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Sakura Thought

Sakumo Thought

A Midsummer's Dream

Chapter 1 – Month Three: Part One – Starting Again

It was around eleven am when I told Hinata and Ino I had a break. The medicine I had taken to make my baby, as well as my stomach, shrink in size, was finally starting to slowly wear off. I was still very much hurting and sore from all my various injuries but once my chakra pretty regenerated early this morning, Ino, Mizsuki, and I started to heal any and every thing on me. My injuries were more minor now and I wasn't in so much pain but physical pain wasn't the only thing causing weakened state.

Everything was still replaying itself in my mind, over and over again.

The plan was working so beautifully, but did I really want it to go that well?

Did I really want to lose Gaara forever and hurt him so?

When Ino was giving me the drug my Tsunade-sama, my adoptive mother, had given her to make my baby tighten up, giving the appearance that I was a few weeks pregnant instead of the soon to be three months.

{A/N: Ok from here on out, it will be like a flashback but she is saying it as if it's a story.}

After the medicine had taken its appropriate affects, Hinata, Ino and I, had headed out to battle. The bands of rouge shinobi were headed for Suna and we were in the front line of defense. We were ready and prepared for anything.

Except for what we saw once the attack started.

The bands of rouge shinobi were more like a few small armies and they were well equipped to take over the village if we were to let them. But we did nothing but fight them off the best we could. And we were doing well, until around the end of the battle, when all three of us were weak, tired and about to give. I didn't even notice the shinobi get past out block aid. He came upon me so fast. He was not a part of the plan.

He came from behind, faster than my eyes could catch, faster then even Hinata's Byakugan could see in time. The shinobi grabbed me by my hair and lifted me into the air so only the tips of my toes were able to touch the ground. Then, before anyone could react, he ran me through with the blade of his katana. I could feel it hit and nick some of my major organs and I tried to send my chakra down to stop all the internal bleeding but I was too weak. My chakra was almost completely gone.

I thought I was down for the battle, but then he pushed his blade further into me, making it pierce through my womb, my baby's home, and come out of my abdomen. I saw the hot tears blur my vision as Sakumo screamed in pain for the baby and myself.

My blood flowed down my belly and legs as well as out my mouth. The baby, my baby, I could feel its chakra slowly drain to nothing. It was dying inside of me.

I'd be damned if I didn't do any and everything to make sure that didn't happen.

I didn't something I never knew I could do - I merged myself with Sakumo.

Even though we were both the same person and living in the same body, we were completely different beings. We had different chakra, minds, personalities but we both loved this baby already. Without thinking, I let her out but I was still semi in control of my body. I had never felt this before. It was like seeing everything but having someone else move for you but… you are the one moving. It was… powerful.

My sight was the one thing I could tell had changed deistically. I saw what Sakumo saw as well as what I saw. I could tell my pupils had either dilated or disappeared because everything was brighter, clearer, and more defined.

The new chakra within me pulsed through my veins, down to my baby to make sure of its well being. I took a deep breath and even the air tasted different.

It was time to act.

I used the katana still within me to flip the bastard who dared to harm my baby over my head. Before he could meet the ground, I was above him, with speed I didn't know I had. I pumped as much chakra as I could into my fist and punch as hard as I could.

My fist connected and went through his chest and his blood splattered onto my already dirt and sweat covered body. I didn't care one bit.

"It's time this came to an end," Sakumo and I both said with an eerie voice I had never heard before. We took a few steps as and turned to face Ino and Hinata, waving for them to get back. Pumping another wave a chakra through my fists, I stabbed my hand into the sand, causing it to crack down to the dried ground beneath.

The enemy shinobi in front of me tumbled to the ground, caught in between the cracks. They were trapped and could never get out. I could see what we, Sakumo and I, had planned and then were forming… a jutsu I didn't know we knew. I slammed my hand into the ground after a few quick hand signs. The ground shook and began to swallow the men up. I turned my hand and the several screams suddenly stopped.

The sand began to soak with blood and Sakumo fell back into the depths of my mind, exhausted. Before I could stop myself, I fell with her, my legs giving out at the loss of my chakra and strength. I blacked out and didn't wake until two hours later.

When I did come to, Ino and Hinata were sitting next to me, their eyes clouded with tears. I tried to sit up but my body screamed in pain and protest. I hit the supposed to be soft white covered mattress with a small 'thud'. I bit my dried, cracked lips to keep the tears and groan of pain away.

Ino helped me turn on my side and I took a good look at myself.

