of their enemy. In order to be successful, the newly formed group must launch an offensive attack, in what could very well be for all of them a suicide mission…

Official Songs: 'Hellbent' by Groove Addicts; 'Heart of Courage' by Two Steps from Hell

In the large dimly-lit room, a single light flickered on; the large screen at the back, stretching at least half of the room's far wall, hiccupped once and then switched on completely, lighting up every corner of the area. Computers and consoles filled almost every square foot, leaving only a thin path from the door to the back to walk along. The console underneath the screen lit up with at least a thousand different lights, each one highlighting a different function or purpose.

At a computer near the screen, a figure stopped and turned- a small, slender female figure; thin, yet remarkably agile; petite, yet extremely dangerous. Her eyes narrowed towards the screen; dark eyes that pierced the soul of anyone who stared into them. A quick flick of her wrist- barely noticeable but enough to sever a man's spine at just the right angle, flicked off the computer it was studying. In two seconds, she had moved over directly in front of the screen and stared up at it, the light shining off the black leather outfit curving snugly over her body. The unique insignia over her right breast, that of two crossed flaming katanas, shone in the reflection of the screen.

In the confines of the screen appeared the picture of a grey-suited man sitting behind a wooden desk, his face hidden in the darkness of the room he occupied. His fingers interlocked on the desk in front of him, he asked in a low, emotionless voice, "What have you to report?"

Not a flicker of emotion passed over the woman's Asiatic facial features as she replied, "The operation in Washington has largely been a success; the latest naval base was pacified and all subjects were captured and transported without incident, as have all our other targets since the operation began. Our work and tests will continue unhindered." She began to pace in the small space in front of the screen. "However, we may have to deal with a certain obstacle in our path before our next target can be hit."

"Obstacle?" The man drummed his fingers against the desk. "I assume you are referring to the attention you have drawn by the US Navy's own authorities."

"The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has been pursuing our strikes with more determination than we had anticipated." The woman replied. "Their investigations have not caused any significant changes to our own operations, and we are confident they have not yet become aware of our existence, but their presence is becoming increasingly intrusive. They have been forcing us to make more adaptations to our operation than all of the other investigative services of the navies we have hit. If this continues as it has, the success of our long-term goals may not be so reassured."

The man paused for a second before inhaling audibly. "That is unacceptable."

The woman frowned. "The intrusion of NCIS will not be permitted to endanger our operation. They are merely one group, but it seems they pursue their own goals with a ruthless desire that almost parallels our own. Small as they are, they are a real threat. If NCIS is allowed to interfere, our operation will be in jeopardy of failure."

The man leaned back and looked straight ahead. In a low, decisive tone, he replied, "Then see to it that they do not interfere."

The woman nodded, and the man asked in the same tone, "What about the status of Subject Zero?"

"We have sent field units to the designated location. They have not reported in yet; acquisition of the subject in such a difficult condition will take time. But we will continue to search until the subject has been recovered."

"Good. The field unit of NCIS is currently on location of your latest strike- vulnerable in their current position. The defence capabilities of the investigative service's official building are severely lacking and should not pose a problem." He leaned forward, his face still hidden from view. "Ensure that NCIS does not pose any future problems."

The screen went blank.

An almost fiery look came into the woman's eye, her lips pursed together for a second before she raised a hand to her earpiece.

"Attention all grounded troops; Commando Units B and C are to proceed immediately to the coordinates uploaded to their respective squad leaders. Mission objectives are to locate and destroy the noted targets with extreme prejudice. No subjects are to be captured or left alive; repeat- no subjects are to be captured or left alive. Prepare Battle Strikers for deployment in order to ensure complete annihilation of targeted personnel and property. Ensure that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is destroyed beyond recovery."


"No, no, no- Tony, you're not listening. I'm telling you that there's not a trace of surveillance footage left in the security system. It's as though every single camera was neutralized at the exact same time."

"McGee, I know you love to tinker around and explore the wonderfully boring world of electronics, but even I have to draw the line with this one. Every single security camera on the entire base neutralized at the exact same time? Was there a bug that somehow slipped through the security cracks that caused all this?"

"No bug is capable of doing this much widespread damage so quickly to such a highly secure system. I've run across countless security blips and I'm telling you right now that nothing I've ever seen is physically capable of doing anything like this."

"Maybe that MIT brain of yours is just beginning to burn itself…"


"Ouch! Thanks boss."

Gibbs looked at him reproachfully. "No problem, DiNozzo. And now that we've gotten rid of any unhelpful hot air, would someone mind telling me what we've got here?"

"It's the exact same as at the other bases, Gibbs." McGee responded, typing away at his portable computer console. "The entire security system was shut down just a minute before the base went silent; every defence system went offline and ever surveillance camera went dark at the exact same time."

"Explain, McGee- how did the security system of a US Naval Base just manage to shut down completely without leaving any trace behind?"