I was a wreck. There were bandages all over my body. My skin was pulling tightly at my hands and feet. I could feel the broken bones in my body start to mend as my chakra started to restore its self and instantly disappear, healing a little bit of whatever was most needed to heal. My lips pealed with the slightest movement and everything just wanted to give up.

If I was this bad then what about,

"The baby," I whispered as the tears I had fought to keep back sprang free. I looked up into Ino usually crystal clear blue eyes, now turned dark and dull. Her tears came heavier and I could hear Hinata's sobs break out behind me. I reached out and grabbed Ino's wrist as firm as I could. She could have broken my hold easily but she didn't.

Ino just sat there, tears flowing down her rosy cheeks. Her shaking form back to lower towards me and she leaned her forehead against mine lightly. Ino searched my eyes for what seemed like forever before she looked over my shoulder to Hinata. The pressure from Hinata putting her hand on my back came like a heavy iron fist.

"Sakura," Ino began as she kept looking between Hinata and I, "the medicine worked… too well. The baby almost died before we even began the fight. His heart rate was decreased, like the medicine was supposed to, but when you started to use up so much chakra, the baby couldn't take it. And then, as if soaking a match in lighter fluid and lighting it as you threw it into a huge pile of gun powder, you went into that… weird stage. You used all your chakra, including chakra you didn't even have and I don't know where you got it from but it literally tried to deep fry the baby."

Ino was crying heavier now and Hinata was shaking the bed, she was crying so hard. But I couldn't. I couldn't feel anything. Numb. Hinata spoke up then.

"Sakura, for two minutes and twenty-six seconds, the baby and yourself were dead. Thanks to your well trained doctor staff here, we were able to bring you back… barely, but the baby..."

"The baby is hanging by a thread," Ino interrupted her. She looked almost angry as she continued, "Sakura that baby is so weak that… if you do one wrong move, it will die. Die Sakura, do you understand? D-I-E!"

The bed began to shake and I tried to hold on to Ino to make it stop but I realized it was me that was shaking.

"The baby is still here," I hoarsely whispered through my tears as Ino stroked my hair and kissed my cheek.

"Yes but barely. We have to do some more test and surgeries on you and it to make sure you're both out of immediate danger. I nodded and started to go off into thought as Temari and Kankuro entered the room.

"Sakura!" Ino yelled out, bringing me from my thoughts. She and Hinata had stopped a little more than a few yards away from me and where unpacking for lunch. We had been walking – not chakra enhanced running or sprinting or not even a slow jog, but walking – for about eight hours now and we stopped every hour, on the hour, for me to eat and rest and for Ino to check the baby and update it's file.

Since the next week would be critical for its development, growth, healing, and overall health, Ino and Hinata refused to let me use any chakra, they made me eat like crazy (which wasn't so bad 'cause I was really hungry) and walk at this unbearably slow rate. As a result, instead of getting back home in the regular three days it would take us six, twice the amount of time.

I sighed heavily as Ino began to take out the necessary equipment for my examination and Hinata took out some bento boxes along with some other chocolates and tasty snacks. As part of my punishment, Ino carried my bag telling me that putting any unnecessary weight would put the baby in danger – like I didn't already know that, duh I'm the doctor here – and she even cleaned my clothes from the battle by hand and I was now wearing them while they were still dressed in their blood crusted outfits.

I hate that they are spoiling me when they should be the one with the care. I mean yeah I gained about ten pounds in the last ten hours and my stomach was starting to swell with pregnancy and if I used my chakra, it could be fatal but they are the ones taking care of me and if they fall then so do I. I needed them to stay safe and healthy if they expected me to live through this.

I was the doctor here and I could take care of myself. I still needed help, I'll admit that, but my friends still needed their basic care. I was the medic, it was, and still is my job and responsibility of the well being of my team.

'But Ino is here, she might not be that good of a doctor, but she's still a great nurse,' Sakumo chimed in weakly. She hadn't spoken up since the battle and just by the sound of her voice; it was taking all her strength just to speak.

'I know but still, I feel so helpless again. It's just like being back on team 7 again watch Sasuke and Naruto grow so strong and me…just being there to witness it instead of contributing to it'

'I know but this isn't the same. It may feel like it but it's not. Now whether you and I like it or not, we can't fight anymore. We can't do the wild things we liked to do anymore, at least not for awhile. We have this little one growing in us now, and we have to be careful.'

'I know it's just…'

'I understand. I'm you remember?'

I smiled a little and sat down in the warm sand next to Ino. As she began to listen to the baby's heart beat I just watched and thought about what little he or she would look like. What I would name it. How I would decorate its room. But, more importantly —

What would I tell everyone else?