"Probably the same as all the others." McGee answered nonchalantly, then winced when he realized who he had just said that to. "Sorry boss. I mean I haven't been able to determine it yet. There's no evidence of virus or any malicious software or any evidence of a hacking operation."

"Yeah, but the best hackers don't leave a trail- you ought to know that, McHacker." Tony grinned. "Otherwise the CIA would be knocking on your front door with a waterboard in hand."

"Even the best hackers leave a trail if you know what to look for. I've seen just about every clue a hacker leaves behind in my life and I'm telling you there was no hacking job here. It's as if the system just… fried."

"A system that's 'just fried' McGee doesn't do us any good." Gibbs said impatiently. "Keep at it and let me know what you find. DiNozzo, go see what Ziva's come up with; she was over in Crew Quarters B when I last saw her."

"On it boss."

McGee continued to type away at the computer console while Tony started jogging off in search of the newest official NCIS agent. However, it wasn't necessary; Gibbs turned away from McGee just in time to see Ziva walking towards them, a frustrated expression on her face.

"Well, it seems now you're able to sense when I'm thinking of coming for you Zee-vah." Tony grinned. "Do you do that often?"


"Sorry boss."

"It is unbelievable," fumed Ziva, "just how much effort one can put into finding something only to come up with nothing whatsoever. Not only is there not a single witness to tell us what happened or any bit of security footage to look at, there is not a hint of forensic evidence to be found."

"There was none at the other two bases either, Ziva." Tony replied. "Are you sure you looked everywhere? Nothing and no one causes anything like this to happen without leaving something behind."

"Back in Mossad, I specialized in leaving no evidence behind, Tony." Ziva retorted. "And I am sure that Abby could make good on her promise on killing someone and leaving no evidence behind as well. But that is beside the point- an entire base disappearing without a trace is unusual enough, but three bases in just over as many weeks? That is definitely not normal."

"I think we're wasting our time here." Tony exclaimed. "A grand total of nearly a week of doing nothing but pouring over every single inch of creepy, deserted bases, looking for non-existent evidence, and we haven't found any trace of anything unusual happening here."

Gibbs turned and stared at him. "'Nothing unusual'?" He said incredulously. "Three Navy bases have disappeared without a trace in the last month and you say that nothing's unusual?" He slapped the back of the ex-cop's head. "Something obviously happened to them, DiNozzo; they didn't just pick up and walk away!"

"I know that boss," Tony murmured, rubbing the back of his head. "It's just that we automatically assume that whatever did happen was something bad. How do we know they weren't just suddenly called out to service on some obscure mission or something?"

Gibbs fought to hold back his frustration, debating whether to give the senior field agent another head slap or a verbal dressing down, when he was interrupted by McGee.

"Picking up something on the automatic long-range scanner, boss." The junior field agent's eyes narrowed as he expanded the screen on his console and stared down at it. "Some kind of unidentified air vessel." His mouth puckered. "Hmm- looks like a cruiser of some kind. Whatever it is, it's definitely big."

"Cruiser?" Gibbs automatically turned his head to the sky.

"It doesn't match any known signatures in NCIS database. Definitely not a Navy aircraft; doesn't look like any known air vessel from any other country either as far as I can tell."

Tony and Ziva soon joined Gibbs in looking towards the sky. Even though it was a cloudy day, there was still a bit of sunlight poking through the clouds. As the agents looked to the sky, they could definitely feel the area getting darker; the shadows grew longer and a chilly feeling suddenly swept over the open area.

Then a movement in the sky caught Gibbs' eye. Turning his attention towards it, he caught sight of what had caused it; slowly drifting over the top of the base was a large aircraft.

Except that this craft was unlike anything he'd ever seen. Though it was in the shape of a fighter jet, it was much, much larger- at least the same size as a regular 747 passenger plane. Jet black and silent there was a definite sense of odiousness and foreboding that seemed to follow the vessel as it drifted into the area.

Ziva's eyebrows furrowed. "What is that?"

Neither Gibbs nor Tony could respond; the ship wasn't anything they had ever seen before. Neither of them had been aware that such aircraft existed, much less could describe one. One thing was for sure- it definitely wasn't a Navy plane.

"Ship appears to be changing course." McGee frowned as he stared at the computer screen. "Now reducing speed and starting a slow descent…" His voice would've trailed off had Tony not abruptly cut in.

"Can't be- there's not a viable runway to land on around here. There's no way this ship could possibly…"

"It's not going to land." Gibbs' gut gave a massive twist a second before he saw the bright yellow light on the underside of the aircraft's nose. His eyes widened. "Everyone get to cover!" He shouted as he flung himself to the side.

Tony and Ziva flung themselves in opposite directions just as a large whining, crackling noise filled the air; the bright light underneath the nose brightened to a blinding degree and a second later a stream of yellow, sparking light beamed down towards the ground in a laser-like fashion, striking the building just behind them. There was a massive roar that filled the air as the hit section immediately exploded in a huge fireball, setting off smaller explosions that ricocheted throughout the rest of the building.

Coughing from the smoke, Gibbs waved a hand in front of his face. "McGee!" He yelled. "Ziva! DiNozzo!"

"Boss!" About ten yards away from him through the smoke, the team leader saw the figure of McGee on his hands and knees, and his computer console in one hand.

"McGee, get to cover!" The ex-sniper yelled, picking himself up and crawling for cover behind a block of concrete.

"I'm coming, boss!" McGee stood up. "I just need to…"

Another explosion rocked the ground just beside him; McGee went flying about fifteen feet through the air, landing heavily on his torso. His computer smashed against the concrete, shattering into many pieces.

"McGee!" Gibbs shouted. The MIT graduate did not respond, merely lying motionlessly on the ground.

Gibbs immediately got up and started towards his youngest team member, intending on dragging him to safety but before he could reach him a tall wall of fire suddenly burst up in front of him, cutting off his path towards the junior agent. Stumbling back from the heat, he dropped back behind the concrete block just in time to hear Tony's voice.

"Ziva!" Gibbs peered around the block; about ten yards in front of his position Tony and Ziva were huddled behind separate blocks of concrete, each about fifteen feet apart. Tony had a very worried and agitated look on his face, and appeared to be in the middle of getting up to try to reach his partner.

Tony, you idiot! What the hell are you doing?! "DiNozzo!" Gibbs shouted. "Don't move!"

Tony's head whipped over towards him. "Boss! Are you…"

"I said don't move, Tony! You want to get yourself killed out here?!"

Tony's face had an expression of both despair and firmness. "I'm sorry boss, but I have to…"

His voice was caught off by another whining, charging up sound. Looking up towards the ship, Tony's eyes widened. "Boss, look out! They're coming for another round!"

Peering out from behind the concrete block as much as he dared, Gibbs observed the yellow light under the craft's nose light up again. A second later the bright yellow laser beamed down towards the ground, this one striking a direct overhead hit on one of the NCIS trucks; the vehicle instantly exploded and went shooting up in the air, sending chunks of metal flying everywhere. The truck came crashing back down to the ground, with one of the doors flying off its hinges and slammed against the block that Tony was using for protection; the force of the impact knocked the ex-cop to the ground heavily.

"Tony!" Ziva's brown eyes widened in horror as she turned towards the fallen figure of her partner. Another explosion went off between the concrete blocks separating her from her partner. Ziva was thrown off her feet and flew backwards into the smoke, out of view.

"Ziva!" Tony's voice sounded equally panicked. Gibbs ground his teeth in frustration; he racked his brains frantically trying to come up with some way to get to his downed team members, but the massive heat emanating from the fires and the roar it was causing was too damn distracting.

Then he felt his pocket vibrate; his cell phone was ringing. Without thinking, he pulled it out and, without even checking to see who was calling, immediately began shouting into it. "This is Agent Gibbs! We're under attack at the navy base by an unknown enemy aircraft! We need backup and medical attention down here now! Now goddamn it!" He didn't care who was on the other end; he just wanted someone to know his team was in trouble.

However, the voice that responded was far from reassuring him that a rescue would happen. "Gibbs?!" Abby's panicked voice filled his ear, making his heart beat even faster. But it was the loud crash at the other end that made his blood freeze.

"Abby? What's going on? What's happening?!" Gibbs shouted over the noise.

"Gibbs, NCIS is under attack!" The forensic scientist's voice sounded borderline hysterical. "There's some big freaky plane that's firing yellow lasers here! Half the building's been destroyed! I can't…. anyone… alive…!"

"Abby!" Gibbs shouted as the line crackled and cut out her voice. "Abby, are you alright? Talk to me!"

"I don't know… who… so many… dead… oh, God… Gibbs! It's coming around…!" There was a massive crackling sound as the line went dead.

"Abby!" Gibbs shouted, trying desperately to ignore the growing fear in his heart. "Abby!! Are you…"

Another explosion from just behind the block he was sitting against sent him falling forward; the phone went flying out of his hand out of reach into the flames.

Gibbs swore viciously under his breath, but stopped when he heard the familiar whining and crackling from above. Turning towards the sky, he saw the plane begin to charge up for another attack. In the few seconds that it seemed to hang in the air, frozen in time, he heard the panicked voice of Tony. "Boss!" The whining and crackling grew louder and louder, the light brighter and brighter.


The bright laser stream beamed down towards the other van- this one burned right across the 'NCIS' lettering on the side, cutting through the steel like butter. The van exploded in a hail of twisted metal.

The last thing the ex-sniper recalled was a massive piece of the van flung forward towards the concrete block, smashing against it and breaking it into a thousand pieces. A huge combined chunk of metal and concrete slammed against his head just as the flames swept around the area that he was crouched on. He felt himself falling forward, his head just beginning to explode, as the darkness swept over him…

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