Surely Naruto would freak out and act out but after he calmed down he most likely would be the biggest help of all. Kiba would probably give me a puppy for his or her protection. Ino will buy all the clothes for it and make sure it's 'stylish'. Choji will buy all the food I need during and after I'm pregnant. Hinata and Neji will most likely train with it all the time and make sure it becomes a fine shinobi. Shikamaru…he will train it in every strategy he knows… and maybe even keep me updated on how everyone in Suna are doing.

My mom, Hokage – Tsunade, would help me raise the child. I could already picture her taking the baby to work and playing with her when she was suppose to be signing some files and assigning missions. Tsunade, mom would probably even go as far as to have her own nursery in the Hokage tower as well as at home, that if she didn't move me back in with her.

"Sakura, do you want to listen," Ino said smiling as she brought me from my thoughts again. I took the stethoscope and plugged it into my ears as the sounds of my babies heart beat softly drummed. It was a little off and it didn't have a steady rhythm but that was most likely due to the medicine. Other than that, it had a strong heart and I knew it would survive, even at the cost of my life.

Once again, I must have gotten caught up in my own thoughts because the next thing I knew, a bento box was sitting in my lap and with a bottle of water. Hinata and Ino were eating quietly, smiling at me and each other knowingly. I looked them, and then followed their eyes to my grown stomach.

I had been eating a lot and the medicine's effects were wearing off, almost gone. My stomach was now one of a woman holding a three month old baby inside her uterus. My stomach was poking out a little through my red top and you could obviously see the roundness of pregnancy from the side. But a straight on look would make me look like I gained ten pounds. Great.

I smiled and wrapped a protective arm around my middle and looked up at my friends. They scooted closer and started to rub my stomach, cooing sweet things that the baby was too young to hear, let alone understand. Just seeing them get all excited was making me happier and more worried.

I shifted then and started to get up looking at the blazing sun above us. Our skin was turning red and the longer we were out here, the shorter our water and food supply would last. Not to mention, we were three women, one pregnant, one incredibly sexy in a skimpy outfit, and one with huge breast spilling out of her top. We were kunoichis of the Hidden Leaf Village, we had all trained under mom for at least three months and I had lived and trained with her for over half her live. We could handle ourselves perfectly but if someone were to attack us right now, in this vulnerable state, there is no doubt in my mind that we would really have a problem. We needed to pick up the pace and make it to the Fire Nation boarder before the end of tomorrow.

Hinata and Ino grabbed my elbows and they started to walk once again. I stopped before they could take ten steps. I could feel something… going into me. I looked down and I didn't see anything but… I could clearly feel something going into my body.

"What is it Sakura? Is the baby giving you problems?" Ino asked in concern. I shook my head now and looked at her, my breath starting to come staggered.

"Ino, Hinata, we have to make it out of this desert by tomorrow or we are screwed. We are low on water supplies and we don't have enough food to last till tomorrow. We can't hunt for anything out here. Hinata can carry yours and my pack. I'm slowing you guys down. I'm sorry." I felt the tears I hated to shed prick at my eyes. Ino and Hinata burst out laughing as I hung my head. They too must have thought I was that pathetic little girl I was back then like I was when Sasuke had left.

"It's about time Sakura," Ino said bending down in front of me as Hinata took her pack and mine. "We were waiting for you to give up your pride and let us help you. We are a team Sakura. And more importantly, we are friends. Yes, it's our mission to protect you and the baby, but we would have done it anyway because we love you." Hinata and Ino smiled and motioned me towards Ino's back.

"We know what we are doing. Now that we can carry you, we can make it back a little bit sooner, even though we will still have to take our time and give you the prenatal care you would get back in the village," Hinata explained, shifting the packs to a comfortable position, "Now, if we hurry and only stop two more times, by sundown we should be very close to the Fire Country Border Control Tower. And don't worry Sakura, Lady Hokage-sama sent another board control pass for you because she knew yours had expired."

I smiled at them both and rested my head against Ino's shoulder as she stood up. The wind began to pick up and blow into my sweat stained hair and forehead. Ino and Hinata took off into a sprint and the last thing I remember seeing is the sun over my head slowly lowering with time.

I woke up leaned against a tree. The desert we had just left was in the near distance and the fire to my right cracked as someone threw in more wood. Something was cooking, it smelled horrible, but I was so hungry I didn't mind. I would probably throw it up later anyway but at least I would have something in my stomach for awhile.

"I see you finally up Sakura," Hinata's voice drifted to me from my right. I slowly turned to see her sitting against the tree next to mine. Ino was nowhere in sight but Hinata had her Byakugan activated so I guess where ever she was, Hinata was keeping an eye on her safety.

"While you were sleep, we checked on the baby once and then made a mad dash and we were able to make it to the board control tower right before sunset. We set camp and the sun set about twenty minutes ago. The baby is fine but it has grown to its rightful size since you fell asleep. Take a look," she motioned towards my belly.

Hesitantly, I looked down. Shock was the first thing I registered in my mind. The baby had stretched my stomach out tightly so that it looked like an over inflated balloon under my top. My stomach was slightly poking out and my belly button was starting to pop out as well.

I smiled and started to rub my belly softly humming a tune I had once heard on a movie. Suddenly, my humming wasn't the only thing that could be heard. Ino had gotten back and was funny with me as she handed me a water bottle.

She knew the tune because she had been the one to show me the movie. Hinata didn't see the movie but we hummed the tune so much that she knew it by memory and now she was humming with us as well.

The humming soon died down and the forest insects were all that could be heard as we ate whatever Hinata had caught us and roasted.

"S-Sakura" Hinata called hesitantly. She was stuttering again, that couldn't be a good sign.

"Yes Hinata?" I looked at her questioningly but she never met my eyes.

"How d-did….this," Hinata began, gesturing towards my swollen stomach, "h-happened? And w-with G-Gaara-kun of all p-people? H-He's the K-Kazekage, m-most f-feared and d-deadliest S-Suna shinobi." Hinata was shaking violently just thinking of Gaara's reputation. I myself gave a little shiver at the thought of Gaara's old ways.

But that was just it, they were his old ways. He wouldn't dare do that kind of stuff today unless he was in a life threatening situation. I knew that for a fact. No, I had never seen him do that but I know it in my heart. If Gaara wasn't really changed, then back in the hospital when we had tricked him into thinking our baby was dead, he would have killed me. But he didn't because he has changed. I'd like to think it was me who did that but I know it wasn't. And I know the love he had once confessed to me was now gone.

I quickly shook the pathway my thoughts were headed down out of my mind and concentrated on trying to answer Hinata's question the best way I could. I knew sooner or later I would have to tell everyone else. I might as well get some practice time now.

For the next forty-five minutes, I laid my head in Ino's lap so she could stroke my hair while .I began to stroke my stomach absent-mindedly as I told my story, our story, of how this whole thing with Gaara and I started. I told them everything, minus the sexual details, and they listened silently. We all laughed at the little funny parts here and there but when I began to tell the whole situation with Nekio, things turned to a very… un-funny.

"Sakura, why didn't you tell us this sooner? Someone is trying to kill you! And if they find out your pregnant, not to mention with the Kazekage's baby, you're really screwed!" Ino yelled at a very loud whisper. I sat up just as Hinata began to speak.

"Ino is right Sakura. You're in great danger. Tsunade-sama doesn't even know about this and she should. This is way more than a B rank mission. This is an S class and we should have had ANBU come along with us. What if we get attacked? Sure we can handle it but if it's someone from the same group as Nekio, then we will really have trouble. They have you in a bingo book, most likely more than one, and it is bound to have a bunch of information on you in there. They won't take you lightly which also means they will send someone more powerful then Nekio next time." Hinata continued to ramble her concerns and worries. I had known this already but for it to be actually said out loud, it was like getting slapped with a sack of brick in the chest while getting cut up by a rusty knife then having them pour salt and lemon juice into the cut.

"Hinata, slow down please. First off, I know all of that. Second, we can handle it because as far as anyone knows, I'm still in Suna, recovering in the hospital. My assistant is handling it and making sure everyone knows that for the next week. By then we will be safely behind the walls of Konoha. Now please calm down," I started at a low normal voice but I ended in half yell, half sob.

I was trying to control myself, but the shaking anger and fear that was gripping at my skin so tightly, did not allow me to do so. My baby was in danger because of my line of work. This was exactly what I didn't want for its life. This was exactly the reason why I didn't want to have a child while still on active duty as a medic kunoichi. It's hard raising a kid, let alone without a father to help, even if you do have your friends and family to help were your husband is supposed to. But even with that, to have my child's life in constant danger because of my job, just makes it that much more painful and hard to raise my baby.

Without Gaara's help or protection (not that I needed it), my baby would grow up without his love or care. My baby would wake up and look around only to see me, instead of the both us, like it deserved.

Why was it my baby that had to suffer? It never did anything, hell it's not even old enough to comprehend sound! But once again it was my fault, like always. I was always the one slowing my team down, getting injured, not being able to do anything but watch. I was nothing but a burden. And now, after working so hard to grow out of all that, I end up back at square one. The only difference is this time, it isn't my team I'm hurting, it's my almost family.

I swallowed back the tears and opened my eyes, realizing that I had not only fallen asleep in Ino's lap, but it was almost sunrise and I had spent the whole night half sleep, half thinking. Weird, I was becoming more like Gaara without even knowing it.

I let a sad laugh escape from my lips, letting Ino and Hinata, who were getting things ready to go, that I was awake. They were instantly by my side, already thinking something was wrong.

I waved them off with a smile and sat up, getting myself ready for the days travel. I was the first one to change out of my sweaty clothes and into some fresh ones. I put on a simple red baggy top that helped hold my growing breast down and also caught any milk that might leak out. Very useful if you ask me. I was able to get into my usual black shorts and medic skirt. Slipping on my mother's jacket and my boots back on I rejoined the others. They were waiting for me when I got back.

Ino was next as my and Hinata packed the bags with some more water. She came back in her usual purple outfit, complete with fish-netting and silver little earring that all of her team mates gotten. While Ino and I did a quick examination of the baby, Hinata washed off and changed.

The baby was doing better and I knew that it would be ok to use a little chakra to get us home then I would have to stop completely. Just as the thought of home filled my mind, Hinata's form filled my eye sight. She was back in her usual purple and white hoodie with the black capris to match.

I nodded to Hinata and was about to start pushing my chakra to my feet when Ino's hand incased my shoulder tightly. I looked at her confused and I noticed Hinata in the background looking guilty.

"We don't think it's a good idea for you to use your chakra until we get Tsunade-sama to check you out and give you the ok. Yes, the baby is out of immediate danger but that doesn't mean that things still can't go wrong." Ino was firm as she spoke and I knew she was genially concerned, but still I was not going to let either one of them carry me.

For one, it was plain, downright embarrassing, to have me, a grown ass woman, getting carried around like the child inside me. Second, I was heavier then I was yesterday and even though Ino is strong mentally, she is a little on the weak side when it comes to brute strength. Third off, I was just not going to do it and it wasn't that far from Konoha. I had two legs and two heart beats. I can walk just fine. I can run well. With some chakra help, I can jump from tree branch to tree branch just fine.

I looked down at Ino's hand still on my shoulder and shrug it off as gently as possible.

"Look Ino, I love you and I love you too Hinata but it's at least a two days walk from here to Konoha. If we all carry our own wait and actually go our usual speed with some chakra, its sunrise now, we can make it by sunset! Now please! Let's go!" Before they could say anything, I was up and two trees away.

We traveled in silence and kept on going until about an hour until sunset, the Konoha Gates could be seen. We yelled and hooted, finally slowly down to a walk. We were about to fifty or so yards away when Ino and Hinata pulled me to the side of the trail and pushed me against a tree.

"We have to tell her now!" Hinata whispered to Ino angrily.

"No! We can't, it's not our place! It's best to let her find out herself or better yet let Tsunade-sama tell her!" Ino hissed back. It was obvious they were talking about me but other than that I was clueless.

"You know as well as I do that he will be there waiting for her! And if not there, then in Tsunade-sama's office!"

"Well then what do we do!?"

"We can't just let her walk in there unprepared!"

"I know that but what about that!" Ino yelled pointing to my stomach, "We can't hide that and he is bound to notice instantly! He won't be happy, especially after he finds out who's the father!"

"But we aren't supposed to tell anyone who the father is!" Hinata shot back, giving Ino a pointed look, "Only people Sakura-chan thinks she can trust are allowed to know what the situation is but other than that no one else knows!"

"But he will know! You're not getting it! That's just like s-" Hinata slapped her hand over Ino's mouth before she could finish her sentence, pinning her protest down with a glare that would have my mom, Tsunade-sama, shaking.

"Either tell her or I will," Hinata said flatly, finally looking back at me. Her normally beautiful pale grey eyes were now flat as the sea in the eye of a hurricane. Ino nodded as Hinata removed her palm from her mouth.

"Sakura, we neglected to tell you some things that have changed since you were last here almost a year and half ago," Ino started calmly, taking my shoulder and holding me against the tree at arm's length. I took a deep breath, looking at both Hinata and Ino before nodding for Ino to continue.

"Sakura, Sasuke is back, and he wants you."


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